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  1. leespiro

    vr6 obd2

    ok the above link is sold any one else
  2. leespiro

    vr6 obd2

    hi all does anyone have the complete obd2 wiring loom setup for golf vr6 12v everything to conver obd1 to obd2 thanks
  3. hi all what gap should the FR7KPP33 spark plugs be on the vr6 12v turbo thanks
  4. hi got a few problems with my mk3 vr6 cluster the speedo and temp gauge have stopped working the temp light keeps blinking and my fuel gauge keep moving could it be a fault cluster or is there other issues thanks
  5. whats that green hose that comes out the ecu is it for boost control
  6. hi all how many of your are running lugtronic ecu plug and play on the vr6t 12v obd2 what your views on them how does the car idle boost etc etc
  7. leespiro

    83mm pistons

    hi all has anyone got a set of 83mm low comp pistons for sale for the golf mk3 vr6 2.8 looking to rebuild my bottom end
  8. hi all is anyone selling a short runner for mk3 2.8 vr6 thanks
  9. has anyone fitted the spec stage 3+ on there mk3 vr6t if so what they like, ive just ripped mine to pieces lol
  10. oh right never knew that i have got anything there at the minute
  11. hi all will 3" intercooler piping on the golf mk3 vr6 with the gtx3076r be to big for 400-450 bhp also does it make it spool later with that size piping thanks
  12. hi all as anyone got a mint rear golf mk3 bumper for sale in black not the colour coded ones the plastic texture type thnaks lee
  13. ok thanks guys someone told me if you go 3" u lose some torque is this tru
  14. hi all need to know if my turbo setup once mapped to around 450 bhp will my 3"downpipe to 2.25 milltek exhaust have enough flow to achieve this power thanks lee
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