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  1. Yes a whole load of it. Will dig it out later and add a few more pictures. Think I've got the original receipt also
  2. Yes a whole load of it. Will dig it out later and add a few more pictures. Think I've got the original receipt also
  3. Current MOT till July and taxes and insured also
  4. Golf MK3 VR6 1997 £1300ono 135,000 miles This car is excellent condition and not your usual rotten mk3 golf. Chassis is in excellent condition and has been treated with waxyoil and any small rust spots have been treated and coated. Car currently has the following modifications: BMC intake PCV valve removal and breather filter fitted Charcoal canister removed Air con has been removed 3” Manifold back C2 motorsports exhaust Coilovers (On the car when purchased believed to be eBay specials) Eibach front and rear anti roll bars (Front bar not currently fitted) 15” Comp motive alloys with To
  5. Where are you based I have all my black interior for sale from my car
  6. spacer plate just lowers compression to be able to safely run boost. Won't add any horsepower. Would normally reduce Hp and make the car a little more sluggish
  7. That thread should be a sticky used to be anyway. Has all the info needed for a cheap and cheerful setup
  8. I've got one you can have for £15 would need collecting from Portsmouth though.
  9. spadam

    Im Back

    I'm back again Just picked up a tidy Mk3 VR6 on Friday evening This time round its not my daily driver and will be used for trackdays Car will be getting stripped and all mechanical parts replaced refurbished where necessary. There will be a load of interior parts for sale which are all black plastic highline parts, along with heated leather seats, black carpets etc. Will be the weekend toy which is sat in the garage awaiting me to start work. Will post up pictures once I've gotten round to taking some. Cheers
  10. 4motion and R32 racks are different only the R32 has the quick rack. Has less turns lock to lock
  11. Also check your your tracking. This can make a huge diffrence. On friday all jake could get out of nee naw was 13.5 sec run after we fitted the coilovers which was crap. We then lowered the tyres pressures from 15psi to 9psi and adjust camber to slightly positive and he got the times down to consistent low 12s 12.05 and 11.6 sec runs
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