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    Corrado vr6 By Henri

    Hi guys, i'm Henri from France ( Toulouse) south " airbus :-)" I present you my Corrado Vr6 to 1992
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    Rolling Road Day 2017

    Evening Guys, WHO WANTS A ROLLING ROAD DAY DOWN AT STEALTH? This event has been a popular one with our club year after year so i,m looking for your interest. We need at least 25 vehicle for this to happen and if you put your name forward we ask that you stand on your word. I was thinking maybe mid September sometime and on a Sunday. Let me know your thoughts and get your name forward if your interested. Thanks 1. @VR6CABBS 2. @VR6Pete 3. @Rustybear 4. @scoot spanker 5. @noggin 6. @vdubhead 7. @mattvr6 8. @MunnyVr6 9. @aran69 10. @michael5556 11. @Rallyeg60se 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.. 25.
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    shirt lifters or short shifters? slight difference Pete?
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    Schrick VSR manifold ...

    Here is my OBDI Schrick manifold for sale beacuse no more needed. Complete with vacuum accumulator , lines , electrovalve , module , and flap actuator (was changed for a brand new). It is sand blasted , ready for paint , polish or leave as is if you want. All lines and wires are labeled for easy install. The Manifold is located in Spain but can send wordwide , PM me for a shipping quote. Price is 1300€ + shipping. Paypal or bank transfer. Regards.
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    Post the last photo of your car!

    A ride up to Cumbria Vag in the sun.
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    [emoji23] shirt lifters. In all seriousness though pete pretty much covered the main bits [emoji1305]
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    I am working with Modern Classic Magazine with a cover feature, we are looking for some Golf VR6's / R32's, Golf R's (first generation). The shoot will likely take place in the next 3 - 4 weeks around the Noth Cambs, Northampton / Rutland area. Cars would be required all day 9AM - 17:30 and members from the magazine will need to drive the cars as well, they are fully insured and have PL Insurance upto £10 million pounds. This is a great opportunity for anyone who falls within the criteria of the above and look urge anyone interested to reply to this post ASAP. closer to factory standard the better please Cheers All ! Pete
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    Corrado Vr6

    Hey, I'm Yannik from Germany an this is my Corrado vr6.
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    The problem is Solved, it was the Injectors (I changed all six). Ultrasound cleaning, never again.
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    Parked up the Golf and played Golf [emoji7]
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    Pig noises

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    Broken valve spring

    Believe i broke a valve spring in cyl 5 abt a week ago. Got a valve spring compressor on the way that bolts to my head. Ordered a piece of the internet that screws into my spark plug threads which will have an air hose attached to it running to an air compressor. This will allow me to hopefully hold my valve up while swapping the springs for new HD springs. Wish me luck guys cause i sure miss my vr6. Ill add a picture of how its sitting in the driveway and a picture of my new ride to work
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    Postman was decent this morning eventually received my valve.
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    Morning all..

    On my 3rd mk3 (currently under resto)..plans are for a nice tuned vr lump.temp motor is 2.0 8v was cheap so will do for now .car started life as a 1.4 needing some love..
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    Hi frosty I had exactly the same problem and couldn't work out what was going on . Mk3 vr6 1996 obd2 aaa . Drove to the shops engine up to warm . Got the shopping and when I restarted the engine it would rev then just die. It would restart and then be fine !! I checked and replaced the crank sensor and maf still same problem . Thought I'd take the throttle body off and clean it . I removed the air intake pipe to the throttle body and noticed a very small spilt on the underside in between the concertina . The underside gets hot from the exhaust manifold and the heat was causing the split to open up and causing the engine to die. I sourced a secondhand part off eBay and presto the problem was gone (I temp wrapped in tape til it arrived). Hope this fix is the same in your case, let me know Cheers Mark
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    We had a 'guess gaz's horsepower game' at work before it went for mapping!! Lol You will need to run it hard after, as they dont make 6psi till about 6000-6500rpm!!
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    Well wont be getting continuity through that terminal its the earth for sensor side not for heater side.hopefully found the problem
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    Fitted the ABT grill. [emoji7]
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    Mulberry VR6

    Well here she is, hope you like.
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    Rolling Road Day 2017

    Maybe not then! I believe my engine is pretty strong. I'd win a rusty arches competition!!
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    Rolling Road Day 2017

