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Post your rolling road results here!!

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Right, I (and several others!) thought it would be a great idea to have a sticky thread for people's Rolling Road plots & figures after having mods done. A single point of reference for anyone who wants to know (roughly) how much extra power & torque they can expect from certain mods.

If you've recently had your car rolling roaded, feel free to brag about the results here!!

Be sure to include the following in your post:

- The maximum power in BHP (and at what RPM)

- The maximum Torque in lb-ft (and at what RPM)

- What engine you have! ( VR6 2.8 , VR6 2.9 , 2.8 24v etc)

- For 2.8 12v VR6 engines, whether yours is OBD1 or OBD2

- What car it's in (Golf mk2, Corrado, Golf mk3 etc)

- The approximate mileage on your engine

- What mods the car had on it (including remaps) at the time of the RR session.

- Whether any problems are suspected to have affacted the figures (e.g. overfuelling, misfire etc)

If you want to be really flash, post copies of the BHP & Torque plots too!

To do this, get them into JPG format (by scanning or photographing them) and host the images on an external hosting site (such as Photbucket http://www.photobucket.com ) and link to them from here, by simply pasting the image URLs into your post (do not use {img} tags as the plots will most likely exceed 500x375 in size).

If you have RR figures before and after a modification (or group of modifcations), so much the better!

Obviously, everyone should bear in mind that different engines can produce different figures with the same modifications. Lots of factors come into play, such as mileage, condition and that some engines just come out of the factory better than others...

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mine made 365.2bhp 302 tq mk3 vr6 rotrex c30 94  yesterday at stealth racing good job

I managed to get at the flywheel 188BHP 197lb ft from my 2.9 corrado, with only a pipercross filter (in the standard air box) and a miltek exhaust system, has done 105miles. very impressed with the t

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I will start with an example from my car in July 2006 form...


Golf mk3 cabriolet with 2.8 12v VR6 engine (OBD1), approx 90,000 miles.


Schrick 268 Cams

Corrado Throttle body

BMC CDA Air filter

Raceland 6-branch stainless exhaust manifold

Milltek cat-back stainless exhaust system.

Custom remap at Stealth Racing


Max Power: 203BHP @ 6004RPM

Max Torque: 179.6lb-ft @ 5687RPM


Power (before & after): http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a174/antera309/Nicks%20VR6%20Cabrio%20Project/Engine%20work%20Apr%2006/RR%20Plots/BHP.jpg

Torque (before & after): http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a174/antera309/Nicks%20VR6%20Cabrio%20Project/Engine%20work%20Apr%2006/RR%20Plots/Torque.jpg

Figures were expected to be slightly higher. Question marks over the cam timing.

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268 cams induction kit 6 branch empty pipe remap

175 lb ft @ 4500 ish (rpm) wheel figure

178 bhp @ 6200 ish (cant remember rpm tbh) again wheel figure

ps antera thats a weird torque graph mate 1st n/a vr iv seen that makes peak torque over 5.5k rpm what were the wheel figures?

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ps antera thats a weird torque graph mate 1st n/a vr iv seen that makes peak torque over 5.5k rpm what were the wheel figures?

It defies explanation. Even when I had the VW Motorsport VSR manifold on there, the car STILL made maxiumum torque above 5K, which is DEFINITELY not right. Vince says valve timing problem (intermediate shaft not timed). This is going to be verified once and for all next week...

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1997 Golf VR6 2.8

187.8 BHP @ 5772 RPM (corrected)

183.5 lb ft @ 4401 RPM (corrected)

Circa 118,000


Magnex cat back zaust

At the wheels figure of 155.7 BHP

power loss of 37.4 BHP

Gonna be going to Stealth soon for remap to take into account of schrick manifold now on

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1997 obd2

6 branch wrapped

268 cams (dont agree with the amount of boost)

red tops

straight through exhaust

5 ish bar fpr (modded 4 bar)

4 bar fuel pump

16v plugs

v9f running 12 psi pulley (juat about made 11 psi)

stealth map (with maf)

303 bhp @ 6200

267 lb ft @ 5200

both corrected fly 255 ish at the wheels

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Mk2 Golf AAA 2.8 OBD II from a 95 Passat estate, 160,000 miles. (stock map)

Dougherty racing 268° cams

Raceland manifold

Carbonio CAI

Jetex 2.5" system with no centre silencer

Remus de-cat pipe

Unorthodox racing alloy flywheel.

209.6 bhp @ 6150rpm

188.9 lb/ft @ 5243rpm

171 bhp atw

11/11/06 @ Stealth.

Power - http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i270/GVK34/vr6vs16vpower.jpg

Torque - http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i270/GVK34/vr6vs16vtorque.jpg

Vid - http://s74.photobucket.com/albums/i270/GVK34/?action=view&current=vr6power01.flv

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94 GOLF VR6 OBD1 2.9,105K MILES SC

spec; lightened/balanced 2.9,schrick vgi and 248s.stealth BVH,Aquamist, modified AMD/stealth throttle body,vortech v2 sq sc.-with 8.5psi pulley.

power-317.3 bhp @6339rpm


power at wheels-279.4bhp.

rr at stealth vr6oc 22.04.04

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I only have figures from my old S/C setup but hope to get figures for the turbo in the new year.

Vortech V9 Stage 2 8psi

Stock 2.9 engine


Water injection



Dyno'd at stealth Feb 06

Vortech V9 Stage 3 12psi

Stock 2.9 engine


Water injection

Schimmel short intake

120mph exceed in 4th so dyno stopped measuring at 317hp


Dyno'd at stealth August 06

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92 OBD1 Golf VR6, 140k

K&N with relocation pipe to behind headlight

174.4 BHP (137 @ wheels)

177 lb/ft

figures are @ the fly, measured at Surrey Rolling Road

Problems...Blocked CAT & valve stem oil seals need doing, was running rich too, around 12 on the AFR

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1995 Corrado Storm OBD1 2.9

281.4bhp @ 6014

260.9lbft @ 5168

Engine only 15k miles

V9f stage2 with 10psi pulley' date='vgi manifold,248s,Amd TB

Aquamist,milltek exhaust ,Stealth remap. More to come


NOW with schimmel SRI & charge cooler,12psi. remapped at stealth 329.9bhp@ 6271 / 276lbft@6175


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