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  1. Bet it pulls well now! My mums m5 had that bad throttle response but much better after a map as well. Could stealth dyno rear wheel drive ? I've got a s600 bi turbo but its the limousine model and couldn't fit on a dyno near me
  2. Ah lovely what did the r32 have done? I went a few years ago and saw some nice cars there!!
  3. Yeah I just had a look. There’s a Volvo only one soon and a Mitsubishi one in August.. maybe show em all up there??
  4. Sounds good to me! I’m guessing there’s an assortment of cars there if different clubs go?
  5. Hi all! I couldn’t find any answers on this... but when my turbo install is done can I drive the car to the tuners so I can get it all mapped? will have the bigger Maf, injectors etc.. it’s 100 odd mile trip there
  6. That’s fair enough! I haven’t been on this site for a couple years and am gob smacked to see someone going for a 1000 hp vr6... amazing is this going to be a full track car then? My Vrt project is still ongoing, trying to fit a chargecooler in the standard vr6 manifold which is bit tricky but I’m persevering, only aiming for 400 hp though!
  7. Just read whole thread.. love it all and couldn’t have picked a better colour for the body look forward to seeing the 1200 hp dyno... hopefully little video of it ? ?
  8. Elloo guys. I'm sorry I have to drop out :'( I hope you all have fun! And look forward to seeing any pics or vids!
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