    Hi All, I was thinking probably the mid September or even the last weekend in September but we need to get the numbers up before I can book it. Let me know your thoughts. There is always a good turn out and as always there will be a trophy presentation at the end. Even the turd of the day will get one... hahahaha. Just to remind you all it was me with "turd of the day" last year..... lol
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    Afternoon guys, sorry I've not been on here sooner. My name is John-Joe Vollans, I'm the editor of Modern Classics magazine and will be writing this feature and will be organizing it on the day. We're shooting this at Peterborough show ground in their super clean exhibition hall. If you've ever been to Modified Nationals, this is the same location. http://www.youreventspace.co.uk We are only looking to drive the VR6 now as the feature leads in with the 25th anniversary of this car. We are changing the theme slightly to six-cylinder Golfs so will no longer need the Golf R. Feature will therefore involve the VR6, Mk4 R32 (blue) and the Mk5 R32 (grey, black, any colour really except blue). We will need the R32 owners for half a day and the VR6 all day. If you're interested can you please let me know at: jj.vollans@bauermedia.co.uk or call me on desk: 01733 395049 or mobile: 07958 589280. Please note I'm still on press deadline this week but should be able to get back to you on emails swiftly. This is the lead cover shoot for our October issue so these cars will be seen by over 15,000 car fans and it'll be a nice thing to add to your car's history folder. We're happy to send you free copies of the issue when it's printed and will provide refreshments and lunch. Look forward to hearing from you guys soon and thanks to Pete for putting me in touch with you. JJ
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    I really have no idea exactly what was wrong with the injectors. I suspect that they were leaking when they were hot as I had the issue only when the car was hot. I tried testing them on a bench both cold and while heating them with a heatgun, I just could not get them to show any sign of problem infront of me, yet after I changed them, the problem disappeared and the problem started after I had them cleaned ultrasonically. Your problem may be different, coolant temp sensor maybe?
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    type2 wiz

    Clicking sound

    I'm curious to hear a resolution to ur dilemmas well bro!
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    Clicking sound

    I have a 01 jetta vr6 5 sd n it just started today with clicking in first gear n alil vibration in the pedals It doesn't happen in any other gear From dead stop to full out I did the control arm 2 weeks ago n second new axle in driver side Can some one plz help me out Thank you
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    Show me cool wheels

    Awesome! Post some pics when its done
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    MJ Vr6

    Show me cool wheels

    Cheers mate. Going in for new colour next week.
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    Who has a mk4 gti?

    What part, I'm stationed in GA currently bunch of motors on the east coast
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    Who has a mk4 gti?

    I was going to drop the money for titanium, but I wouldn't be done with the car till next summer if I did that.lol
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    Post the last photo of your car!

    My 3,1 waiting for some TLC in my workshop...
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    24v vr6 fuel injectors DIY

    Thanks Tony I guess all that's left is just give it a go take plenty of pics and report back with progress sticking points thanks so much guys love these forums
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    Cutting Out When Warm Only ?

    Mine is obd2 fella. Dd42 pcv delete is great btw. I bought mine direct from USA rather than from uk. It was much quicker to arrive rather than the one my mate ordered from a uk store. Because guess what, the store waits for a substantial order before placing an order with dd42 in the USA..
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    Yes vag one preset. Thats why i went for it, plus no piston to get shitted up. 22mm rings a bell but it could be 25 so i may be wrong. I'll try and have look later mate
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    Cutting Out When Warm Only ?

    Crankshaft sensor
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    See how you get on. I fitted mine when i fitted the charger so I don't know what it's like without. It stops issues on full bore gear changes as the air/boost has nowhere to go when the throttle plate closes. I'm pretty sure all boosted cars have them
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    It recircs air back through charger when throttle is closed mate
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    Cleaned the throttle body and to be honest it seems to have done the trick [emoji23][emoji1360]
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    VR6 Ignition Lead Tool

    As above £10 posted each
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    dale p

    Samco hoses

    As new golf vr6 red samco hoses complete not on veichle long Sensible offers
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    See through engine

    Pretty cool vid showing the combustion process;
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    Golf mk3 vr6 highline

    Hi. Welcome to the sale of my golf vr6 highline in black (black magic) the reason for sale is that we are in the middle of moving house and it came far quicker than we thought so i need to free up some cash and it was either the vr6 or the scooby that had to give way, and with me being a jap kind of guy the scooby had to stay Saying that the golf is a lovely car and i enjoy driving both for their own reasons. Anyway here is a list of what the golf has had done while ive had it. Last week it had 2 brand new wishbones/balljoints and track rod ends with uprated bushes. I had a full service about 6 weeks ago and had a brand new sump pan fitted at the same time New coilpack, again about 6 weeks ago Gearbox oil change around 3 weeks ago New coolant sensor and crank sensor recently Coilovers have done less than 200miles Its also has 10mm thicker ht leads and an air filter but im not sure on the name. Just before christmas it had a full blowover/respray and had 2 new sills professionally fitted so they are soild again, and also had the wheels refurbished and brand new quad headlights fitted at the same time. The seats in there i got them from a member of the forum and they came out of a car that had done less than 50k so they are in very good condition!. Everything works as it should, electrics, mirrors, windows etc and the abs light comes on and goes off straight away like it should! The car drives faultless with no noises, chain rattle or any leaks as it should! The guy i bought the car off didnt have any service history with it but as he was a well known member on the corrado vr6 forums and he had his fair share of vr6s i had no issue with it as he was also an enthusiast, but i have all the reciepts for the work above that i have had done! When i bought the car he said it had a 6 branch manifold on there and a serbring exhaust, it is pretty quiet but gives that lovely vr6 tune when its higher in the revs! The car has done 118k and was previously an auto but has been professionally converted to a manual The car will also come with a short shifter with new bushes so the gear changes will be short and precise. Overall the car is in excellent condition unlike alot for sale that claim to be! It does have a couple of things that could do with sorting Its only got 1 key and the alarm doesnt work! Never bothered me as i use a disklock There is a rip in the steering wheel 1 crack in one of the lower indicators No CD player. So really they are nothing at all and if they were fixed you wouldnt notice anyway hemce why i havent bothered, the car gets looks everywhere it goes and the amount of times ive been asked to sell it to them while filling up at the petrol station is crazy lol. Im asking for £2500 OVNO as there are a few out there that are no were near this and are more...it is priced to sell but im not desperate at all. Thanks for looking! My number is 07758243030 if you want to get in contact with me. Thanks for looking ashley, Car located in the bolton/wigan area
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    Sunday Fun day

