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  1. 2015 VWDRC Championship round date Round 1 Festival of Power 3-5 April - Santa Pod Round 2 Big Bang 24-26 April - Santa Pod Round 3 Spring Speed Nationals 2-4 May - Shakespeare County Raceway Round 4 Summer Nationals 27-28 June - Santa Pod Round 5 Bug Jam 17-19 July - Santa Pod Round 6 Open Sports Nationals 29-31 August - Shakespeare County Raceway Round 7 National Finals 19-20 September - Santa Pod I would love to see some of you guys coming along to cheer on the VR6oc racers or even having a go
  2. It's that time of year again, pre-season is coming up and there is still time for you to join us. What is the VWDRC? There are two classes in the VWDRC - Sportsman and Pro. Both are open to any vehicle that is either powered by a VAG-group engine or that is built around a VAG car/chassis. If your car is running quarter-mile times of 12.99 seconds or less then you are placed into the Pro class. What is bracket racing? Bracket Racing is a way of handicapping drag racing so that you don't need a super fast pro-race car or a huge wallet to win. Basically the competitor makes a series of practise p
  3. 'Twas a good day, bit quiet, not sure if show and glow caused a dent in punters, fingers crossed we will have a GTI festival to go to next year
  4. Well I did rubbish at keeping this up to date. Bug Jam has been and gone, Open Sports Nationals has been and gone, Ed Keech a fellow Vr6oc member won the APIRA Championship in VW Sportsman and now goes into this weekends event the National Finals in No.2 spot in the VWDRC Championship. There will be a group of VR6OC guys coming along to support and watch the action, more the merrier. We have got Ed Keech in title contention, Dave Lea in runner up spot contention, Jacob Bailey (R32 Jetta) has a fight on his hands consisting of James Hodson 20vt and Jordy (20vt) for the VW Pro Championship title
  5. Complety forget about this, I have 2 shifters in the garage, would you still be interesting in buying them
  6. You wait till next year one word.........Boba!
  7. Good to meet a few of you over the weekend, hopefully you all had a most awesome time
  8. Who's gonna be hitting the strip then?
  9. No, club stand just camping
  10. Action is coming up quickly and the racers names are mounting up, this is going to be one of the best shows ever with so many foreign racers coming over to put on a show for you, if your going to be anywhere on the weekend of the 29-31st of August, Santa pod is where you should be. 8 second 4wd R29 Twin turbo Golf - Don Octane 9 second 4wd R30 Golf - Ecko Fractal 10 second Aircooled Ghia - Piment Racer 9 Second 4wd Vr6 Turbo - Daniel Kad 9 Second Beetle - Low Lavaud 8 second R30 4wd Polo - Don Octane Thorsten Middendorf will be racing his FWD 20vt DSG mk1 PB of 9.007 There is no othe
  11. Plus I can badger you to race again
  12. Mike I hope your there also, Charlie and the guys will be there with the RWD caddy from last year, be good to see you guys racing each other again
  13. Vw Action is gonna be awesome this year, the lineup of cars we have for the Saturday night show is gonna be great. Last year 9.26 took No.1 spot, this year it's gonna be in the 8's. We have nearly all the VWDRC Pro cars going, Outlaw Flat fours, Renwagens and plenty of racers from Europe, including Don Octane with both his 8 second 4wd R30's, Ecko Fractal from France with his R30 mk2, some real hot Aircooled race cars and Wayne Allman with the Mental Breakdown Methanal pick-up truck amongst many other demo cars from the Drag racing world. Then if you fancy a go, there is VAG RWYB only during t
  14. Little Round report after Round 4 Summer Nationals (or quickly becoming known as rain nationals) Leading up to the weekend was sun sun sun, but looking at the forecast we knew it was gonna tight so this meant that every qualifier we got was gonna have to count. Sportsman leader Adrian London had his first bit of bad luck with the stand in passat, which involved a quick trip to the motor factors for a fuel pump, but he didn't let that spoil qualifying with a No.2 spot, Vr6oc racer Dave Lea took the No.1 spot with a 14.00 on a 13.95. Fellow club member Ed Keech couldn't keep the wining streak g
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