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    As the title says I would like to find someone that is willing to trade his VSR Motorsport manifold for this. Let me know if you are interested!
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    A sad day. Selling the rado..

    https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volkswagen/corrado/volkswagen-corrado-vr6-------------------1995/10078780 Currently up on piston heads
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    Beacuse of R32 engine swap I have for sale my Volkswagen Motorsport VSR intake manifold. It is a OBDI genuine VWM VSR unit in perfect condition , sand blasted and ready to paint , polish or whatever want the new owner. Complete system including: -control module -actuator -vacuum accumulator and lines -wiring -install instructions -x2 sets of spare VWM stickers -Stealth Racing custom ECU chip , (made by Vince) https://www.stealthracing.co.uk Price 1600€+shipping (+3,4% Paypal fee)
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    It is reserved...
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    Mk3 colour concept 1.8T

    So the time has come to sell my mk3 golf this has had no expense spared. The car first registered on 6/1/98 making it one of the last mk3 golf as a colour concept the car has had 3 previous owners and probably one of the best mk3s in the country. Engine/gearbox 1.8T BAM TT/S3 engine new unit now has just over 18,000 miles Hybrid atp ko4 turbo 550cc injectors sem inlet manifold AMD REMAP 320 bhp Eurospec 6 speed box with wavetrac LSD custom exhaust with akrapovic carbon tips lcr hpfp forge 007 recire valve and custom carbon engine cover uprated fmic Chassis accuair e level air suspension using airrex struts eibach anti roll bars Genuine Porsche 18 inch bbs split rims modified from ET50 to ET56/58 Porsche Cayenne front callipers with 358mm discs Porsche 986 rear callipers with 320mm discs and TT handbrake callipers braided brake hoses all round super pro bushes throughout Styling colour coded bumpers arches and mouldings solenoid TT fuel filler cap Audi A6 door handles hella smoked headlights lupo stubby mirrors Carbon bonnet rear spoiler,diffuser and number plate plinth Interior Black alcantara headlining Full TT dash conversion Half roll cage fit show bolt in so can be removed Audi RS4 convertible seats rare as they tilt forward electric and heated wired up all fully working stack oil pressure ,temp and boost gauges carbon door handles centre console frames sunroof cover,gearlever surround steering column cowling and handbrake lever Porsche GT3 stop watch (for show) Porsche GT3 carbon and alcantara flat bottom steering wheel forge gearknob Anniversary red seatbelts All carbon parts on the car are skinned in genuine carbon not dipped or wrapped below are major costs for parts Engine £5k G/box £3k Air ride £4.5 Front brakes £2k Rear brakes £2k Interior with retrim £7k Carbon parts £2.5k Wheels & tyres 4k Steering wheel 2k Audio and security Clifford alarm £750 Alpine 7939 £799.99 Hertz Mille legend tweeters £249.99 Hertz Mille legend mid £269.99 Hertz Mille legend mid bass £399.99 Audison bit one processor £549.99 Audison 5.1k £1159.99 Audison Quattro £749.99 Audison Av bit in hd £179.99 Hertz Mille legend subwoofer £699.99 Neet WiFi streamer £79.99 Total price excluding installation materials,cables and labour £5929.95 PRICE WITH AUDIO £19500 PRICE WITHOUT £15500 Please call or text 07884553684 for any other info
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    fotting new engine today

    well after 4 months am finally fitting my new engine
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    fotting new engine today

    cant wait to hear the bitch roar again cant wait to hear the bitch roar again
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    Some new wheels.
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    Hiya !

    Very nice car man nice list of mods as well very clean
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    Nice and clean. [emoji41]
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    Project ripped off take 2

    this is my one i only work weekends on my car
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    Show me cool wheels

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    MJ Vr6

    Show me cool wheels

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    best sites for Android?

    Why did you Need to dig this old post up for!