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  1. Good man @Philly-R6 its a brilliant show! Ill add you to the list. Cheers pete
  2. What shows?

    What shows are people interested in supporting the club with this year? I will be running with a few myself. VWNW - Tatton Park GTI Festival - Santapod Is there enough interest for a Rolling Road day later in the year?
  3. test

  4. SSL cert expired

    renewed apologies for that !
  5. SSL cert expired

    Cheers. Our provider is on the case [emoji1303]
  6. Charged vr6 clutch

    I bedded my clutch in when it was N/A so didn't have that problem But yes you need get a good few miles on it before you give it a good blast .
  7. Dont know how to post.

    Hi @mk4 gti golf 2.8 If you click the "community" tab at the top where the menu's are, you can find the classifieds section along with the other sections to ask questions. Let me know if you still struggle? ! Cheers Pete
  8. For reference a good reading is 170 psi on a freshly built engine so seems to be very low across the board with your engine
  9. If goes up on wet test, then I would say more than likely worn rings. What mileage is the engine on?
  10. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Got my VR6 running after replacing belt, ABS sensor and sorted a blow on exhaust ! good result, running sweet again now and gave the old girl a good clean!
  11. Anyone interested in this?
  12. Mk1 Caddy VR6 Rev counter

    Give the company an email to confirm if it works ok with older dials? cant see why not though !
  13. Have you had chance replace the sensor yet?
  14. Charged vr6 clutch

    I run a Valeo clutch, few people rate them better than sachs Supercharged VR6 @ 294BHP and do take it down strip now and then, has held up fine so far !