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  1. A new Wuxi Holset would probably come to £500-550 or so, linked one in the "What turbo" thread is a 12cm too - only a few hundred more for a new Holset, what I would probably go for. You'd be surprised what you can fit in an old Rocco bay;
  2. Pretty cool vid showing the combustion process;
  3. I remember, did you take a pic of it on your drive one time? Last pic I saw of it I think - my fave/possibly 2nd fave car ever! Toss up; Or (with silver Azev A's crystal/red rear lights); EDIT: No, that Awesome GTI mk1 is officially my fave car of all time (alongside Aventador TT), I'd have it black with haldex and a 24vt though, need to pimp myself out to build one, so with the price of mk1 shells these days I'll be there in only 1/2 millennia!
  4. When you say switching itself off do you mean closes the throttle? That usually means running lean and is what the ecu does, can be various reasons though, MAF (HFM), dodgy injectors, fuel pump problem etc. If it's turning the electrics off then it's usually a short/wiring problem, could be wires or perhaps a loose battery shorting? VCDS/VAG COM is your friend though!
  5. Bought a few weeks ago from a friend as it was too good to pass up, has had loads of work done and was sat in the unit for months due to too many cars. I was thinking about a big turbo build on it but it's a good daily for someone and want a 6 cylinder for that - as such, sensible offers or would swap for a V6 4 motion. 51 reg 1M Leon Cupra AUQ 180hp 133k - 3 owners High end LPG system with switchable button 11 months MOT New brake lines, some sill welding and other bits done for MOT New discs and pads all round about 1k ago New k03s turbo CHRA around same time New flywheel and clutch at the same time New battery Elec windows, mirrors, sunroof, Audi darker dash 17" Audi alloy wheels BMC Induction kit BAD BITS: Cosmetic really, there's a bit of paint that seems to be coming off on near side rear (near the arch - will get a close up if need be) - about a few inches in size, looks like white speckle. Also the sill down that side was welded for the MOT (by one of the lads who's a pro welder) and only quickly tidied up as the car needed to leave the unit sharp ish due to space, doesn't bother me to be honest as I don't notice it but will add pic. Steering wheel is worn, one of the glove box arms is broken although it open and closes properly and the rear window wires don't do much save for one or two of them. Will be sporting a Stage 1 or 2 map at your request (195-230hp), although the stage 2 will need front mount and de cat to get the most - can get de cat and mid pipe done in mild for you for £120 max. I've upped the speed limiter and rev limit, proper dyno developed tunes and can add some bits like pops on over-run etc if need be. Manchester area and ideally want a V6 4 motion swapped for it if I can, no rush to sell but offers welcome.
  6. £200-250 Holset's are usually just 2nd hand, they can be hit or miss with how good they are, some are in need of a rebuild - budget £450-500 for a remanufactured one already done for you on the bay!
  7. It was Dubsport's I think, Ian Birch build back in the day, Awesome were probably still in Rawtenstall back then with their Peachy mk1 clipper kitted VR6 - God I love a clipper kitted mk1! It was around the time video's were made via potatoes too!
  8. Ian Birch built it didn't he when he used to own Dubsport? I grew up with Dubsport on one side and Awesome GTI on the other, used to see al their creations all the time, good inspiration when you got sick of projects! Last I heard about it was by a photographer who took some pics of it about 2 years ago.
  9. It's not really that to be honest - if you get dodgy injectors you could have fitment problems... fuel leak + hot engine = big expense! Linearisation problems over time means more tuning = more expense, one runs lean etc. You get a cheap wastegate and it put's too much boost through your set up and runs lean due to lack of fuel = big expense. Cheap turbo material spinning at tens of thousands of revs snaps off it's wheel and goes through your engine = big expense - that's the reasons people do it properly from the start really! If you're operating on a budget, then don't do too much on your engine first of all as I would be thinking it may be destroyed at any time, so nothing more than a spacer really or I'd usually plan for near a grand for a good refresh and strengthening of the engine. Injectors I wouldn't ever really skimp on to be honest, 2nd hand genuine from reputable seller at worst really, one of them leans out! - and wastegate's are for hot gasses so I would be wise there too as it could have a chain effect in destroying parts. You want to use a proper MAF as well as the cheap ones play up. So... I'd personally opt for a Holset HX35 12cm remanufactured for about £450, 38mm Turbosmart wastegate for £250 ish (or 2nd hand ones knock about from time to time) same for a 34mm Kompact recirc is a decent price at £120 ish and bigger than the 25mm ones, together with, (at least) genuine 2nd hand Bosch MAF and injectors (depending on your tuners parts used). So about a grand for that quality base to build around, then the misc items you mentioned - so £2k budget yet quality kit is easily achievable imo, then the big expense as you up the boost is engine and drive-train!
  10. Don't skimp on the wastegate, the cheap ones can have problems easily and are often set for high boost, don't get cheap knock off Bosch replica injectors either, same with the recirc valve - if you skimp on the air/fuel parts you're asking for trouble! Also don't bother with RS4 maf unless the tuner says so, there are different ways depending on what they do, so speak to your tuner before you do any air/fuel metering changes to see what parts they use otherwise you'll just be wasting money there as they'll either tell you to change to what they used for their tunes or further work in mapping and it sounds like you're on a budget. Have dealt with many ebay turbo users on the 4 cylinder cars and they tend to hold up well at lower boost (year/6000+ miles), I wouldn't put too much stress on cheap metal though, one bit of impeller going through the engine could destroy everything, so I wouldn't spend too much if doing anything ebay special kind of way but your air and fuel is everything in running!
  11. Updated it a bit and added some more links
  12. Oh and usually, from the US, it was price of item + postage x 20% vat and about 6% import duty - from EU there was none and hopefully HM Gov will not tax or cause import hold ups post Brexit seeing as Germany's 19% VAT is pretty much the same as our 20%.
  13. Links are in the "what turbo" thread, genuine Wuxi from China are still Holset's, cheapest place you can get them really, UK sellers do them but add on a profit obviously, the 2 ebay companies linked get the Holsets the most, remanufactured and just 2nd hand it seems. Turbo Zentrum is about the cheapest for the Super Pro's and do 14cm, so they're your best option outside of a scrap yard to be honest..... I've done my homework! ;-)
  14. They're usually twin scroll housings but single or twin will spool well, especially a 35 with 12cm housing, good for a quick spool <500hp build. Proper benefits from a twin scroll is the correct pulsing of the exhaust gas, so that the engines cycle/expelling of exhaust gas, works in harmony with the collectors and in essence, pushes the gas through without restrictions (laminar v turbulent flow/helmholtz resonance). A twin scroll manifold or set up that hasn't had this calculated will not benefit as much and could lead to some turbulent flow that can be a hindrance at, for example, low flow levels, more of a problem on a daily than a drag racer then! They are great turbo's though and you'll not really notice any real problems or differences in a lot of builds if you use a normal T3 open single manifold with a twin scroll turbine on the turbo though, vice versa you could get some turbulence problems as the single scroll turbine expels into a twin divided flange and the gas hits the divide.... in which case I may think about filing the divide down a bit to help negate this. If your absolutely chasing numbers then something to think about, twin scroll HX with open T3 manifold as what many set ups will be, I reckon you'll be fine, it'll still be a torque monster!
  15. Shouldn't do really, although some companies seem to use both, could also depend on any warpage/decking aspects or what comp ratio people are aiming for, for example.