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    Started timing chains this weekend.
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    VW Motorsport VR6 Manifold

    Very, Very rare!!! Accessory pack see on the Pictures! For OBD1 and OBD2 (Corrado, Golf MK3, Passat, Vento (Jetta)) 1800€ or in ebay.de in auction. Please ask for more Informations in Whatsapp: 00491520 14 16 859. Sorry for my bad english!!! Regards Marius
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    For sale VR6 1997 13000 Miles

    Finally selling my Vr6 3 door manual. i've had this for about 8 years it's has been fully re-sprayed, suspension has been upgraded and brakes I have spent a lot of money on this car receipts to show drives lovely must be seen £1950ovno Located in North Wales
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    What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Got my VR6 running after replacing belt, ABS sensor and sorted a blow on exhaust ! good result, running sweet again now and gave the old girl a good clean!
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    Aquablasted engine parts

    Afternoon, got a few bits cleaned up but never fitted to the vehicle- all for OBD2. the pictures don't really do them justice, these things are IMMACULATE. Belt tensioner 021 145 299C - £45 Pulley alternator bracket 021280089A - £35 Power steering pump bracket 021145169D - £30 Cylinder head - originally done 135,000 .02 deck skim. Depending on what angle your valves are you may require getting new valve seats. £60 Collection from LN4 or postage at cost Picture
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    2001 12v gti

    Here's mine 24v 4motion vr6
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    Found the problem!
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    J4Y VR


    Might be putting it up for sale soon.
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    Mohamed Mughal


    1998 vr6 highline
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    Colin Ross

    R36 Rallye

    Siramik sc15 coating applied after a full paint correction 😍
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    VW's new 496bhp 3.0-litre VR6 engine

    Dude, I just filled the cup.
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    Dont know how to post.

    Hi @mk4 gti golf 2.8 If you click the "community" tab at the top where the menu's are, you can find the classifieds section along with the other sections to ask questions. Let me know if you still struggle? ! Cheers Pete
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    2003 v6 4motion

    Regrettably my pride and joy is going up for sale, she's a 2003 4motion 2.8 bde engine in rare anthracite blue pearl only a handful of these were produced and hard to come by, she's done 88000 will go up as I'll still be using it and I'm the 3rd owner I've had her 2 years coming up and have carried out what ever it's needed as well as mods that I wanted doing which are as follows Powerful mid section with standard rear box has a lovely rasp, Decat pipe 25mm h&r springs Poly bush top mounts, anti roll bar bushes, dog bone mount and rear trailing arm bushes. Quantum tuning remap Drilled and grooved brakes all round with Brembo sport pads 3x sets of wheels, standard branshatch, 17" Santa Monica's just been refurbished and a set of Porsche 996 twists also just been refurbished Toyo proxes t1rs 225/45/17 Just had full front end respray to get rid of a few stone chips, gloss black mirror backs, grill front and rear valances, carbon wrapped roof and fuel flap. Body work is excellent and very straight with only minor blemished, snow foamed washed and polished on a weekly basis Interior is red/black cloth recaros in very good condition no rips or tares, carbon wrapped wood inserts Hid kit and number plate lamps Service history, just had oil change, service before that all filters inc plugs were changed a long with a high flow simota panel filter Full 4motion service inc diff/gearbox oil 75/90 fully synthetic oil used, Had a new clutch at 86000 along with the gearbox end bearing just for peace of mind while the box was out (common issue on the 6 speeds) New inlet manifold change over valve not to long ago Only small issues are the a/c compressor is slightly noisy when ac is off (always on when I'm in it) and sometime remote locking doesn't always work but does on doors. No timing chain issues and no correlation faults when check with vagcom Overall a lovely example of dying breed of car By trade I'm a Vag technician so the car has been maintained to the highest quality Genuine reason is I have a little one on the way so a bigger car is needed Please feel free to contact me 07580118939 Asking for £3000 Ono Pics to follow
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    I'm new here

