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  1. Post the last photo of your car!

    Nice that old chap. Love the twin headlights on the mk3
  2. Hi all, I'm back [emoji23]

    Also looks like mikes old mk3?
  3. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Think we may need someone step up help organise this, personal lives taking over at the moment [emoji85][emoji85]
  4. Rolling Road Day 2017

    I think the problem here is that there is no date yet. Its hard for people to commit / plan without it. We've never had an unsuccessful rolling road day and always hit the required minimum numbers. Carl, just book a day a month from now and promote the event here and Facebook and other usual places.
  5. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Has a date been confirmed for this ?
  6. Awesome photos guys. Looked a good weekend and great turn out
  7. How did you all get on?
  8. Vw festival ticket

    @VR6CABBS can you please sort a pass please
  9. Please use the Mereheath lane entrance and ensure your pass is on display clearly. Gates open from 7am onwards [emoji1303][emoji1303]
  10. Please be at the club stand for 9am chaps. See you then [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303]
  11. Story of your left moving all those cars to get yours lol
  12. It's a nice day today. Time to start cleaning the car! Everyone looking forward to tomorrow? Can't wait catch up with you guys!
  13. Digital Dash - RealDash

    Think @Poriordan has done this in his VRT.