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    Well, the rain had stopped. It was still a mild evening. Things started to dry out..... Best crack on with the clutch and gearbox refit then! All went well, no dramas. Found it easier to remove the shifting tower to get it back together... All bolted back up. More or less complete and ready for a clean under the bonnet and to attack the brakes tomorrow now. Found my goodridge hoses in the garage. Fronts are the correct ones, need to check the rears. Calipers will get a coat of paint too. Enough waffling for now, my back is sore and a need a beer lol..... Hope for a dry day tomorrow and get cracked on!! [emoji1303]
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    mk3 new bottom arms complete

    thanks for advice chaps..mine has square indicators but obd socket is by ashtray??..but is obd1....think I have 280 brakes(if so i have a brand new set of 288 discs for sale!)..bealie.how are u.... Pm me a price dude..thanks cheers lads..
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    Engine Cleaning

    Well here is the engine so far. Just needs to have some lacquer sprayed over Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the VR6OC Swap Shop!

    psssst start a new thread for each item you want to swap
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    First off, Im not trying to piss on any previous DIY guides been done before by users of this forum, Just i found as a total new to 312mm setup i found it hard getting the answers to certain questions regarding the conversion and pictures from the old threads were no longer hosted. I did a bit of asking around to get my answers and made this guide so anybody in the future wanting to do the conversion can see this thread when they search the forum to answer any questions. Fairly simpe swap and this is how i did it. Parts needed: -312mm discs from an audi tt / skoda octavia vRS and some mk4s (TT part no 8N0615311A) -caliper carriers (Audi TT caliper part no 8N0615123) (audi TT carrier part no (1)Left 8N0615124 (2)Right 8N0615125 ) (note - later spec vr6 guys with 288mm brakes can use the original caliper. early obd1/rado guys will need the caliper from either obd2 vr6 or the caliper from your donor tt/octavia vRS/mk4 - early caliper guys (obd1) need to also buy banjo type brake hoses) -pads to suit 312mm discs (again obd2 guys can use your old pads but id reccomend buying new ones. ) -6mm plate metal (this will become clear later) -m12 high tensile bolts at least 40mm long (your old bolts are no good) -16" wheels at least. 15s WILL NOT WORK here is my spacer i made. you will need to make two of these. It is VERY important you ensure the 12mm holes you drill match EXACTLY up with the 12mm holes in the carrier. This will save you trouble when it comes to putting them on the car. dont worry about it being neat, it cant be seen when its on the car. now i was ready to install my new parts just for comparrison 288 vs 312mm this is the reason for your 6mm plate spacer. notice the 312mm disc has a more protruding face out of the friction area. Your spacer will make your pads and caliper line up properly with the disc. Next stage is pretty simple, simply pulling your caliper off using an alen key on the two bolts on the back and the caliper will lift off. NOTE** do not let the caliper dangle by the brake hose, this can damage the hose, either hang it from the spring with a wire or balance it on the hub. Remove the old caliper carrier 2x 17mm bolts and throw it away (you have a nice new one to install in its place) Now simply bolt up you new carrier with the spacer BETWEEN THE CARRIER AND HUB with your new bolts the rest is easy simply reinstalling everything as they came apart, replacing your brake pads with new ones. hope this comes in handy to anybody wishing for better brakes on a budget. Its wet outside so i cant give a good feedback right now but initial impression is its a worthwhile improvement. cheers
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    i dont know how many times it needs to be said 15 INCH WHEELS WILL NOT WORK!!! spacing the wheels wont work either, the simple fact is the disc and caliper are too big to fit inside a huge majority of 15inch wheels. FACTORY 15" WHEELS WILL NOT WORK