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  1. RBPE

    Vr6 turbo

    Why use MSnS? You planning on tuning it yourself afterwards and don't want to use oem ecu? It's NA from stock so no boost controls and the speed density aspects are probably a little different than most are used to on aftermarket stuff on the Motronic (GGDSAS/EFGE).
  2. RBPE

    Vr6 turbo

    What do you want to know? Most aspects have been covered on the forum so have a look through beforehand then ask away on more specific things!
  3. The US seems to have catered for a lot - so good market there, ironic given the lack of good 24v 4wd options we EU/UK (as below) enjoy! But;; https://store.034motorsport.com/main-bearing-set-coated-vw-vr6.html https://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-Jetta_IV--VR6_12v/Engine/Mechanical/Connecting_Rod/Bearing/ Many EU/UK (cause we're not the same now ), ones can supply such parts (dying market) - but the money's in more modern models, few options either way in EU, or domestic VAG specialists will offer the same as EU re-sellers but it's more modern machines which pro's
  4. Follow the link I put up in the thread below, enter your model details and you'll see what parts are on your car;
  5. It's usually some high mileage hardware wear and tear stuff like you've mentioned - but did you have it remapped after upgrading the cams? I'd keep an eye on all the oil aspects on older vehicles, had dodgy oil pickups/blockages etc destroy engines, even forged ones! Did you do anything with the bottom end?
  6. Dodgy 02 read due to the leak by the sound of it - need to find and fix and code "should" go away. http://www.oemepc.com/vw/parts_lst/markt/RDW/modell/GOLF/year/2002/hg/1/catalog/vw/drive_standart/266/lang/e
  7. You can get a few hp with better airflow easily enough, ideally you want to tweak the tune any time you change either air or fuel although there are some good adaptations in the ecu's
  8. More air would mean it running leaner, could be a leak somewhere or adaptions going wild over-compensating - older mafs can hate turbulent air - need straight piping sometimes at maf.
  9. 1988 I started out in VAG tuning, internet wasn't even invented back then! 2008 was when I signed up here on a last profile, 2011 this one, there were a few years of lurking before then! What got me into VR's was a black mk2 12v on the cover of either PVW or Golf+ - was before the 1.8T came out so that long ago! Amazing to see how far the aftermarket scene has come and the level of tech info available compared to the 90's! The old skool stuff like mk1-3 are getting a bit thin on the ground now like you say, you couldn't give that stuff aw
  10. Holy thread resurrection Batman! Most of the ecu codes of the VAG 24v's just to add to this;
  11. There's a lot less interaction on the forums nowadays, not just this one - is everyone just facetubin' it nowadays or does that mean the mods have covered all technical Q's now? Just wondering what's changed in recent years?
  12. What routine are you following for bedding in? Apart from that the usual is to check the working of parts added for running, wiring etc, basically all sensors, lines and so on.
  13. RBPE


    No, all are welcome, just generally kept to VR related subjects. I'm sure lot's of people can help with anything, lot's of technical Q's already covered in many threads over the years if you have a search 1st.
  14. Not sure if it was the BDF from the thread link above but just dug out some locations for the US lot; Check the cw but looks okay; Main locations for the BBSAWE maps; Your rpm limits will generally show up as B0 68, of which there can be loads, look at the spacing between them to narrow it down in your hex editor or most should show up in these locations as there's not a massive amount of data stacking changes twin vvt to twin vvt files;
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