    , just finally installed my fog lights Edo switch and amber city lights in the e-codes in my 2003 GLI, love the way it looks with the DRL off
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    I'm new n growing, guess I'll make a space for it soon
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    I did a suitcase delete on my golf just got the bits from Jetex 2x45 degree bends 1x500mm pipe and a few clamps to hold it all in place mark it all up weld it up and just use one sleeve of clamp and some putty on the 1 joint where the suitcase used to join job done for less than £60 and the original jet tip tail pipe slides over the to of the 2.5" pipe so looks stock ish and sounds lovely
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    The latest and sportiest additions to the 10th-generation Civic lineup, the all-new 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe and Civic Si Sedan goes on sale at Honda dealerships with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)1... View the full article
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    2001 12v gti

    I purchased this car a year ago and have so far put new control arms. Tie rod assemblies. Ball joints. Oil pan. Water pump. Coolant pipe. Thermostat housing.timing chain kit. Head gasket. Head bolts. Intake runner bushings. Spacers. Coils. Shift cable ends. Radiator. Techtonics 276° cams. Deleted the a.c. and gutted the interior Upcoming is exhaust, wrapping interior in new fabric, body work and a tune.
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    Nezzi's 8v GTI soon to be VR6

    I would do it while its off and easy. I did mine black to match the fresh block paint
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    Piggy noises

    Techtonics 276 cams giving me that idle I love
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    Need help!!!

    The UK sucks for the best in VW. Haha. You guys across the pond were gifted with all the best bits . [emoji23][emoji106]
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    I'm a noob here

    Hey guys and gals, the names mike. I'm from the US. I currently have a 1998 Ginster yellow Gti vr6, manual trans, modified pretty well and plan to start racing it this year. If there are any nitrous experts here, please contact me as I have some questions for you guys. Anything else, feel free to ask. I look forward to talking with you guys
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    The Monk

    Exhaust now caked in soot.

    Ah Pete. I was expecting some discolouration, just not a mm or 2 of soot. I've had a read that rich running and crap fuel can cause this too. Book states fuel as 95, not 97, so that's what she has, but I don't put known brands in, she has the 95 from the costcutter petrol station down the road. Never notice any difference when the occasional tank of BP goes in. On another note, the new crank sensor is preventing hot start issues, so that's a good result. Cheers for the reply either way matey. Hope you've sorted the belt.
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    I'm a noob here

    I'm in Allentown @blackwookie
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    Corrado R3.6 Conversion completed

    I have finally completed my project 1995 VW Corrado Canadian car Transformation with 3.6 from a Passat CC R36. I am only running it as a FWD, the motor has been refreshed top to bottom For my trans I am running the stock Corrado 5speed with a TDI 5th gear .658 A/C blows ice cold The car runs great and is a blast to drive, the hp upgrade is incredible and the car handles it well!
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    Need help!!!

    We don't get that engine over here nothing like Europes 12v inlet in completely different
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    p1347 what banks what???

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    p1347 what banks what???

    Any engine out of sync on timing can be potentially catastrophic depending on the amount it's out by, best to get it re clabrated n timing set ASAP without any extra miles being put on unnecessarily, if you can hear it nocking or idle has gone rough already best not to drive it any further till rectified
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    Good man! I will also be at this ! Would like to start pulling a list of names together in advance for this event please guys, so please reply to let me know ! Ta Pete
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    Mark 3 VR6 for sale

    Hi is your vehicle still available?
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    New comer

    We are looking at 2010 Passat CC 3.6 as project ride and glad to found this board. Have some slight issue but runs good over all. Gonna read around and get some ideas.
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    All of it.
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    Anyone have a dipstick tube?

    Hello mate I had a look and I have 1 but tube is damaged mate I've had a word about so I'll see what comes up buddy
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    Same as mine
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    Mohamed Mughal


    Yeahhh egn
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    What did you do to your VR6 today?

    She got treated to a detail [emoji3]
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    Big Dub

    I've got the Dubsport Corrado 4x4 Turbo from sept 2004 PVW
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    My work in progress.

    Just cams and exhaust. Stock air and everything. Waiting on finishing my caddy before I dive deep into the vr.
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    My work in progress.

