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    novice from Spain

    hello, I introduce myself, my name is Paco and I'm from Spain, I'm a great lover of vr6 engines, I'm a mechanic and I've always liked this engine for how good it is, how durable they are and the sound they have, I have two vr6 at home, one is the ford galaxy v6 4x4 (system syncro) 174cv guide x mk1 (automatic 4 speed) and a seat alhambra v6 4x4 (haldex system) 204cv stylance mk2 (manual 6-speed), the latter (the seat alhambra) I have attached an engine of a vw golf r32 mk5 250cv, little by little I'm doing things but now the thing is a little stop since I'm restoring the two and not always for both, I'll give you some more photos of cars, greetings
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    Some pictures of the car the way I found it, tucked away in a barn. The owner didnt really want to sell it, but after calling him multiple times over a timespan of 2-3 weeks he finally gave up and gave me a price. I jumped into my car drove over to his place to get the car before he changed his mind. The car is a 1997 Golf 3 syncro color edition with the 2.9i Vr6 engine. Its quite rear ive been told. Its one of 3 cars that was sold new in Norway in 97. The car has been a project the last 10 years, its been resprayed and its in quite good shape. There are some technical issues, but those are easy to sort out. The interior and exterior is more or less flawless. Im done with rustrepair from previous projects so this is welcoming break from that.
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    Fast forward to today, just got the new wheels and had them fitted. Had to play around a bit with camber and spacers, but im very happy with the fitment. Ispiri Wheels 8.5x18 with 215/35-18 tires. Put the VR6 badge back on and fitted a tow strap on the front. Created a bracket for the airfilter, its was just held on with a ziptie when i bought it.
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    Heres a picture of mine. 97 2.9i syncro.
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    On going project
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    Hi and welcome to the club. Your motor looks like a tidy one mate. Always had a soft spot for the MK4's.
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    VR6 Supercharged

    VR6 MOT Emission Results

    Just find a nice friendly mot station that turns a blind eye to the emissions.
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    Bungys 4mo lives on

    Nice to know someone carried the torch for what was a very good car. Life overtook me and I found myself with a lower compression car and a part turbo conversion sat in the garage with no time to spare. The decision to sell wasn't easy but felt like a weight of responsibility lifted when I did. If she is up and running it would be amazing to see if it is still being lovingly cared for.
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    Bonrath pipe wanted

    Quite an old post here but I have one if you still needed. Amongst a list of other good and parts I will be listing soon. Drop me a PM. [emoji106]
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    [SOLD] Mk3 vr6 for sale

    Selling my mk3... By no means a show car... Needs a few bits... Osf door latch don't latch, had a bungeed shut since I parked it up. Top rad hose to header tank leaking but has temp repair, Rear wiper arm snapped off, Would benefit from a bit of welding in the usual places, was advised on last mot, Engine and box in good nick, been serviced regularly, To be fair in all, the cars in good shape, I just need rid cus I'm moving house that won't have a drive and the Mrs has got a baby on the way, so it's help buying nappies and such... Got around 80k on the clock so fairly low mileage, No tax or test so would need trailering or jumping and bombing straight down to a local test centre! ;-) I want around £700 for it but will listen to offers... Can also put more photos up if needed... Any questions, my number's 07533780264 Cheers... Liam
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    .. and for special occasions the Corrado.
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    My VR in the morning sunshine.
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    dale p

    any planned shows for 2018

    hi guys any planned shows for this year
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    Heyup new on here I'm shak. That's my vr6