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    Soooooo this is the car at the moment ahahha now installing emu standalone and have it running roughly but running bmw dbw now installed more options on stamdalone this way ripped out tons of wiring and have run complete new harnesses inside and out lol new brake lines and abs removed became unsafe πŸ˜‚ Soon be building 3" exhaust probably this weekend
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    If it's if it's any consolation, I can offer to build up a new, replace or repair the existing wiring loom within the coming months once the settlement has blown over etc Im pretty sure I have 2x full mk3 vr6 high line interior and engine looms in good condition in my garage (although 1 is an auto), will have a look in the morn
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    Hey guys just signed up on here thought I'd say hi with a pic of my car you may have seen it.....hope all is good in vr6 land
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    Yeah it was before I owned it tho looked great in those pics
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    I have finally completed my project 1995 VW Corrado Canadian car Transformation with 3.6 from a Passat CC R36. I am only running it as a FWD, the motor has been refreshed top to bottom For my trans I am running the stock Corrado 5speed with a TDI 5th gear .658 A/C blows ice cold The car runs great and is a blast to drive, the hp upgrade is incredible and the car handles it well!
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    Hi there guys, name is Lukas. Just bought my first V6 4motion and I love it so far, it has minor issues, but I'm looking forward to rectify them as soon I can.. New to the forum as well... well that's about me for now cheers
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    Got the egt and afr welding in and exhaust wrapped back up And the brakes are working a treat now
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    Well got round to starting up didnt fire as normal very rough wont idle. smooth on throttle tho. lamda fault came up on vagcom so new lambda to go on.and still a leak from oil bath cant seem to get this leak sorted yeti thought i had it sorted but still a run from bath and its from the bath seals not the inner seals annoying but slow progress.but charger has a nice whistle sounds spot on
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    I was just wondering if anyone on here is the owner of a red golf vr6 I used to have or has seen it about? reg number M935YSN vin number WVWZZZ1HZSW514822 I had it written off (cat C) in 2011 due to the handbrake failing and it rolling down a hill and through someone's garden wall, i'll post a pic lol. I just ran a check on the reg and it's had another 4 keepers after myself but it's currently SORN'd, for some reason I thought it would've just been broken for parts but I'm glad the beast is still alive. If you are the current owner give me a shout as I still have the spare key for it and all the service history, receipts etc cheers.
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    Drove it this morning, felt really good to drive Slight belt slip to begin with due to a lot of condensation build up everywhere from cold weather this morning - may get some anti-belt slip as don't really want to tighen up anymore as boosts perfectly after about 20 mins of driving.
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    Pedal from a mk4 dbw all fitted today after making a bracket And got the new bias and lines plumbed in [emoji4]
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    Hi everyone...after 3 years of membership I suppose I better introduce myself to keep using the forum. Got my 98 highline 4 years back and since then it's had nearly every bolt undone/cleaned/renewed over 2 rebuilds. Currently still in garage, on rebuild number 2 ( all the things I missed/couldn't afford first time round!). Pregnant Wife and a 2 year old make this list rather large! Down in Stranraer SW Scotland so well out of way. Anyone swinging by or catching boat drop me a line (I work on it)
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    Theres not much room anywhere with a charger on πŸ˜‚ Good bye knuckles. this is where I keep mine
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    I had to do some messing with mine and rotate the snail. A proper pain pain in the ass πŸ˜‚
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    Sorted now turned snail round a bit and hoses fitting not bad
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    Hi there, Piston Heads are looking for a mint UK Corrado VR6 for a PH Heroes photoshoot in February 2017 - if you are interested in taking part please email me on guybakercars@gmail.com with details of your car and a pic (I am writing the feature). Many thanks.
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    Can you confirm you cranked the engine (on the key) with the spark plug base against the engine - and no spark was observed. The distributor has a 3-pin connector: pin 1 - 0v pin 2 - timing signal from the ECU pin 3 - 12v The hall sender is also a 3-pin connector: pin 1 - 0v pin 2 - signal to ECU pin 3 - 12v Check the power is present across pins 1 and 3. The distributor is powered by the ignition (terminal 15) and the hall sender is powered through Relay 3 - the ECU power supply relay - sharing power with the injectors. You will need an oscilloscope to see the output of the hall sender. I suppose you could remove the sensor from the engine, put 12v across pins 1 and 3 and measure the output across pins 1 and 2 as you waft a screwdriver across the end of the sensor. It will probably be a small voltage, but may be detectable? Are there any clues/faults in the ECU which could guide you? When I rebuilt my engine, I had fuel and a spark - just not at the same time (the bottom end was 180 degrees out). So, check everything as you go along. And if there is still doubt, prove your assumptions are still correct!! Report back with how you get on.
