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  1. Are they projectors in a standard headlight?
  2. I'm gonna put my name in for this. About time I displayed with the club for a change after all these years being a member! Mk3 24v turbo VR6 Retrimmed Recaro interior by MJ interiors Maybe Haldex'd by then but unlikely OZ Pegasus splits, Porsche wheels are gone
  3. No good I'm afraid. The piston sizes are too small. These will be no better than a conventional caliper on a 312mm disc. You need front calipers, part numbers 996 351 425 & 996 351 426. The middle number represents front or rear, 351 is front and 352 is rear.
  4. Bad advice mate, you can buy cheap discs that will crack... Personally I wouldn't be taking that chance.
  5. You can buy 334mm x 32mm EBC Turbo Groove discs for mk4 R32 from Euro Car Parts for under £150 with Club GTI discount. A fair bit heavier than standard discs but still a good disc.
  6. This is a brilliant weekend! We travel over every year for a super show with great people! Well worth the trip!
  7. I ain't got time to upload all the pics and write ups unfortunately
  8. There's a thread somewhere, not been updated in about 2 years though!
  9. Lol Richie, still a fair bit behind you! Cheers dude
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