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  1. I'd come with a car just to bring numbers up depending on the date
  2. Hi got this beauty for sale lol It was a wicked car specially on fuel but this is the outcome of a hit and run and I'm not loosing my no claims bonus, plus just had a baby boy last week so money tied up Inside it's all standard S spec It has nearly 130k! But full service history and around 10months MOT. Could do with rear pads doing No knocks or bangs drove straight as a die 1 previous owner Other bad point is the gearbox bearings are a bit noisy but worked well I've managed nearly 500miles on a tank, half was 70mph on motorway Can iMessage or WhatsApp more pictures if you like S
  3. Immobiliser was taken off when I had the map done Got the new ecu tried and it's firing up now but new ecu needs immobiliser taking off So ecu was at fault
  4. Hopefully this gets the rust bucket started once I've had the chip swapped over
  5. If you have the later bde (double check engine code iirc making it easyer) you can use a head off a R32 with custom arp stud and nuts I can't remember exactly what else is needed Just that the r32 head has larger ports from factory You can use the r32 inlet which I'm lead to believe is better than the 4mo one? Then I'd use someone like guy Croft for the head work
  6. hopefully she don't burn it out before I move it then lol
  7. Well do I sell the car or get it moved and work on it if I ever get the chance? at moment it's outside my old house and the ex Mrs seems to add a new scratch every time I pick the kids up i will have the rotrex bracket coming soon too so don't know
  8. Sad times but before the ex Mrs gets it crushed lol i don't have the time to take it to my dads up north so it can be bought reasonably priced
  9. New crank sensor from gsf and still no joy not had time to dig deeper yet
  10. Need a working crank sensor to try I'm in Northampton but in Hackney London pretty often
  11. I just made the mistake of thinking the black wire was Earth lol I was thinking of getting a uprated pump but I've been told by a few that you need to keep at least 1/4 tank fuel others wise there is a chance of the pump running dry??? Just spoke to glenco and they will have a direct replacement available in a couple of months Also found this http://fuelperformance.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1751
  12. Put direct live on the fuel pump And that's working now Now I've charged the battery, put a direct live to the fuel pump and cranked it over with no joy Taken a plug out and it was dry Checked for a spark and only get one at first turn of key, I held it turning over to make a few revolution and no spark besides one at first turn so will have to try a crank sensor See how that goes
  13. Just tested relay and that's clicking when tested with 12v out of the car Plugged it back in and turned key and can't feel it click, Could it be the ignition switch?? What activates the fuel pump relay? I'm going to try put a direct live to the pump once I'v got some new clips for fuel lines
  14. Last night had a quick check and no power to fuel pump so I'm not back there till next week so hopefully can get it started and moved up north
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