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  1. Lizard Racing

  2. Mk2Vr6 Evolution II

    WOW, this will be such a buzz to drive, LOL, you are going to love it!!
  3. R32 into mk2

    BWS is R36, BLV is passat and BHK is Toureg. If you want a 3.6 engine let me know. Alex
  4. Yeah car runs fine thanks. Just running N/A for now which is a handful in itself. Might have more of an update in a month or so.
  5. Which VR6 Motor ?

    Have you looked at the 24 valve engines? 2.8, 3.2 and 3.6s. 280-290 hp with a standard R32 running Emerald or a 280-290hp 12v running 8 psi with either a turbo or supercharger. I know which one I would go for everytime. If you work out the costs involved going the turbo route properly to get the reliability its a no brainer.
  6. rough estimate for gearbox rebuild and fitting lsd

    Whats wrong with your box to need a rebuild? Shims, some bearings and syncros are dealer only. I would offer to do it but I need to build another one for myself first.
  7. No John its a Syncro, no need for Haldex as its still only N/A, amazing car though!

    Have you tried contacting the supplier to see if he will send you one?

    What brand is it?
  10. Turbo or Supercharger?

    How many of you have ever been out in a Rotrex charged car though?
  11. new cams?

    Are they for a N/A or boosted application?
  12. how difficult to convert 2wd to 4wd golf mk3 turbo

    Are you sure the syncro stuff will take the power/torque?
  13. help please with gearbox

    CCM (Golf VR6 02A) and CHN (Corrado VR6 02A) are the boxes to look out for. Alex
  14. Questions on compression ratio (CR)

    If you want to make a 12v engine bulletproof you need to spend a fair bit of money. I spent thousands on mine forged rods, pistons etc and the head gasket still let go twice at 25+psi. Have a look to see what you can buy a 3.2 engine for?
  15. Questions on compression ratio (CR)

    I hate to say it but 8.0:1 is just too low, 8.7:1 is as low as you want to go really.