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    Just waiting for these to arrive
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    First step get the body work done The shell is in amazing condition with no rust anywhere, the bumpers are off the donor car so wrong colour and the LH side has a deep gouge down it, so out with the paint and tools to fix it
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    New centre caps
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    Hi all. Just picked up this vr6 Its registered as private/light goods....... I'm thinking that's not right. What are your golf vr6's tax class?
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    Been pictures of cars with spacers and it looks ace. Nothing drastic, just a few mm. We've not had a proper look at suspension yet but it'll be shocks as well as springs. -30/-40mm all round
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    Received some more pictures from my painter today. I think the car is looking amazing considering that is straight out of the gun. Can’t wait to see it polished with all the panels back on [emoji3]
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    Mk1 caddy Vr6 24V turbo

    Hi this is my friends caddy mk1 vr6 24vT, still in process.
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    Mk1 caddy Vr6 24V turbo

    Yes, this is coming common around here, 24v, 3.2, 3.6 swaps into mk1's. I still loving the 12v.
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    My first car

    Well as the title says this was my first car I bought ten years ago. I converted it to a vr6 8 years ago drove it around for 2 years then couldn't insure it. Since then I've have a few company cars and still have one now. So what I have here is a car that I don't want to get rid of even low it needs alot of tlc, so iv finally started building it up as a budget toy. I have it ruining on mega squirt 1 with 630cc injectors and a 8:1 decompression plate so it's now getting a load of budget boost. This is not going to be a expensive build except for the bits I can't skimp on ie injectors don't want a lean cylinder. Here are some photos I have taking on the way in no real order. If anyone is interested in seeing how this turns out I'll keep it updated.
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    RVR006 MK3 VR6 3 Door Build AUS

    Hey guys Great to see so many VR6 crazed posts, I was reluctant to post, but if no one contributes then the forum is very boring. I am building this as a weekend / spare run around car, as such it is not show quality just a neat road car. For those fortunate enough to be in Europe and UK you were lucky to have got all the good models, but as typically happens in Australia we get sent the crap and poverty packs, as such we did not get any 3 Door VR6 Mk3 Golf's, only 4 door. I was fortunate to come across this unfinished project in my home town, the basics were done but there was a ton of work that needed to be done and a lot of work that was done needed to be pulled out and started again. Given the Golf's are really only just starting to get enthusiast ground swell now, finding people who know anything about them in Australia can be hard to find, as such I simply rolled up my sleeves and got into this and have learnt as I have gone. the biggest issue with the car when I bought it was the electrical system, the guy I bought it off, whilst very helpful and an all round great guy, was not clear in his recollection of what had or had not been done on the car and the further I dug the more uncompleted jobs I found. So the only real option was to strip it down and start again, I had tried many times and used scan tools, changed computers, wiring everything, but could not get the car to bring up dash lights or to start, So I found a complete running VR6, purchased it and pulled the entire wiring loom out, painstakingly labelling every wire, photographing every connector and where every wire ran, I then pulled the entire wiring loom out of the 3 Door and rewired the whole car with the computer and loom from the donor car, after much cursing and more hour than I can believe,the car runs, now to start the build and get it where I want it to be
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    RVR006 MK3 VR6 3 Door Build AUS

    Motor freshen up
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    RVR006 MK3 VR6 3 Door Build AUS

    Dash back together, motor running, registered and road tested now to sort out the little bits a pieces and get some wheels
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    Got new wheels for my Vr6 Original Azev Type C 17x8.5, today I will go and get the tires 195/40/r17, I hope this fit well to the mk3 haha. My son posing for the pic. BTW my Instagram if you want to follow: @vr6parrot
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    Hi mate ive just literally plumbed it in yesterday just awaiting another silicone hose to connect to bottom of the diverter valve.here's hoping it cures my rich running at idle. I'll keep you posted
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    Ideal GT30 A/R for 320-350hp on 24v BDE

    .62 excellent for low end .83 good mid and top 1.0+ for top not for street I recommended .83, I am not engineer my R32 is .83
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    Turbo Build

    They are from Volkswagen wide body parts on Facebook mate
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    2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion

    Like I said I got a gt30 im installing, allready looking at a gt35 lol. hopefully I'll get mine done for next month, I'll upload some videos if I do. insurance starts 1 of April so I got to get it done :-P
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    FOR SALE: Supersprint single box stainless 2.25" full system complete with decat. Removed from my charged MK3 VR, sounds great. £150 Located in Northants, NN14, collection only. I'm not on here loads so better to call if interested. 07514 805367 - Ed
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    Just need 2 T pieces one to T in before charger one to T in between outlet and throttle body one vacum hose to blend in with colour scheme and 2 hoses from valve outlets to T pieces in red aswell.
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    Z engineering on standard injectors

    Postman was decent this morning eventually received my valve.
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    Ready for the rollers
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    Yes i have mate I had mine remapped at stealth
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    Turbo Build

    So this is how the car is now , engine is in , gearbox in Passenger drive shaft all bolted in , have fitted eibach front and rear anti roll bars , the car has powerflex bushes all round with fk coilovers on it. Everything has been replaced , new hubs . Bearings , track rods and ends , ball joints , wishbones etc etc Also bought these hefty bastards to help me stop! 334x32 discs with 17Z 6 pot calipers to go with them! Here's the rear axle that's all bolted back up Car looking sorry for itself lol
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    Post the last photo of your car!

    Tucked up in the new garage!!
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    How To Find A Vacuum Leak

    Ok not a VR but a good (ish) way to look
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    What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Nothing didn't even drive her today just looked at her and smiled (h)
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    lambda wiring

    nice one cheers..ill wire it in tonight