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      Hello and welcome to The VR6 Owners Club community. If you are new to the forum we want you to feel welcome, please introduce yourself to our other members and wider community.

      Please post all photos and project diaries / build threads in our Members Rides Section.

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      Frequently Asked Questions that are common occurrences on this forum.


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      Post and view the best videos the interwebs has to offer with anything with 6 cylinders!

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      "It's nearly finished".... yeah right!

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      Feature Cars chosen by the club

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      Weather your into Drag Racing or Track, this is the place to be!

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      The major shows and Club Meets- for all of us to get together and party!

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      Help other VR6OC members by offering to relay parts to other members in the county and vise-versa.This is open to everyone, and must be FREE to all.

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    1. Engine Maintenance and Problems

      Engine Problems, Queries and help Everything involved with keeping your VR running

    2. Engine Tuning

      Schricks, Forced induction, chips, cams pulley- whatever - anything involved in making the VR6 faster!!

    3. Bodywork and Styling

      What looks good, How does it come off? How does it go back on? WARNING: Mentions of Ripspeed result in instant ban

    4. Wheels, Brakes, Suspension and Steering

      Coilovers or lowering springs? , 16 or 17" rims? Will they rub? And brakes - because nobody likes speeding fines.

    5. Transmission

      Clutch, Gearbox, Differential, Gears and Traction Control

    6. I.C.E, Security an Electrical

      Sounds systems, Alarms, anything electronic that isnt working - post it here

    7. Interior

      How to take the Golf VR6 interior to bits or anything else interior related :-)

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    1. The MK2

      Have you put the big 6 into a MK2? Need MK2 specific questions answered? Ask/find them here.

    2. Corrado

      The awesome, sleek and sexy 'raddo VR6 yum yum. Place your Corrado specific questions in here.

    3. Syncro, R32 and 4motion

      Own a V6 dub that puts its power down through all 4 wheels? Place all your 4WD specific questions here.

    4. Other

      Do you own a Passat, Sharan, Touran, or anything else VR6 powered. Place all your specific questions here.

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      Things you want - Post them in here. No point in asking for Kylie.

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      Rate good or bad sellers and buyers, and resolve disputes in here!

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      The VR6 Owners Club swap shop - do you have something you want to swap for something else? then here is where you need to be.

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      Any Website questions or suggestions?We value your opinion - we're nothing without you! :-)

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    • Why get a 4 bar fpr ?
    • Obd2 does slightly more power than an obd1 , it’s a newer better system that processes things faster . Hope this helps 
    • hi there I replaced my cts last year just pull it out when the system is cool and pop the new one in. I lost about 100ml of coolant just top it up with more coolant. it's easy as. 
    • Hi ShaunZ   Going to start from scratch so please dont be offended if this sounds over simplified.   The lights are on due to a fault detected. This will be stored in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). To access this there is a standard called On Board Diagnostics (OBD II as its the second iteration of the standard). There are plenty of ODB II adapters but the one you really want if you are going to have VW group cars (Audi, Skoda etc) is VagCom by Ross Tech   Basically you will need to get the car scanned for OBD Errors, specifically ABS and Air Bag, but it will scan everything.   ABS Sounds like someone had a go at the Sensors on the ABS and gave up. The sensors are basically Hall effect sensors that produce a signal when passed by a metal object. There is a disc with holes in it that does this for the sensor in the wheel hub area. Trouble is that there is rust, dust, salt and all manner of crud that gets in to these and they will eventually fail. They also tend to rest in place so removing them can be a pain. Think hammer and punch. A scan will tell you wants wrong and go from there.   Air Bag Air bags are dangerous. Dont and i mean Dont mess with them with the battery on. They are basically a small explosive charge in a bag to contain the gas that is produced. Its designed to inflate it quickly and have pressure inside the bag for a small period of time as your face and upper body, when restrained by the seatbelt, hits it. They are specialist bits of kit so if it dosnt work then I would recommend getting a qualified mechanic to fix it. That being said the Air Bag light will most likely stay lit until you clear the codes, so again, VagCom is you answer here.    Scan Car Save Results  Clear codes Scan Car again. Review results.   Some codes only return when necessary, some are on until the code is fixed. Ie ABS sensors wont give a signal when stationary so clear the codes and its going to have to move before it can check unless its shorting out or some other hard fault.    Remember these are safety systems so just going in and playing isnt something I would recommend, however there is a vast amount of info on the web on VagCom and VWs in general.   Disabling Airbags http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=152807 VagCom https://www.gendan.co.uk/vcds-v2.php   Im told that ABS fails safe and therefore you dont have a problem with braking just that it will lock the wheels and you will skid. Although I dont have that from a VW source.   Also You Tube is another great source - search Humble Mechanic, etc Plenty of things in there to help out owning your VW.   Good Luck and remember to update here so if you get it all fixed and someone else has the same problem then they see how its done.    D