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  1. advise vr6t 4motion gearbox

    Not for long journeys unless the stereo is loud. They whine like a touring car. I went with diesel final drives in mine, 1st 35, 2nd 74, 3rd 110 etc, on paper will top out at over 200mph in 6th!
  2. advise vr6t 4motion gearbox

    Sounds like the torque bent the shaft so the 4th gear came away a bit and stripped the gear, I read somewhere that it can take 10 ton before it bends with a solid insert it will take 30! i had a quaiffe gear set before and when I spoke to them the the gears are no stronger than standard, that was the semi cut one not the straight though. Bloody noisy as well! good luck. s
  3. Anyone need a 3.5 cab wheel?

    Picking up something from a guy in Colchester and he has 2-3 reasonable nick steering wheels. I will post his number if anyone wants one. steve
  4. advise vr6t 4motion gearbox

    Hi, how did you manage you manage that, the drp's are supposedly the best box? It's all about how much you want to spend? I have just had mine built with a quaife, solid input shaft, 4th gear support, 02q selector forks and diesel final drives cost £2k. I hope to run 550-600, if it was more I would look to shot peening and superfinishing and cryo treatment. I used Gas'n'gears in wales, known as HotGolf on the gti forum, top man! let me know how you get on s
  5. Newbie from Vegas

    Welcome to the forum Tony, standard car or modded?
  6. Mk3 golf doors

    3 or 5 door?
  7. eletric sunroof switch in beige?

    May need motor as well/or. I will text in the morning. thx s
  8. Mk3 Sunroof seal wanted

    Hi all, looking for the above. NOS or a good used would be great. cheers Steve
  9. Jetta motor

    new motor is an unknown quantity but cheaper, any future plans or is it a beater?
  10. Corrado Megasquirt touchscreen

    Nice, could have spent a couple of quid on a decent gear knob! looks like an android tablet running Torque.
  11. eletric sunroof switch in beige?

    as above. cheers steve
  12. 2.8 fan control module

    whats the letter at the end of the part number (A, E etc?) is it definately the control module? i thought mine had gone but found the solution here - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?38925-The-definitive-VR6-cooling-guide s
  13. VR6T questions

    oil in from block out to sump (block needs drilling), above the oil level water, some use the coolant feed to/from TB. info from garret here as to direction of in\out - https://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/oil_water_lines s
  14. Coilpack

    or you could do the ford coil pack mod, did this on my Rado. £60 all in. http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/search/413590261 http://www.emeraldm3d.com/ford-gen2-coil-pack-plug-pins-6cyl.html and guide here, later pages as this is the Gen 2 mod where you dont have to mess about with the plug ends. good luck. s
  15. Cooling Fans not working

    great article here, more mk3 but the testing procedure should be the same. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?38925-The-definitive-VR6-cooling-guide do you have access to vagcom, maybe helpful to determine if its a coolant sensor issue