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  1. The definitive remapping thread

    What you can do on these or any ecu really, depends on how well, or not, your flashing tool interacts with the ecu plus what you use to read the data with. You can get tools that will not only give you the flash but also the mcu etc as well, even then the data within it could be off depending on what tools you are using to read/reverse it. Even if you use a normal tool and just get the usual data/eeprom for flashing like on most tools, then even then tools can vary on the data given, a point I was trying to get at in the BDE tuning thread - some tools you'll have rpm data there to change as you wish, some will cover it up so you don't change the rpm's accidentally or they'll shift things around for safety reasons. So it simply comes down to the tools you're using, their protocols/how they interact with the ecu, not all will just cross over all the data. Not only that but on later ones like ST10 you have immo in the mcu aspects and so on to think about when you flash, THEN it depends on how well your reversing/reading tools are too it seems!
  2. The definitive remapping thread

    I know what you are saying but even with the same letters there can be differences, not that they wouldn't cross flash although there can be problems there as mentioned, just that maps alone have differences. BT is coming up as a Porsche Cayenne ecu with some people touting it as Porsche and Toureg. As an example this is a Cayenne one against and VR6 24V one (032T v's 032BM) - you can see a very similar structure (green) but you can also see differences between maps due to all the reasons mentioned. Like I say, if you don't know how to modify this data it could have problems, best bet is to get as close to your model as possible if not the same one and take it from there! Best answer I can give you without looking at the ori reads directly and reversing them a bit.
  3. The definitive remapping thread

    All ME7.1.1. are 022906032 - the variances between them are; inlet only vvt, full inlet, 2 point exhaust vvt, 02 number variances and limiters and removals market depending, engine and cyl volume variances in the ecu, dsg v manual, hfm maps and the evolution of the c166 which I think has at least 3 variances (early c167, c167 evolution/hybrid and st10) and differences in protocols/immo aspects between c167's and st10's, so certain tools can work on early but not the later st10........ these are just some of the differences off the top of my head between the 022 906 032 only on VW/Audi 2.8's and 3.2's, let alone anything else that may use 022 906 032! You can have 2 identical letters like the mk5 CD here but they can have differences in them, this is usually market led and some tweaks to maps to suit if I remember right - Otherwise variances like CD v CE can be the same ecu's for the market but one is auto/dsg and one is manual. You can modify the data to suit if you know what you are doing like dsg/manual swaps like I showed Hummel below how to start doing it, but if not, I would try and get the exact same one or as close as possible in your market http://nefariousmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=15195.msg120364#msg120364 EDIT - Only read your post, just realised that I have already mentioned the differences above some time ago- either way, quite a few to note.
  4. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    You normally have to piece together these kinds of files using the mk4 R32 full definition files on there, you can do most of it easy enough, the above I only took a few minutes to do as there's no point me doing BDF stuff over here, so look at my posts on Nef and you'll find all you need to put together a full definition file on these....... or at least more than any other place on the net at least! E.G. I did them quickly just to help this guy, above are just direct links for the files in that post; http://nefariousmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?action=printpage;topic=10385.0
  5. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    Overview of your 24v ecu folks, all VR6 24V/R32 are ME7.1.1., called 022906032 (x/xx), apart from mk4 12V US models (M.E.7.1.) - not much info about on me7.1.1. as it's a hybrid evolution of ME7 and MED7/9.... trust me after 10 years but this is the overview from VW.... http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_249.pdf
  6. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    I uploaded my Nef stuff to the post above to save time, may as well give it you from source instead of jumpin through hoops and signing up, it should all help I hope, I'll do tons more when I have time!
  7. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    BDF below https://app.box.com/s/dndxhhf9mfs8upe7epvegl2g3s1gn0n0 https://app.box.com/s/vz2495jhri0z5dtd6bag6lwe7l9xqh0t https://app.box.com/s/amhav11oyh0rj10vcpooksper8q2fl6w https://app.box.com/s/qs7ql9ot3p27yg5yl5eulk7zgp7571st
  8. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    Nope, well maybe, if you're in the US then you're better signing up on Nefmoto and getting files from this thread and I don't do BDF generally being in the UK, but it's not massively different, just some 02 and stuff, a few things here for you dude, you need to sign up and post a few comments to see them etc then you've got plenty to put together to build your ecu!!!!! EDIT: We'll do it through OC aspects below!! Enjoy BDF'ers! I don't do much for BDF being none Euro but same things, let's see what we can do! Nef link - http://nefariousmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=10385.msg97338#msg97338
  9. Big Dub

    I'm feeling nostalgic and missing the 90's so a few more pics of their creations..... Awesome's G60 mk1 which had a double feature in Max Power with the peachy mk1 which made me love the mk1. Speaking of Max Power, remember this? Ah, those were the days!
  10. 2.8 VR6 24v VF engineering stage 2 power numbers?