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    Cheers Pete, thank you. I really should have been more active up until now. I've learnt a wealth of knowledge from being a vr6oc member and should be trying to put something back! Maybe a build thread once I get it all together again.
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    Hey guys after a 7 year build my mk2 is on the road so I thought I'd sign up and say hi to you all
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    Just picked up my new R32. Went from a MKV Rabbit with a C2 turbo kit to a TDI sportwagen, after the buyback I picked up the R32.
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    Dash now running 10" tablet via Bluetooth module [emoji4]
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    Most I've dealt with tend to be looking around 450-500hp max on those 12cm HX35's (all crank hp figures for non UK residents reading this by the way). On the chart total flow should see you past 600hp (lbs/min x 10) - however in reality there are a number of factors, efficiency of your set up, what turbine size etc so I would say the 12cm is probably good for 500ish hp tops and either larger turbine or start looking into the HX40 past that.. There's an old thread here with spool info on the VR6 plus some on the older T series turbo's.
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    If you are near South Manchester, call Barry at MS & J Motors in Styal - 0161 436 1967. He rebuilt a gearbox for my brother's Delta a few years ago.
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    When you talk about engine longevity you are talking about forces exerted on the engine; stress, twisting/shearing forces etc so first port of call is what causes it. I'm amazed by people that spend little time on the fuelling side of things, opting to "upgrade when I reach the limit's" or even rely on the ecu to make changes if needed. Detonation can cause pressures tens or even hundreds of times that of a controlled burn which inexorably lead to component failure, same with excessive heat if a tune's too aggressive and has little or no component protection in place (seen plenty of those). So my first port of call is usually the fuelling - upgraded injectors and fuel pump then and make sure it's all nice and tight, no leaks anywhere, make sure regulators/lines and so on are up to the job too of course. The other thing with engine longevity is the condition, I would always recommend either stripping and rebuilding the engine, even if it's just stock parts with a spacer, as the general wear and tear over an engine's life can mean extra stresses and strains on critical stress points like rods and crank. There's also the VR6 design and off-centre stresses as well as natural forces like gravity; This is why I tend to mention the rod bolt's a lot, there's lot's of forces going on there so best to get it all tight and refreshed really. The stock clutches tend to hold somewhere around 300-350lb/ft, different material will add greater durability. A Sachs SRE clutch are generally rated to around 450lb/ft - stages of other clutches I would surmise are in-between the 2, probably 10-20% more than stock. Above 450 you're looking at either a 4/6 paddle clutch which some can find grabby for daily driving, these tend to be rated around 500-550lb/ft or a multi plate expensive one which will give better driving characteristics but at a cost. You needn't break the bank building a reliable VRT, most might just throw in a spacer and some ARP or go straight to forged this and that, you can negate any reliability issues somewhat taking care of the basics though!
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    Hi, im john and i havent been on here for a few years now 5+ ive just purchased a mk3 vr and it has a club sticker in the window, whats the chances off anyone knowing any club history about the car. the reg is M876OBE. this is my 3rd vr over the years, but my first odb1. Thanks john
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    Hi everyone. I have a 2001 12v VR6 "AFP" that I'm rebuilding block up. I basically have an extra complete engine that I want to build for better performance. My idea is to destroke the engine by putting shorter connecting rods in which will lower the compression and increase high end power. For the loss in the low end I want to put a small turbo (T3/T4) with around 10 psi of boost. So here are my questions: -Will this make the engine non-interference? -Will this still be reliable? -Would I have to change the crank and what other mods would I need? Cams? Short Runner Intake? Etc.? -Is there a happy median for boost on a vr6 without breaking reliability? All answers would be greatly appreciated!! And any VR6 Shops I could get in contact with? I use Techtonics Tuning. Cheers! [emoji1]
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    have a set of inpro headlights for a mk3 one has a crack in it but otherwise good Β£30 plus postage
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    Hi has anyone run a mamba turbo? Does anyone rate them? They look the part
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    Well that's the first weeks drive. First impressions are all good. I'm going the have new tyres fitted next week, although they look like they have enough tread the sidewalks look a touch perished and I'd rather not take the risk. One of my rear Callipers has lost some of its paint so all 4 will be off for a powder coat and a rebuild. Drive wise. It's like a go cart. It's really quite quick and smooth. I can feel a slight knock up the front end. Feels like a bush up front So will have to have a look into it. One peeve point is. When it's cold outside the exhaust steams up the back window !!!
