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  1. Supersprint Full Stainless & Decat

    It was a good one! Ended up splitting it in the end. I still have the back box if anyone's interested? £35 takes it.
  2. FOR SALE: Supersprint single box stainless 2.25" full system complete with decat. Removed from my charged MK3 VR, sounds great. £150 Located in Northants, NN14, collection only. I'm not on here loads so better to call if interested. 07514 805367 - Ed
  3. VR6OC Sponsored Drag Cars

    Top? Next round is on the 25th. Just changed the belt on my charger too!
  4. VWDRC 2016

    The new season is here and only a couple of weeks until the first round Festival of Power @ Santa Pod. Keep an eye out as we have more VR6's that ever this year, with 12v/24v/R32/R30 Turbo/Supercharged/NASP/Nitrous Golfs/Jettas and even a VR New Shape Beetle likely running anything down to 9 second. I'll try to keep this thread up to date with some timings and pics for your enjoyment! Ed - VWSP27 https://www.facebook.com/caseracinguk
  5. v9 supercharger re-build

    Pretty sure i phoned them when i rang round everyone. Worth a try in case i missed them though.
  6. v9 supercharger re-build

    The trick is finding someone to install the parts.
  7. v9 supercharger re-build

    NS tuning is the uk dealer for Vortech. But they just ship it back to the states. Expect a £500 bill. I phoned round everywhere no one was interested.
  8. If the cable hasn't broke you could just take the handle off inside the car and pull the cable with a pair of pliers/grips
  9. Fat Golf!

    Can cut the Inner bumper irons down, cut the rear doors (if it has them) and tailgate down to no more than a skin and fasten them with dzus fasteners or similar? Obviously a cage will help keep things rigid with everything else removed.
  10. VWDRC 2015

    Round 1 Done, was going well till I red lit in round 1 lol. Feeling like i can be really competitive for the rest of the season now though! Proud to be flying the VR6OC flag with Dave! Check out http://www.facebook.co.uk/caseracinguk for photos from the first outing this year. Obviously check out http://www.vwdrc.com for points standings or even better if you fancy getting involved and http://www.facebook.co.uk/vwdrc for regular updates and pics. Big bang is next in a couple of weeks, should see lots of track time and hopefully some PB's!
  11. 1/4 mile times

    Well started the new season with lots of weight gone, and a solid front mount but on worse tyres than what my previous PB was set with I managed a 14.16 @ 99.9. Definitely a 13 in it, certainly when (or if) my Peloquin diff finally arrives!
  12. Fat Golf!

    Is it a road car too? Do you have a cage? I've cut the door skins out, removed everything pretty much that's not a drivers seat, removed all the sound deadending (fun job) and gone lexan windows. Cutting the spare wheel well out and replacing with a ally sheet is supposed to be good for 20kg too which is on my to do list. Depends how far you want to go with it. Obviously you can always look at carbon parts too. HTH
  13. Organising Regional / Local Meets

    Gti festival in Northants soon.
  14. Decent body shop

    No probs, Bruce knows his vws too. Check out his Fb page https://www.facebook.com/pages/WRP-Paint-Restoration/190229731014718 if you wanna see some of his work.
  15. Decent body shop

    WRP paint and restoration in Rushden mate. Great work there, Bruce is a top guy too.