    I'll look more into it. I might get better, but It likes to get down and I don't stop it.
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    Have a look at xxr s they a nice fit 18 inch. I think they suit my car anyway and like the concave structure
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    Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    I have bought one of these units, very small and reasonably priced! haven't had a chance to install it yet but on the surface it looks the part. It has loads of options for cylinder conversions, ill let you know how well it works!
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    p.s. why not to piddle about changing engines and spend it in other areas;
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    Turbo Build

    Right, been busy recently as I have finally gotten a job and time for an update on the build, I have just bought Ky's 3.0 Litre block with forged pistons , turbo manifold and ht leads, Ive ordered a short runner intake, exhaust valves, 630 cc injectors, mocal oil cooler, and just bought UM pro maf and tial wastegate off black dubs.... Now what rods to get, anyone got any ideas on good forged rods to buy to fit the 3.0 litre block? And here is the block and pistons that will be on its way monday Edit: ZRP con rods bought now just waiting for it all to turn up and get on with it
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    Bodywork Body type 4/5 seater hatchback Number of doors 3 Designer Dimensions & Weights mm inches Wheelbase 2518 99.1 Track/tread (front) 1513 59.6 Track/tread (rear) 1487 58.5 Length 4149 163.3 Width 1735 68.3 Height 1444 56.9 Ground clearance length:wheelbase ratio 1.65 Kerb weight 1552 kg 3422 lb Weight distribution Fuel tank capacity 62 litres 13.6 UK Gal 16.4 US Gal Aerodynamics Drag coefficient Frontal area CdA Engine engine type naturally aspirated petrol Engine manufacturer Volkswagen Engine code Cylinders V 6 in 15° vee Capacity 3.2 litre 3189 cc (194.605 cu in) Bore×Stroke 84 × 95.9 mm 3.31 × 3.78 in Bore/stroke ratio 0.88 Valve gear DOHC 4 valves per cylinder 24 Total valves maximum power output 240.3 PS (237 bhp) (176.7 kW) at 6250 rpm Specific output 74.3 bhp/litre 1.22 bhp/cu in maximum torque 320 Nm (236 ft·lb) (32.6 kgm) at 2800 rpm Specific torque 100.34 Nm/litre 1.21 ft·lb/cu3 Engine construction cast iron block; aluminium head sump wet sumped compression ratio 11.3:1 Fuel system EFi bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 1261 kPa (182.9 psi) Maximum RPM crankshaft bearings 7 Engine coolant Water Unitary capacity 531.5 cc Aspiration Normal Compressor N/A Intercooler None Catalytic converter Y Performance Acceleration 0-80km/h (50mph) 4.60 s Acceleration 0-60mph 6.50 s Acceleration 0-100km/h 6.60 s Acceleration 0-160km/h (100mph) 15.60 s Standing quarter-mile 14.70 s @ 97.00 mph Standing kilometre 27.40 s @ 190.00 km/h Maximum speed 247 km/h (153 mph) Power-to-weight ratio 152.71 bhp/ton Fuel Consumption Fuel consumption 16.4/8.6/11.5 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combined Carbon dioxide emissions 276 g/km Carfolio Calculated CO2 ? 276.00 g/km Chassis Engine position front Engine layout transverse Drive wheels all wheel drive Torque split Steering rack & pinion PAS turns lock-to-lock Turning circle Front suspension I.MS.CS.ARB. Rear suspension I.DW.TA.CS.ARB. Wheel size front 7½J x 18 Wheel size rear 7½J x 18 Tyres front 225/40 ZR 18 Tyres rear 225/40 ZR 18 Brakes F/R VeDi/Di-S-ABS Front brake diameter 334 mm Rear brake diameter 256 mm Gearbox 6 speed manual Top gear ratio 0.72 Final drive ratio 4.24 General Carfolio.com ID 101596 Production total Model code Model family RAC rating 26.2 Insurance classification No information available Tax band No information available
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    Nezzi's 8v GTI soon to be VR6

    Getting closer to being finished, some mechanica/electrical problems to sort.
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    Golf Mk3 Short Shifter

    sedge, I live in Sandiacre, where's your mot being done?
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    where have the pics gone from start of thread??