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    David Siswick


    Hello, I have just purchased my first VR6 which I’m very excited about. The car doesn’t have loads of history it’s been sat for 6 years and needs the usual welding jobs done. Engine now starts and runs only issue I found is it idles high at around 1000-1100 RPM. Also I having started it and leaving to run there are a few funny noises which I will try and get a video to show that If anyone can help with be much appreciated. There’s is a few other little issues that shouldn’t be hard to get sorted. Look forward to what will most probably an expensive journey [emoji23] but I can’t wish for it! Thanks
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    Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    So after one hour three minutes on hold I finally got speaking to a real live person on PayPal and they agreed that my claim for the steering wheel was valid and I received the refund [emoji857]
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    Starting issue

    So corrado vr6 was turning over but wouldn't start so I changed the fuel filter and then changed the crack shaft sensor still wouldn't start I was also having problems with the abs light staying on and brakes not pumping correctly So after more online searching I heard mention of the ignition switch and as it happens I had bought one ages before so decided to fit. It took me a good 2 hours as for most part I didn't realise you can actually see the screw holding switch in place if you look down the LHS of steering column when covers are removed, so fitted new switch and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree with lights I've never seen Before, and car started on first turn of the key. And the all important ABS light went out as it should even the brake pedal feels a lot firmer. HAPPY DAYS....
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    Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    Awesome news [emoji1303]
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    Hi all

    I really want's to see this project finished, it tooks time when you moved out far awey from it! I put part's on place after couple of years, for me it looks good and it makes me happy. Color of rims will be changed, I will put org Porsche aswell on tham too.
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    Starting issue

    Vw corrado vr6 Yr 1995 has suddenly got a starting problem so I've had to turn the key 8-10 times and the starter is turning over fine but won't start then boom she fires up and drives fine. Maybe a fuel issue but the pump must be working if car keeps going after start up, Any thoughts??
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    Starting issue

    £13.13 for a new fuel filter and boom the vr6 is back to life and engine is running Tip-top, teasing the 25+ year old nuts that hold the filter housing in place was tight but I soaked well before attempting. Fuel filter on a vw corrado vr6 is underneath car at rear of drivers side and easy to access on basic car jacks, though I also put an axle stand in under car [emoji106]
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    Turbo time

    Quick update on the car, the r32 gearbox w/ quiafe is going in end of this month then the turbo early July looking at s300 borgwarner. Will try and get a video once it’s going [emoji1360]
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    Cooling down after a run today on my daughters birthday [emoji512]