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    Wipers only works on full speed mode

    Check the contacts on the heater unit and the heater switch. Mine had corroded on the heater unit plug.
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    Project Ripped Off

    Just purchased this car yesterday a lot of work has gone into it hoping to keep the build thread alive. Will start a new one on it soon.
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    Updating to help anyone in the future looking for this info. With a 2.5” pulley and dual idler pulley’s, a 59.2” belt will work, and is what I currently have installed but I’ve had to max out the tension adjustability on the blower to get it tight enough. I have not driven the car yet, as I have yet to install the oil pan. I have ordered a 58” belt that I’m going to put on after I get the car running and any bugs worked out. With the 59.2” belt there is easily two to three inches of slack making it super easy to install, but like I said it requires you to max out the tension on the charger bracket. With a 58” belt it should require less adjustment. In summation, a vortech V2 with 2.5” pulley and dual idler’s on an AAA VR6 with NO a/c but WITH power steering, a belt in the 58”-59” range is what you need.
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    I don't know an exact length but if you know the length for supercharged + AC then you just need to find the length of a standard vr6 with no AC which plenty of people have done. Then you can take the difference in lengths and find your number. For example (not real numbers) Belt length for stock vr6 = 100 Length for ac delete = 90 Length of supercharged vr6 = 110 So, Length of supercharged belt without ac would be 100 Not an exact method but will give you an idea *****Best way would be to use a string to wrap around where the belt should be then measure the string
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    Yes, I’m in the USA. I’ve exhausted all those suggestions as they only carry belts for cars that equipped with air conditioning. ECS sells one but it’s $106 and I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on a serpentine belt that should be in the $25-40 range. A part number or just a confirmation on the length would be very helpful if anyone knows.
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    [SOLD] mk3 Golf Vr6

    The price is right. A decent VR becoming a rare beast.
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    Project Ripped Off

    Looking good [emoji4]
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    Project Ripped Off

    Here’s the mk3 next to my latest purchase! Yes it’s still got 6 cylinders [emoji1383]
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    Project Ripped Off

    modded the tank to remove the heater outlet. cut and welded it 90 degrees. Engine back in with the modified bottle The carbon roof fixed and relacqured Coils on the rear. still coming down more and needs to settle but will be majorly tucking once adjusted thats it for now
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    Project Ripped Off

    Engine out Painted by route 32/jh pro reflection shot Bay all done