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  1. Another 3 passes have gone out today. Only 2 more left!
  2. @bobwilliams2310 Photo's of his Mk5 R32
  3. sure - yes email to pete@vr6oc.com and I'll upload for you mate
  4. I'm sure @John-Joe85 will confirm back RE date. Do you have any photos you can upload ?
  5. first 3 passes posted out ! Updated original post.
  6. Evening, You guys either attended or were interested in the club stand last year, we have spaces available on first come first served basis. if you want to join us then please PM me your address details and I'll get a pass posted out this week. @Marneus @vdubhead @vr6dave @Forthew1ngs @tinny22 @mad-dan @ingham @ASHP89 @loopymartin @Dave_ciw Cheers Pete
  7. @bradwhalley, PM me your address mate [emoji1303][emoji85]
  8. Morning guys, Latest version of magazine going to press today, John will be in touch after that (Soon).
  9. Hey guys. The organiser of this should have been in touch. I have emailed them for an update [emoji1303]
  10. Hi @Philly-R6 - Are you still doing this even? If so, please PM address so I can send on the club stand pass.
  11. @mistline can you please PM me your address so I can post out a pass?
  12. Come on guys. Where are you all?
  13. Improving performance and power. Best place to start.

    or Message @besters on here who makes Shirt Shifters for the Golf and Corrado at half the price.