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    MJ Vr6

    Bonnet sound proofing

    Morning. Everyone has them thoughts lol when charging the car. What charger are you straping on? It will gather heat regardless. I run a VF9. For example, look in the US, those big arse Mustangs strapped with a Charger, the heat they produce, the climate compared to the UK, it wont make that much of difference so to speak. I had a Carbon bonnet initially on my Mk3 then sold it and put the original one back on. Left the jacket on, still produced nice figures on 6psi. If I remember correctly I had 267Hp. VF9. MJ.
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    MJ Vr6

    Bonnet sound proofing

    I kept mines. On the Mk3 & 4. After the spray job i was worried about the laquer absorbing too much heat. We all know how heated these engines can get. The choice is yours. Plus quieter as the exhaust makes up for the Tone.. Jetex!! ❤️ lol
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    Bonnet sound proofing

    Not needed neither of mine mk3 and 4 had them
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    Help please help me

    It could be the valve on the evap canister - this makes a tapping sound and can be quite loud if you've only been driving around town or doing short journeys. I'd put some decent petrol in it and take it for a longer 50 to 100 mile trip. See if that makes a difference?
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    2.8s are stronger than 32s bottom end are good for around 400 other than that ur gonna need some hard ward plus reliability
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    ST Sport suspension by KW

    That's what I'm preparing. He has his final warning shot coming. Just getting the paperwork ready.
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    Hi All, stripping the old stuff out the Rado to go haldex so will have some bits left. VR6 Syncro gearbox (02C) rebuilt less than 1000miles ago new seals and bearings, it has new diff planetary gears, ARP diff bolts, the gears and ring gear have been shot peened and superfinished also has a lightened flywheel.this has a modified cast iron transfer box from (rallye) which has been serviced and converted to fit bolt in cups this mates up to a Syncro rear diff. i have the receipts for the box, parts and rebuild. i may have driveshafts but the prop has been re-used i also have the original Mk3 syncro transfer box. it will be removed in the next week or so and is currently at the Phirm, it comes from a running and driving car. looking for £1200. thanks for looking. steve
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    What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Full hot karcher pressure washer! [emoji108]
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    Micheal karadsheh

    Golf vr6 4motion 2001

    Thank you very much for your advice I appreciate
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    Interior fittings catalogue?

    You can use oem epc. Find your car: try Golf/Variant/4Motion, then select the year. You are then presented with the areas in the parts catalogue: Try Body. http://www.oemepc.com/vw/parts_lst/markt/RDW/modell/GOLF/year/2002/hg/8/catalog/vw/drive_standart/266/lang/e Scroll down (keep going!) and find "door trim". Then have a rummage around until you find what you are after! Switches are probably under the Electrics section...
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    Post the last photo of your car!

    Nice that old chap. Love the twin headlights on the mk3
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    J4Y VR

    Post the last photo of your car!

    Thanks Matt but not the scrapyard! But thought of it has crossed my mind few times!
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    Hi all, I'm back [emoji23]

    Also looks like mikes old mk3?
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    Looking to buy another VR6.

    No worries noggin good luck with the search buddy
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    ST Sport suspension by KW

    Been a week now and still no answers... Emailed the video of the squeak too. Maybe they are just to deaf to hear that thing! Car doesn't make that noise anymore but I am running some old shocks and springs that feel similar to how the KW set felt a few minutes before the incident... Like driving a bouncy castle: costs a quid, (low mpg) bounce around for 10 minutes, (antiquated suspension) before being thrown off for being sick, (too much jumping).
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    Hi all, I'm back [emoji23]

    That looks nice
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    Hi all, I'm back [emoji23]

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    Show me cool wheels

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    Post the last photo of your car!