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  1. Ah okay....I'm not sure what this "fix" patch is like but it sounds like it has the single o2 patch. However, the hpa stuff tends to be very much air based and so would need quite a few mods or just a complete remap really! Anything like different inlet manifolds/with or without the change over function, maf sizing, even the injector flows are scaled to the relative air mass and as such, I'd assume every remap would need to take these all into account really. You ideally need to talk to UM and find out if the "fix" corresponds to your parts etc. Anything like a miss-matched sized maf/hfm
  2. The maps not had a single o2 patch on it by the sound of it, much like HPA's ones, hence why the pre-cat bosses are in the exhaust mani. The ecu often gets confused by the readings and tries to compensate through learning, eventually leading to severe drift. FI maps on these can be quite different, if you're not using the turbo kit and fuelling/map that was developed with the kit then you need someone whose dealt with them before to retune it or modify it. I know Stealth have dealt with retuning these at times and ive done a few but no longer work in cars atm. So they're your best bet but
  3. No worries, I intend to build up my own correct full defs anyway as I'm deleting loads of old files, I'll just add bits and bobs when I can, will try and dig out a few maps for other such V6's as well.... so here's a couple of screen shots of some BDF locations, I think it is just an 032DM file someone's stuck up on Nefmoto - should be similar to other BDF's - your speed maps are of a similar location to BDE but some are different values if I remember correctly. Don't have time to reverse a US one, sorry. You may want to make a copy of the screenshots as I may delete the pic file i
  4. UPDATE: Sorry I've not posted anything, been out of the car game for a while now. Tunerpro was buggy for me and I don't need to use it so I didn't piddle about much with it.... but I'm patching together a big, correct BDE def so I've got one to hand and I'll put up pertinent info as and when I can. The 032CN file on the net is quite good for picking things out but it can be a bit off - like the ME7.5 20vt lot, you'll get incorrect defs and all sorts which is why it takes time to make sure it's right, plenty of reversing etc. *** I'm using the file I requeste
  5. Glad there's still some old skool lot around! Can't beat the v6 4 mo or A3 3.2 really, high equipment spec, comfy, grip and an engine that sounds good from the off, let alone if you turbo it with a 'zorst! Might have to delete that statement as others will be let into the secret and prices will go up!
  6. RBPE


    To delete
  7. Actually sorry - to clarify - this was in relation to the W8 using ME7.1.1. not even looked at the W12 tbh, was thinking W8, but if it's ME7.1.1. too then above applies. If not, then technically it still applies anyway as it's just configuring what sensors/inputs/outputs - same as any project really in that respect! Easy way to think of it - look at the ME7.1.1./W8 SSP in the link - it mentions some differences to the R32 ones in there/part changes etc. Also, other easy way to think of it is - if you de-cat, then the reading the ecu gets will not be oem due to the expected changes
  8. I did help! Told you the easy way to do it but you seem intent on over-spending! 😉 Get donor car - use ALL or AS MUCH as possible in - ecu's/wiring/sensors/clocks - basically the electrical bits - configure as required (any half competent Motronic specialist if you're using the oem stuff) - done! They use a lot of the same parts in terms of inputs (sensors), it's just the dual bank/master-slave engine and ecu config - nigh on impossible or far too expensive as it'll have to be custom written/sniffed lines etc - all negated if you are using a donor and associated parts really.
  9. Is the car running okay? Generally replace any sensors with codes but if theres too much current drop & a few problems at once like this, I'd get a multimeter & check the wiring/relay/currents before anything else for what they cost.
  10. Welcome, reply's are getting thin on the ground on forums nowadays, everyones facetubing it, but tons of info on here to read through. Good to have some vw techs onboard too!
  11. Lot of money for a burble sound! You could at least refresh head parts if well used but mapping needed and so on, hundreds at least. Get a cheap (but latest me7.1.1 compatible) clone ecu reader, read your ecu, plenty of defs on nefmoto (may need to post a few times to see them though), BDE maps should be around here for soft coding; http://nefariousmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=17018.msg131846#msg131846 Theres other threads on hard coding, me7 very similar- so £50 outlay you can have it popping how you want with a bit of graft without the need for ex
  12. 12 injectors not 6 so you'd need to go through all the output system (ESKONF) there, any displacement/ cylinder differences inc airmass calcs for fuel...plus it runs a master/slave system for the other bank so you'd have so much to do there on sniffing lines so that everythings talking to one another properly....and so on. Crash damaged w12, can use most/all ecu/wiring parts but immo off will prob be same as any other me7.1.1., speak to a tuner that is a winols customer and buy a def file off them for a few hundred quid and then build your own tunerpro file to tune then log with v
  13. RBPE

    Vr6 turbo

    Why use MSnS? You planning on tuning it yourself afterwards and don't want to use oem ecu? It's NA from stock so no boost controls and the speed density aspects are probably a little different than most are used to on aftermarket stuff on the Motronic (GGDSAS/EFGE).
  14. RBPE

    Vr6 turbo

    What do you want to know? Most aspects have been covered on the forum so have a look through beforehand then ask away on more specific things!
  15. The US seems to have catered for a lot - so good market there, ironic given the lack of good 24v 4wd options we EU/UK (as below) enjoy! But;; https://store.034motorsport.com/main-bearing-set-coated-vw-vr6.html https://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-Jetta_IV--VR6_12v/Engine/Mechanical/Connecting_Rod/Bearing/ Many EU/UK (cause we're not the same now ), ones can supply such parts (dying market) - but the money's in more modern models, few options either way in EU, or domestic VAG specialists will offer the same as EU re-sellers but it's more modern machines which pro's
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