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  1. Not with your nose, an actual tester. Fluid will change colour if it picks up co2 in coolant.
  2. There's only one way of to determine if head gasket has gone by performing a sniffer test. You may get gunk on oil cap is not running many miles (condensation) and genuinely could be loosing coolant at many points within the system. Highly recommend stealth racing if you can get it to there [emoji3]
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  5. I remember the car. Saw it a couple times in the flesh so to speak but not sure where it is these days.
  6. looks good mate I Love that "Prisma" app - its great fun!
  7. This will look awesome sitting in the engine bay. Rarely do you see many 'rocco conversions. I imagine the engine will sit quite low due to the cheese wedge shape of the front end?
  8. some good info there @RBPE
  9. Yes I would say relay as well. unless it is known working then assume could also be faulty - has happened to me before with other parts.... also check it is the right relay number.
  10. Are you after the hard lines or the rubber lines that connect the hard lines to the fuel rail?
  11. Timing Chains and clutch Also check rear diff and run through VCDS to ensure no reoccurring DTC's
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  13. We are interested in hearing your views ! It has been a while since we collected some of your thoughts and we have had hundreds of new members! Lets be hearing you
  14. It's part of the bush. Cut them out, use heat. What ever it takes [emoji85][emoji85] Would recommend going powerflex. Some for sale on forum; Powerflex bushes https://www.vr6oc.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49637-Powerflex-bushes You can make up a jig to install easily enough to pull them through. Use lots of lube.