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    Eihbach Strutbrace

    I am selling a Eihbach strutbrace for a MK3. The brace is in pretty good condition but wants a good polishing. If you know your stuff you will know these are pretty rare now. I've also seen them priced at alot more so price is fixed. £150.00 plus postage. Buyer is responsible for fees if Paying by PayPal or bank transfer is an option. If you require more photos please PM me. Thanks Carl
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    Ignition Coilpack required

    check my post about the phenolic coilpack spacer !! heat is why they crack and vr6's run hot if you get a new coil pack i can supply you with a phenolic spacer that should safeguard your coil pack
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    VR6 Button

    Candy VR

    So nice seeing the under seal on this looks spot on! I'm not sure on the issues your having though good luck.
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    Candy VR

    Ugghh and now it's slightly lowered on the B12 kit I feel it needs some spacers to push the wheels out a little. Spending never ceases (but I'd be bored if there wasn't a to do list!)
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    Candy VR

    Next job is to tackle the hot start issue. Starts on circa 3 crank when cold but takes 8-12 cranks when warm and left for 15-45ish mins. The idle can be intermittently rough (just a minor vibration you can feel but can't see on the tacho - VAG-COM sees it as something like 640-680 on idle. So far I have: Read codes (cam shaft sensor), replaced cam sensor, crank sensor, new FPR valve, new thermostat, new thermostat sensors, new rad fan switch (unrelated), new sparks, leads, coilpack (cracked) and fuel filter. I'm left with fuel pump and injectors - feel free to chip in to help me solve! A people have chipped in on the Corrado forum and suggested a non-return valve and a bit of 8mm pipe on the fuel pump and changing the fuel pump relay. This is relative pennies so will try it. I've also bought a new fuel filler cap cause it was a tenner but don't really expect it to do anything. If this doesn't work then the injectors are coming out for a refurb and then perhaps the fuel pump. I can't think of anything else left to replace! A few corrado owners have this hot start issue - is it Corrado specific or VR6 general?
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    Candy VR

    Update - car undersealed with Dinitrol and any rust treated. Car wasn't that bad underneath but wanted this done to keep it sweet.Bilstein B12 kit fitted (need better pics as my drive is a slope). I had new rubber bits and top mounts fitted too and a Hunter alignment following. The car is is completely different to drive and much more comfortable vs the old standard stuff which was pretty knackered to be fair.All work done by CSK Automotive is Hoddesdon. They are a Land Rover specialist but work on other cars. Chris is a great bloke and is into the VAG scene - has a lovely wrapped Audi R8. Before Pics After
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    As above and in pretty good condition. Painted LC9Z Black Magic Pearl. £65.00 owns it. Postage will be extra. Can meet with it local to Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire. Inbox if interested. Thanks
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    1995 mk3 golf vr6

    Relisted due to time waster I am selling my modified mk3 golf vr6 in storm grey metalic which is quite a rare colour.It has very low milage of only 89,600 miles. The car has a 2.9 corrado inlet manifold and will come with a 2.9 throtle body and she will need remapping to run properly with the throttle body as it takes in 2 much air compared to fuel with It has votex sides skirts and rear splitter as well as a vr6 front splitter. The side skirts have been textured but they need re-doing, the rear splitter is new to me, so I have not got round to texturing it yet. It has a different roof spoiler that is also textured. The spoiler has a high level break light. The front bumper has U.S marker lights cut into it and has vents where the fogs were. The car also has M3 style wing mirrors which are electric, heated and painted black. There is a full vento front end conversion - the bonnet is black. There is a shark fin ariel and the car is lowered on coilovers all round which gives the mk3 a really low stance. It is sat on staggered 16 inch fyk ed3 alloys, 8 inch fronts and 9 inch rears with streched 195 nankang ultra sport 2 tyres loads of tread left on all. The front breaks have been upgraded to 312mm disks and mk4 calipers, rears are standard but will come with r32 rear calipers as I have not got round to fitting. The front end is poly bushed but the rear still requires doing (the car will come with the poly bushes). The car is fitted with eibach anti roll bars at both the front and rear and it has a full custom exhaust sytem from Tony Banks which has a lifetime guarentee. The exhaust sounds awsome. The exhaust system has a 6 branch manifold sports cat straight through to a twin 3.5 back box pipe work is 2.5inch. The car has original recaro seats which have been in from new and I have the spec sheet to prove this. The rear seats also have headrests all in mint condition. There is a full fli audio system with pioneer head unit. The car has extensive service history in a well presented folder. I have lots of spares, these includes 2 front wings one of which is vented, there are 2 spare doors with glass and two spare rear side windows and a spare valve block. Will include if i get full asking price This is an awesome car and is now 23 years old which in turn does mean it has a few age related marks but nothing major. She runs brilliantly, very powerful and nippy. Lots of fun to be had for the lucky person who takes her home. She has a few creeks due to the coilovers being so low. She starts first time every time. I will gladly take you for a drive in the car but if u want to drive it i will need you to show me your proven insurance and I will be with you on your test drive. The car is mot'd until March. You may be wondering why I am selling this amazing car, the only reason I am selling her is due to needing a bigger family car and no longer having the time to drive and finish the project Please contact on 07769324433 2700 ono
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    Brand new in original box complete with original mounting stickers and instructions. Only removed from the box for the photo's. £120.00 No offers. Would sooner this be collected but can meet for free within Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire area's. Thanks Carl
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    Stroeve Motorsport Strutbrace

    I am selling a Stroeve Motorsport strutbrace for a MK3. The brace is in pretty good condition which I bought new from Stroeve in Germany about 5 years ago. Not really any good for mk3's fitted with air-con as the pipe along the scuttle panel gets in the way but there is the option to bend your pipe out of the way. Mine was fitted with air-con so it was never fitted. £80.00 Plus postage. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees or bank transfer is an option. Thanks Carl
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    Fast forward to today, just got the new wheels and had them fitted. Had to play around a bit with camber and spacers, but im very happy with the fitment. Ispiri Wheels 8.5x18 with 215/35-18 tires. Put the VR6 badge back on and fitted a tow strap on the front. Created a bracket for the airfilter, its was just held on with a ziptie when i bought it.
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    Good engine mate love the 4 motion too
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    Are you a lurker?

    Oh. I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa