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    Was great to attend this show again! No club stand this year but we will be looking to amend this in 2019. Here is a few taster pictures album to be added to gallery soon just having technical issues. This is a one stop event over 3 days with something for everyone. From gentlemen's grooming to freestyle BMX specialists, swanky split screen cocktail bars to family entertainment in the event tents! Without a shadow of a doubt the best event on the calender, if you only attend one show next year I suggest you make it Leeds. https://www.vwfestival.co.uk/
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    Mint Vr6 for sale

    Hi all, looking to sell this as I just don’t use it. Has 12months MOT, mileage is around 133. I’m looking for £5500 if anyone is interested. Will take offers. Full spec of carRebuilt gearbox Koni adjustable coiloversB&M quickshift 2x new front calipers 2x new rear calipers Disc and pads all round All new wheel bearings front and rearBraided brake line all round Rear beam bushesFront and rear strut braces 4x front and rear shock absorber top mounts Poly anti roll bar bushes Momo team 300mm steering wheelRecaro heated front seatsDiamond cut 17in TT comps with toyo tyres Full miltek exhaust and de cat pipe Stainless 6 branch exhaust mainfold which has been exhaust wrapped Vibratech engine mounts front engine rear and gearbox mountNew sachs clutch All new sensors including mass air flow,cam sensor,crank sensor,thermostat,rad fan,Ecu has been tested and all good and been decodedNew coil packNew fuse boxDdi dials with chrome ringsCarbon fibre interior door handles mirror covers and ashtrayHid conversion with mk4 style headlights Ram air induction kit 42 draft design intake pipe New track rod ends New wishbonesNew cv joints and driveshaftsSmootherd rear bumper Smoothed front bumper with number plate recess Smoothed tailgate plinthSamco silicone hoses New battery New ngk spark plugs New ignition leadsNew water pump New valeo alternator New bosch starter motor New fuel pump assembly including sender
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    Golf vr6

    Golf vr6 for sale 3500ono baby forces sale Snapchat-288832204.mp4
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    I've just shod my Highline with Toyo Proxy TR1s. Quite a soft tyre but good grip. My old Tomcat Turbo would eat a set of Toyo front tyres in 2500 miles!!!
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    Hi, I am breaking my Corrado, part of which is my tuned engine, with VW motorsport VSR, Big valve head, Shrick (268) cams, lightened crank pulley, Wavetrac LSD. I have all the associated vacuum work for the VSR, which was fitted by Vince at Stealth racing many years ago. I have not yet taken any parts off the car and looking to gauge interest for the engine whole, or whether to break the engine as well. The Engine has done 180k miles, it had done around 60k when I bought the car in 2001. It is a strong engine, the big valve head was new at around 100K. Please get in touch if you are interested in any / all of the above. I am based near Knutsford in Cheshire . Kind Regards Richard 07720837062
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    VW Golf Mk2 VR6 Turbo RWD Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, 300BHP, Track/Race Originally built by AW Tracksport this unique Mk2 Golf has a VR6 engine mounted in the rear of the car driving the rear wheels, there is a fire wall between the engine and front seats. The fuel tank along with the pumps and swirl pot are situated at the front under the bonnet. The engine is currently running at 0.7bar/10psi and already reaching 299bhp with 301lbft torque and 278bhp at the wheels, this was the first map and dyno run after the build/running in period and is capable of achieving a lot more boost should you wish. It is kept cool with the radiator fitted at the front end with a powerful electric fan which comes on automatically or can be controlled from a switch from dash. There are also cooling ducts feeding outside air into the engine bay. I'm told from the previous owner the car weighs just under 1000kgs with the lightweight doors fitted, however I have no proof of this, it is a very light car to drive and I believe the statement to be true. The car is rear wheel drive and has no ABS or traction control. A standard 2.8 vr6 has 174bhp from factory, after installing the mods and a running in period of gentle driving I thought it sensible to test the car on dyno with a low boost setting rather than jumping straight in with a high boost setting. I think the 300bhp produced was fantastic at low boost especially being such a lightweight car. Like I say it is capable of taking a lot more boost with the internals currently fitted, resulting in a lot more bhp, I simply don't have the time to take it further. Engine: VR6 2.8 Hydra Nemesis EMS Wossner Forged Pistons 81.5mm bore, 8:1 Ratio Uprated head gasket Turbonetics T3 Turbo Apexi Boost Controller Intercooler mounted in roof Greddy Blow Off Valve Upgraded SS Coolant Pipe 440cc Green Injectors Modified RX7 back box quiet exhaust currently fitted but comes with loud straight pipes if you prefer. Gearbox & Clutch: Quaiffe 6 Speed Close Ratio Straight Cut Gearbox Lightweight flywheel Helix Motorsport 6 Paddle Clutch, also comes with Sintered Double Clutch replacement for more of a track set up. Spare standard VR6 gearbox comes with the sale Wheels/Suspension/Brakes: Manual Steering Rack Wilwood Break Bias Pedal Box Wilwood discs and callipers all round. Eibach Coilovers Banded Steel Wheels Front Tyres 205/40/16 like new Rear Tyres 245/35/16 like new Interior: Full Roll cage Bucket Seats 6 Point Sabelt Harnesses AIM Dash Pod Fire Extinguisher plumbed in Outer: Currently has standard Mk2 doors with manual windows, also comes with light weight doors with Perspex windows for track use. Lightweight GRP Bonnet. Lightweight GRP Boot Door. GRP Wide Arches from HRengineering. Intercooler Mounted in roof for maximum coverage. This is not a show car, previous owner used it for track days and I used it on the B roads so as a result has scratches, marks and stone chips form use, there are no major rust spots or corrosion of bodywork, underneath the car is very good condition. I have listed everything I can think of honestly and will be sad to see it go, hopefully to someone that has more time for it. Overall this car is ready for action straight away or ideal for someone to push further, a fast car for track or road use. Car will need to be collected by trailer as currently SORN It has covered less than 300 miles since last MOT. Any more questions by text or whatsapp is best: 07835600626 Car is advertised elsewhere.
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    I believe there are only 2 Eos 3.6s in the UK so probably why you haven't heard about them....they are as rare as chickens with lips lol
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Until now I wasn't aware VW made a V6 Eos! Nice car!!
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Well put it in your calendar! Keep up the good work and keep us posted with your progress. PS Love a split screen camper!
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Forgot to say, there seems plenty of 2ltr turbos about but a V6 Eos is hard to come by as they don't come up for sale on a regular basis lol...be great to get there with mine and get in the mix with other VR6 VWs.
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    I think I'll be able to plan my leave so I can get there. A good mate of mine from Sunderland but living in Hartlepool goes to a few VW meets (mostly campers) so I'll drag him along for the weekend...he has an old but in great condition original split screen California edition camper van and a nearly new T5 camper van also a California.
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Only about 1.5 hours away. Really is worth a visit cant stress enough! Hope to see you on club stand anyway next year! I must admit out of the thousands of VWs on show at the weekend I have yet to see one 6 pot EOS lol
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    I would go Proxies, i use parada spec 2s, great in the summer but pants in the wet!
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Cheers mate, Apologies for the late reply, I'm a Merchant Seaman so I don't have a phone signal most of the time when I'm at sea. I'll deffo be there if I'm not away at the time. It's quite rare among the V6 Eos cars too as it also has the "Individual" trim and I think there are less than 20 registered in the UK with the engine and trim combo lol. Best Regards, Lee.
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    Is the Vr6 still available?
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    Newbie saying hello

    she looks pretty standard, but in good nick post a few pictures when some of the work is done.
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    Shrick manifold plus 268

    You can buy a conversion plate mate to convert it to obd2. Somewhere on here is a write up on how to do it. 👍
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    I'll know where to come for advice then haha
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    Dont bother with the 32 Conversion lol. Well its up to you. You benefit more with the VR6 with Cams etc being a 12v, where the 32 being 24 has less room to play with plus with the engine already having the VVT set up. Personally get the VR re-built and slap a charger on there and you will see fab arse figures. 10Psi plus, Power to weight ratio, just have a think. Just finished helping my mates VR with a V1 Charger, had a 8PSi pulley set up, and achieved 1bar of boost which is not normal at all, I think it was 320hp and was still climbing. Uncle Vince had limited the Rev Counter at 6K or would have gone bang..lol There are options bud.. Just have a think.. I should have kept my old VR. MJ
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    She scrubs up alright for her age. I wouldn't mind an engine rebuild and supercharging it, that's the long term plan... just the money side of the plan that's the issue haha
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Not many of these on the forum! Stunning, planning on making 2019 the come back year for the club on the show scene. Hope we can count on your support for a rare number on the stand!
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    Wanted a vr6

    I should have mine up for sale soon pal. not a thing needed to it.
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    Here's a few pictures of mine and the Wife's VR's taken today whilst we where on a little wash and polish session. Things done, grill back from the painters and fitted to mine today, and Wife's back from the garage yesterday after having a new thermostat housing, thermostat and secondary water pump fitted.
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    Mulberry VR

    VR6 Turbo parts!

    Holset HX35 rebuilt 100 miles ago £350 3 inch turboback exhaust system £250 VR6 2.8 Block with Brand new H Beam forged rods and Wossner low comp pistons (used) Offers? MMHP Short Runner intake £150 Emerald obd2 wiring loom £100 3 turbo manifolds £50 each Greddy Profec B Spec 2 Boost Controller Collection from Luton Message me for more information. Will try to get pics up as soon as I can.