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  1. My first car

    Coming on nicely. Is that one of those £4-500 ball bearing ebay turbo's? Was looking at a supplier of those website the other day, wondered what they'd be like.
  2. 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion

    HX40 are 70lb/min compressors, turbine housing's vary from 14 to 20+ cm£ on them. 14cm will be best for lower hp <500hp or so, then 16/17cm ones will do for 550hp+. I can get brand new Wuxi ones for around the same price as the Compressor Racing ones so never a need to pay more than £400-500 for a new HX35 or 40. Cast or forged won't make that much difference on the crank, if any! in terms of reliability as they are all the same material, it's not like they upgraded the material like aftermarket parts so negligible gains to be had. I'm helping a guy on here DIY tune his mk5 using a 24v crank for R30, will see how they hold up - 8.7:1 compression it gave;
  3. 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion

    I think the BWS range use the EFR compressors don't they, or I think at least the newer SX-E models do and the older ones are same/similar but have some variation in inducer sizes and different shape wheels. I think the 300 range are probably more suited for daily's and are akin to the GT35R/EFR8374 sizes and the 400's are EFR9180/GT40/42 sizes so are a bit big for lower hp...but, depends where you want the boost, planned future mods etc I suppose. 4 bar of boost anyone?! https://www.full-race.com/store/garage-sale/borgwarner-s400sxe-9687-72mm/
  4. V5 to v6

    Error code on the link?
  5. The future of brakes?

    You have to admit, some exciting new developments coming with these new manufacturing processes! http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/a15840339/bugatti-can-now-3d-print-this-gorgeous-brake-caliper-from-titanium/?src=socialflowFBRAT
  6. megasquirt 1 v3

    xdf files here too for other 12v to map in Tunerpro too; http://www.tunerpro.net/downloadBinDefs.htm#VW (Load the bin then the xdf in Tunerpro - bins link there too) Should look like that;
  7. megasquirt 1 v3

    They're all MAF based so you have to compensate a fair bit, MS/MAP sensor likely far easier for you tbh, you could practice on that and/or below though I suppose or even do some tweaks on oem NA set up dep on if/how easy people can flash them..the later ones can be done easier over OBD with some tools than early ones (M2/3 evolved on the 12V before ME7 so not sure of which codes/tools mix but some info on Nefmoto etc and look at those who do things like the AGU engines on old M3 systems like the link). Ecuconnections do a fair bit with the older Motronic systems too. Just another option there for people to tune them that's all. Can take years to do a good Motronic NA to FI tune though, even Motronic specialists often request tunes for these things if they don't have plenty of time or buy what's available through their tools/re-seller tune files.
  8. megasquirt 1 v3

    It's the ecu from a Motronic 3.8 VR6 12V for use in winols (demo) or to make your own tune file xdf in Tunerpro. These files can be found online or in packs you can buy, but I would never trust anything other than making my own. It has LDR (boost control) maps in it so it looks like a turbo file but I have never used it nor looked into the validity of how such data has been added to the binary. You can make a fairly basic map pack from it to tune your own similar ecu though even if it's naturally aspirated - i.e. looking at the more major ignition/injection maps for example and make an xdf file from the maps data that comes up in winols demo.
  9. Stock/Turbo Manifolds

    Also interested in 20vt stuff too - pm if req'd.
  10. Stock/Turbo Manifolds

    Depends what they go for really, quality of welds, wall thickness etc - always interested in options, we have welders but they work in other industries so it can be hard to get them to fab us up something like a mani and sometimes go the usual cast route. I'm making up some good quality Holset based turbo kits and DIY tunes at the moment (mk4/5 24v really) and was thinking about using the inconel CTS manifold due to wg placement and air filter locations. A full stainless would obv be a lot but what about something coming off the stock cast manifolds, also dp's with single and dual 02 placements? i.e.; What we talking in 304 and 316?
  11. The usual over and undersquare engine variances really that's all, all these engines are designed as low revving torque monsters like most VAG engines. You can make 600+hp on any of them really, read the description of this for example, not sure of the hp but the times would suggest a fair amount, likely 700+ as stock on a 12v, other engines pretty much similar in terms of durability; Generally on oem bore/stroke peak hp is around the oem 6800rpm limit, even 1000hp ones with an 8500rpm limit have peak power at 6800rpm due to the fundamental dynamics from what I've seen, so no need for high revs for power, just gears. Bigger ports etc in R32 would ultimately flow more, same with porting/polishing/big valves etc but as said, a lot is in tuning and working out where you want power, even big ports can affect low end for the top... so 600+ is achievable on any, you want more low end, displacement increase, can affect max revs obv given over/undersquare changes, but where's the spool on your turbo, what power band are you happy with and so on? That vid you would think they're not too bothered about low end then for drag so no need to run low end keeping it in high revs and boost, unless he uses it daily in which case turning down the boost would help at the low end and spool......lot's to weigh up! Best bet would be to look at the logs/dyno plots of any and their respective set ups, plenty about on net and here in places. Also, if new to VR's, think low revving torque monsters & learn how to change gear faster! 7500rpm/1000hp/stock 02M example;
  12. Ebay Turbo Kit?

    2013 post! He was on about 300lb/ft of torque on the clutch I think, you can do 320-350ish lb/ft on stock generally...for how long though, who knows but general stress points! I'd be interested in seeing how the cast parts like the exh mani on these cheap kits are nowadays.... 4 years since those posts, must have improved surely?
  13. Have you checked the wiring itself? Any part additions or remap on it?
  14. Donor car advice

    Best would be V6 4 Motion as it has everything you need; is cheap, getting a donor under a grand, it has a good ME7 ecu which is easier to tune than the older stuff with chip removals, more info on tuning on the web etc. Lots of welding but I presume you know that!? Immo off is probably the easiest thing to do with the ecu but it's not too difficult if you know what to do, they are central torque ecu's on V6 (ME7.1.1.) so use the pedal box, use injectors/engine etc - as much of loom as you can, maf - those 3 are the main points you need to run right really, maf/inject/pedal - some wiring/loom changes with such conversions, coding out using those bases is easy compared to piddling about with an old 12v ecu, plus, mk3's are going for decent amounts or are more limited in number!
  15. Not going after capitali

    Manual to Automatic change?