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    Oil catch can to source squeeze in maf and filter somewhere.had to take oil bath off had nipped o ring when fitted so new o rings all leak free now
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    @VR6Pete ok thank you ill give this ago tomorrow after work and have the 3 sensor in the thermostat housing coming tomorrow so ill fit them and go from there trying all the little ways youve said and let you know my findings thanks
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    Not mine but exactly the same charger. as my outlet of the snail housing is slightly off to where i would like it to be would anyone know if id have any problems moving snail housing round half a hole as in picture the housing has more holes than required so i want to rotate housing only to the next hole back.i can't see there being a problem but any advice appreciated
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    [b]Event Title:[/b] VWNW 2017 (Tatton Park) [b]Event Author:[/b] VR6CABBS [b]Calendar:[/b] Club Events [b]Event Date:[/b] 08/06/2017 12:00 AM Evening All, We are looking to book another stand here this years. Always a action packed day and a sell out. We can't book the club stand till Easter but i'm looking for 10 cars to join our club stand. Get your name down here to avoid disappointment...... Take a look at there site too..... http://www.vwnw.co.uk/ Club Stand Places. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Tatton Park is situated in the North West of England and is easily accessible from major roads and railways with good public transport links to the nearby town of Knutsford. Put WA16 6QN in your Sat Nav. Tatton Park is signposted from Junction 7 of the M56 and Junction 19 of the M6. Look out for our VWNW directional signs. Approximate Driving Times to Tatton Park: Birmingham 70 mins Chester 35 mins Leeds 75 mins Liverpool 40 mins Macclesfield 20 mins Manchester 30 mins Nottingham 90 mins Stafford 45 mins Sheffield 75 mins Stockport 25 mins Wrexham 45 mins Use RAC Route Planner Thanks Click the below link to register for the VWNW 2017 (Tatton Park) event VWNW 2017 (Tatton Park)
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    Thanks very much. I can't take the credit for this one though as its not mine... Its the wife's.
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    Bore wear actually looks good, but yeah the gasket is a bit on the ropey side. Will be cleaning up the surfaces tomorrow, will post some more pictures later.
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    passed my corrado looking sad for itself recently ! Got a load of jobs to do on it but no time !!
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    Cheers Guys ! and thanks for the great comments! Yes has been a long time and I still get a lot of enjoyment out of the club and the value it gives our many members and visitors. I have no intentions of letting the club slip, lets hope we get some willing people who want to help to take the club to new heights
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    Should of stuck with VR6. Gti's have their own identity an following. Not cool with the gti badge. πŸ˜‘
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    Hi Carterleeds, Thanks for your posts which are useful. Things have moved since my above post and below is a summary of where I am: Halfords have appointed independent assessors who have confirmed: The damage to the car was a result of the incorrect fitting of the radio (completed by Halfords) The car is in "very good condition" with no visible corrosion Glasses Guide is not a reliable guide to the value of the car That if I want a higher settlement figure I need to provide documentary evidence of service history etc A settlement figure based on some comparable VR6 sales from the web And Halfords have made me a settlement offer based on the above, which I have rejected and sent them the full 18 year service history and all invoices. I am awaiting their response. On the disclaimer point, I was not asked to sign one.
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    Nope, no rear seats matching sadly. Although I do have a full black Highline interior in the garage if you wanted tom put that in and sell the one that's in it. But would be sad to pull it apart...... Plate has nothing to do with Jake either. He does have similar plates though for his Turbo. H20 VRT I think ? It's basically H20 for water, meaning water cooled. And VR speaks for itself. Nothing to do with his pool business