    "I did several runs that day, best one was 302whp and 232wtq, and the worst one was low 280ish whp." is what this guy said; EDIT - He says 5.5psi of boost on the run which seems low for a stage2?
  11. Advice on mk4 vr6 engine into a mk3

    There should be plenty of info in terms of parts/hybrid/hardware etc on a quick search, been years since I've done conversions myself, but for example; Main thing is the sheer differences between the mk3 and 4 set ups in terms of the old Motronic 2/3 v's the ME7.1.1. - quick list off the top of my head; obvious wiring and coding out of bits like airbags, cluster, SAI etc depending on what you use/how you go about it, 02A 5 spped box v's 02M 6 speed, then there's the mk4 being fly-by-wire so you'll need pedal box as you've not got the cable of the mk3 if using the mk4 ecu and obviously need to use the mk4 TB to suit, wb02 and cats etc, depends on how many parts you use and who can do the coding really, quite a few differences in that respect.
  12. ID's are good injectors, just the times on the 1000's are a fair bit higher, 725's much better. Most just go with Bosch one's, people have had linearisation problems with Siemens
  13. 1200+ hp, 9500rpm's

    .... from a fairly stock R32 head with just cams and springs, those crazy German's are creating some beasts! As he doesn't seem to get many views compared to some on the tube I thought I'd help bump it up, plus you lot like a bit of VR porn! A couple of oldies but goodies; I think the chase cars about 400hp! The website on the car; https://www.turboimpression.de/ueber-den-zulieferer-6?lang=en
  14. Some tasteful mods there, I like! Clutch options would generally be something like a single mass conversion from Sachs or similar from someone like a US company, Clutchmasters etc, generally about a grand or so with more chatter but good pedal feel, you'd be limited to about 450lb/ft of torque with something like that usually though. If not a daily you could prob use a 4/6 paddle grabby one which tend to hold a little over 500lb/ft depending on make, the US companies do some good variations of them. Ultimate high power daily you'd be looking at a high tq multi disc one for a good couple of grand - all depends on your use, budget and what your left leg enjoys!! You could always stick a DSG box on! In terms of software and the build, on OEM you'll need it code patched to single 02 with that exhaust manifold to stop the trims going out as you'll not be using the two probes like if you had an HPA exhaust manifold or tubular with bosses. On stock ecu you may struggle with 1000cc inectors for dead times but ID are very fast so depends on the times without looking at them, most I've done on oem will use Bosch 550 or 750's and I'll change it to a 4 bar base pressure set up for more headway. If you go standalone, a lot of the Germans use KMS on theirs for big power and it's not overly expensive in terms of standalone, or your local tuners may use their own standalones and/or simply depends on who you get to tune it. Some well known companies have their own oem ecu set ups and so builds can often centre around the tune and this also dictates your injectors too usually so best to concentrate on that area first I would say.
  15. Golf mk4 2.8 v6 4motion turbo to 300bhp

    300hp is very, very low boost, 10-12psi only would net you in-between 350-400hp depending on efficiency! You could run stock comp for 300hp+ but for longevity's sake try and replace as many nuts/bolts etc as you can if adding a de-comp plate and of course add an intercooler for the charge. Injectors would generally be dictated by what tune you are running, try and stick with Bosch if you can, 550's are popular but again, depends on the tune usually. As for turbo, a good HX35 with 11-13cm turbine housing would be a good choice or maybe something from one of the JDM type of companies.... eg's; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Holset-HX35-pro-Twin-Scroll-12-cm2-with-T3-housing-550-Hp-Turbocharger/302711176971?epid=573825696&hash=item467afdff0b:g:z6MAAOSw~AVYqwjC:rk:7:pf:0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kinugawa-Ball-Bearing-Turbo-3-GTX3076R-w-73-T3-V-Band-For-NISSAN-RB20-RB25DET/253621871266?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140122125356%26meid%3D03799c529f134349b4da8c33110e9f3a%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D9%26sd%3D263824377313%26itm%3D253621871266&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kinugawa-Ball-Bearing-Turbo-4-GTX3076R-AR-82-T3-Internal-Wastegate-Swing-Valve/253621812504?epid=23017064854&hash=item3b0d09bd18:g:y70AAOSws4JW8Q3~:rk:14:pf:0 Don't forget to check fitment for your exhaust manifold, spool on the turbine side AR, budget internal v external wastegate etc if on a budget.