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    Hello from Australia

    Hi there, I had a Corrado VR6 many years ago back in the Isle of Man.. Pic below. I've been living in Australia for 7 years now and Corrados are as rare as hens teeth here. I'd give my right arm to get hold of one! Any other Aussies on here? Cheers Simon
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    Getting there slowly!
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    Oh no, another Noob

    So at my second attempt at buying a Corrado VR6, the first being when I was living in Florida 15 years ago. The I saw this one on Fleabay, phoned the owner and had a good chat with him about the car and today went up to see it and go for a test drive. No pics yet but those taken from the add. The interior is good - it even has the original tape deck! Externally the metalwork is in good condition for a 26 year old car with no rust. The bumpers are showing their age though, and will need some TLC down the line. There are 5 Porsche D90 wheels with tyres that have only done 400 miles. Mechanically the car is very nice and where the previous own has done a lot of work. Some of the work that's been done: brakes are 312mm discs up front with Audi TT mk1/S3 callipers, Golf mk4 aluminium callipers at the back, all with Goodridge stainless lines. Also had the ABS pump rebuilt. The coilovers are ST with height and rebound adjustment. Full Milltek exhaust including Milltek cat. The front subframe and suspension is all new and has been power coated. So the deposit is paid, I just need to finalise the sale of my car and arrange a day to collect. There are only 3 things I will need to do pretty soon after buying: a full oil and filter change, fix / relpace sunroof motor and replace the idle control valve. Bring it on
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    Turbo time

    R32 gearbox with quiafe fitted! did a few pulls earlier and I can’t believe how much better it is! No my spinning the wheels at traffic lights lol, turbo plans have been delayed hopefully will be all done early February 2021 [emoji41]
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    Vr6 turbo

    Exhaust manifold fitted, entire head dissasembled flattened and valve seat ground in head reassembled
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    Vento VR6

    My Vento after a light restoration.
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    Are you a lurker?

    Hello everyone, I am Marco from Austria[emoji1038] I own a bagged Mk5 R32. Anyway, I love the VR engine and that‘s the reason why I signed in Thanks for being a part[emoji3577]
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    DIY turbo guide

    Cheers mate. It's not bad for someone who welds and wires up food preperation machinery for a living :-) This and my previous pipe were the only times he's ever welded exhausts. He should do that for a living instead! LOL, yours will be fine, although if you're using MIG, you'll never get the welds as tight as that, but do you know what seperates a good weld from a bad weld? An angle grinder ;-) Yeah the red block is an SX fuel regulator. The wire and sensor on it are for my in dash fuel pressure display.