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Post your rolling road results here!!

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http://youtu.be/sLM4Rey0WPg T04E 57trim P turbine wheel .81 housing Eip turbo manifold Flipside customs intake manifold Autotech 262s Bosch 044 with home made surge tank, stock in tank pump Mustang co

mine made 365.2bhp 302 tq mk3 vr6 rotrex c30 94  yesterday at stealth racing good job

I managed to get at the flywheel 188BHP 197lb ft from my 2.9 corrado, with only a pipercross filter (in the standard air box) and a miltek exhaust system, has done 105miles. very impressed with the t

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Power at flywheel (corrected) 203.6 Bhp

Power at wheels 172.6

Max torque speed 4370 rpm

max engine torque 195lb ft

2.8 VR6 ODB2

clocked 117K on way

MK3 Golf

Modded airbox with piper cross panekl filter

schimmel performance 263's

custom (pipecraft) cat back 2.5 stainless

iffy sensor on RR caused jagged lines on plots






new stats after Schrick install

hp Corrected Flywheel - 211.7

hp @ wheels - 173.3

Torque - 205.7@3704

pics are last run compared to Owners club run

not a great deal of top end difference but low down torque is the nuts!

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2000 12v 2.8L VR6 turbo.

- 8.5:1 compression

- 81mm JE pistons, rings and pins

- forged eurospec connecting rods

-ARP head studs

- cam schimmel 263's

- gt35r turbo

- Schimmel performance intake manifold

- Schimmel performance air/water intercooler kit

- ATP turbo exhaust manifold

- Custom 3" exhaust with high-flow cat and muffler

- tial 44mm wastegate

- Greddy type-s Diverter valve

- wavetrac LSD in the trans

- 4" maf housing

- 630cc injectors

- C2 motorsports tune

- H&R coilovers

- Catch Can

- AEM water/meth injection with tank in the trunk

- clutchmaster fx500 clutch kit

- nuespeed short shift kit

- 02J transmission

352 whp

407 tqpost-93692-0-00006400-1390599218_thumb.j

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1995 OBD 1 2.8 12v VR6 


Scorpion Mid section, standard Backbox

K&N Induction (badly pieced together had a massive hole on the pipe which I only noticed the other day)


146,000 on the clock


Max Clutch Power: 176.12 

Max Clutch Torque : 181.96


Is this not bad for the mileage etc?


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So you would say its worth spending a bit of cash on it if i want it quicker?


Not wasting my time? I was looking to get full exhaust system perhaps swapping the K&n with BMC? 


Then looking into cams.


Scared with the mileage though that it'll be a waste of time :/

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T04E 57trim P turbine wheel .81 housing

Eip turbo manifold

Flipside customs intake manifold

Autotech 262s

Bosch 044 with home made surge tank, stock in tank pump

Mustang coil

Forge SuperSize DV

3" DP

3" MBS catless exhaust

UM 42lb program

8.5:1 spacer

ARP head studs

USRT pinion brace

Flipside clutch fork

Clutchnet stage 2

Autotech billet steel FW

Devils Own progressive DVC30

25 pounds of boost

Stock differential

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Mk3 obd2 highline

2.8 24v aue

Modified vr6 downpipe to fit 24v manifolds

Vr6 k and n filter above gearbox

Vr6 cat and scorpion cat back exhaust

12v ecu standard map/chip

There was a fault on vag com for cam position sensor

Was getting some det and running bit rich too on WOT

Done at stealth there is two runs one with the inlet flaps open and closed

So got to wire in my vtec controller to switch them on when I get chane



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2.9 VR6 OBD1 Corrado

263 Cams

Head was refubed when cams fitted

150k bottom end

Stealth remap

Miltek non res


Its had all sensors replaced with new quality items - Bosch etc 


I am really interested to compare this to a Schrick VGI car but been through the thread and could only see @VR6Pete in the beginning which made simliar numbers, but peak torque a little lower at 195 ib/ft came in 400rpm lower and I assume more torque overall in the lower rev ranges but would be good to see it on a graph to compare. I'm just looking at where the next best route might be for the car as have had it a long time.


219.7 hp

211  ib/ft torque



Power torque vr6.jpg

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