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    Haynes or similar?

    Quick Google came up with these links for 05+ Jetta which may help too? http://vwts.ru/service/j05_maintenance_01.pdf http://vwts.ru/vw/g5/golf_2007_jetta_2005_maintenance_eng.pdf If you can't find specifics I found the SSP's and other manuals tend to have at least some information you needed if you kind of download them and put them all together, VW use the same things in different models so you can get a bigger picture that way. Bentley is the US version of Haynes if there are similar manuals too for those that may not know.
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    Haynes or similar?

    Something like this for the newer motor you mean? http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_127.PDF http://www.vaglinks.com/Docs/VW/Corrado/VW_Corrado_SLC_AAA_Repair_Manual.pdf I don't recall seeing one specific for the newer engines, it's an engine put in various models so the Haynes or US equiv may have more there, I've never bothered using manuals, half the fun was in finding out over the years! There's probably tons of threads about online for more specific questions if you Google them though.
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    Haynes or similar?

    The fsi engine; http://sandbox.enjoybeing.net/veedub/vw_vr6_self_study.pdf Or parts of the older none fsi VR6/R32 here; http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_195.pdf The electrical system; http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_379_d1.pdf Car; https://cardiagn.com/volkswagen-eos-2006-ssp-355-online/
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    Fair point. Just had a look on Fleabay again, the sellers called Boltonbits. sells all sorts of bits/parts for cars. It does say fits all Mk3 Golfs from 1.4 to 2.8? Worth an email maybe, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say..
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    3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Hi All, I think I’m in the right place for my engine. I bought a 2007 3.2 V6 VW Eos last year and joined the Eos forum for general information and tips about the actual car but I haven’t really learnt much about the engine yet and thought I’d be better off joining an engine specific forum. I will read through some threads before I start asking questions but thought it best if I give a quick hello first. Take it easy, KristLee.
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    Vr6 project

    Hi guys, just started my first project a mk3 vr6. Currently got the head off at the machine shop. Hopefully will be on the road in the next few weeks.
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    Wanted a vr6

    Blimey. Have you not found one yet? I'll be selling one of mine in a few weeks time. As soon as my Highline comes back from the bodyshop the other one will be up for sale, hopefully with 12mths MOT.
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    Vento VR6

    My Vento after a light restoration.
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    Bought some smoked indicators this week aswel makes a nice change from the orange ones that was previously fitted
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    Here's a few pictures of mine and the Wife's VR's taken today whilst we where on a little wash and polish session. Things done, grill back from the painters and fitted to mine today, and Wife's back from the garage yesterday after having a new thermostat housing, thermostat and secondary water pump fitted.