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  1. Hi Mate, see here - its quite old now but should give you an idea. or you could delete and go with a catch can cheers steve
  2. Hi Mate, only got the car back just before xmas! so yes it is. only have the gearbox and rear diff, re-used the driveshafts and prop. what were you going to put it in? cheers steve give me a call if easier 07887520144
  3. Hi All, almost ready to collect my Rado but i need a friendly MOT tester in the Surrey area as its CAT'less. any help would be great! cheers steve
  4. Hi, anyone got the wiring for this? i am going haldex in my corrado so dont have the standard wiring from ECU and need to wire this up with a switch to the pre-charge pump. cheers steve
  5. Taken from a running and diving car, no crunches or whines. Been garaged for a few years. £75
  6. Not needed after upgrade, unmolested, not needed after upgrade. offers as it has to go.
  7. No longer needed after upgrade. offers as they have to go.
  8. Original cams no longer needed after upgrade. offers as they have to go.
  9. make me an offer, seats and door cards, it has bolster wear on the drivers side and been in my garage for 5 years. i will take some pics if anyone is interested. cheers steve
  10. I did a post back in 2014 about changing to a ford coil, I will see if I can find it.
  11. Hi, i think that end is the thermostat? if it is you should have 2 sensors or 3 sensors if aircon. really fiddly to get to if it is them. take a look at this - it could be a knackered thermostat housing as these are rubbish plastic or leaky crack pipe. if in doubt swap it all out shouldnt be more than = £80 including sensors
  12. Hi, i have heard mostly good things about Redline MT\MTL for the transmission possibly worth a look. as for the knock is it a knock or a bang? i had a bang when giving it some beans and it was a dodgy engine mount, try it in gear with handbrake on to check movement or get a jack on the bottom to see how much it moves
  13. Hi All, stripping the old stuff out the Rado to go haldex so will have some bits left. VR6 Syncro gearbox (02C) rebuilt less than 1000miles ago new seals and bearings, it has new diff planetary gears, ARP diff bolts, the gears and ring gear have been shot peened and superfinished also has a lightened flywheel.this has a modified cast iron transfer box from (rallye) which has been serviced and converted to fit bolt in cups this mates up to a Syncro rear diff. i have the receipts for the box, parts and rebuild. i may have driveshafts but the prop has been re-used i also have the origin
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