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  1. Mk3 Sunroof seal wanted

    Hi all, looking for the above. NOS or a good used would be great. cheers Steve
  2. Jetta motor

    new motor is an unknown quantity but cheaper, any future plans or is it a beater?
  3. Corrado Megasquirt touchscreen

    Nice, could have spent a couple of quid on a decent gear knob! looks like an android tablet running Torque.
  4. eletric sunroof switch in beige?

    as above. cheers steve
  5. 2.8 fan control module

    whats the letter at the end of the part number (A, E etc?) is it definately the control module? i thought mine had gone but found the solution here - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?38925-The-definitive-VR6-cooling-guide s
  6. VR6T questions

    oil in from block out to sump (block needs drilling), above the oil level water, some use the coolant feed to/from TB. info from garret here as to direction of in\out - https://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/oil_water_lines s
  7. Coilpack

    or you could do the ford coil pack mod, did this on my Rado. £60 all in. http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/search/413590261 http://www.emeraldm3d.com/ford-gen2-coil-pack-plug-pins-6cyl.html and guide here, later pages as this is the Gen 2 mod where you dont have to mess about with the plug ends. good luck. s
  8. Cooling Fans not working

    great article here, more mk3 but the testing procedure should be the same. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?38925-The-definitive-VR6-cooling-guide do you have access to vagcom, maybe helpful to determine if its a coolant sensor issue
  9. Head gasket?

    Ok, standard head gasket even after a resurface will still give you about 9:1 compression a thicker gasket will lower the compression more. Goes round to how much boost are you going to run......
  10. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Drove it after being without for 18 months! Rampant! Forgotten how bloody quick it is and only ran the 280 map, honestly scared to go all out to map 3 (330) and don't know how it will be after the syncro to haldex conversion and more boost! Aiming for 450. i will need to buy more underwear! s Also not sure of this selfie thing!
  11. Head gasket?

    Are you going to run boost? Sounds like it, from what I understand the lower the compression more boost you can run if you have a tq/hp figure in mind I would consult your tuner, just bear in mind boost is addictive and you can never have too much! good luck s
  12. powertrack haldex

    Hi, thanks. dont burn the fuel for my benefit! switch wired to the precharge pump? i have read thats how others have done it. i have seen a few comments that it would wear clutch packs etc out but the cost of a rear diff 2nd hand is a couple of hundred now so cant see it being a major problem. i may drop you a line in a month or 2 to see how your getting on. cheers s
  13. powertrack haldex

    Hi, Road or Track? any binding when turning or reversing? as its 50/50 all the time are you expect the fuel consumption to go up? my Rado is being converted from Syncro to Haldex by the phirm and i have been looking for a controller although they think they can come up with something, i will let you know. thanks for sharing s
  14. i went with EIBACH Spring Kit ID: E8547-140 and Bilstein shocks. no issues 5 up and on 16's looked like this.
  15. Mk3 ones have been known to seize.