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  1. So I'm trying to illuminate the needles on the ddi dials that I've got, and I'm wanting to use a uv led to light up the needles that I'll be painting orange. will these work? https://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/led-vehicle-replacement-bulbs/filter/Cross_Reference_Number,B8.3D,21,4332:Color,UV,136,4644: These should slot straight into where the original cluster bulbs go, and provide enough light. If these won't, what are my options with the led lighting? Can't seem to find pre wired uv led lights anywhere in the uk Cheers Chris
  2. mine looks good, just need to get it fitted
  3. It just so happens I may have sourced a supercharger kit too Cannae wait
  4. Sorry man. Im definitely still interested
  5. so the noise is well and truly under my skin after having a Corrado VR6 last year, i sold my fabia and sorted out some funds, and found this car amongst the many websites I was looking through. It has an excellent spec, Mulberry highline, Stainless exhaust, everything works, it's a very late S-reg, and most importantly, the bodywork is excellent for it's age (especially a mk3), only some light rust on the inside of the arches. engine is also practically new, with all this work at 100k, and i've just taken it through 108k - Timing chain, tensioner & guides changed - Water pump - Thermo
  6. well the running problem is all sorted took her to VRT in slough and she had the following: Coilpack MAF Leads NGK Plugs (old ones were bosch and absolutely knackered) AIr filter Oil Filter and Oil (nice GSF stuff) and she feels like a completely different car, pulls well, doesnt sound like a subaru and makes that lovely smooth purr <3 blocked off the vaccum by the throttle body aswell to summarise, CHUFFED and relieved
  7. what other parts do you need for this to work, i need a working one as mine just isn't there lol
  8. cheers for that, i'd like to get the valve to be honest and have the car running as smoothly as possible so apart from the valve you can buy from ford, what else do i need? i take it the small hose in the picture i took is the vaccum end (small hose) then what do i need to connect the large end to the PCV?
  9. i just took the car to VRT in slough, and the mechanic pointed this out, it's a vaccum that should let the Inlet manifold breathe to let the fumes out, just left unblocked and unplumbed into anything :/ should i block this up? or get a PCV and sort out the inlet / vaccum issue?
  10. Pete that post was incredible, very helpful. Funnily enough there is a sensor not plugged in next to the thermostat housing. The fan doesnt work at all. Might try finding the plug. I dont think the chains are loose. They were done when the engine was transplanted, and the problem s that have developed were progressive, so I was told that the engine was hesitant under 2k on full load, and then it was fine. Now its developed this stuff. Ill check the chains last after all else. Having the tension done isnt expensive is it?
  11. Another thing ive noticed is that my fans dont come on, in traffic it can get up to 110 degrees. Would this be a switch? The thermostat iz good as the heaters etc get red hot if needed. But no sign of fans :/
  12. Ive ordwred a new maf out of its age etc. Then ill clean everything else and see whats what. Might buy a coilpack anyway too. Cheers for the advice though all
  13. i just took it out for a drive with no MAF and it's exactly the same, lumpy, still goes, but really rough, so i'll be replacing that first, then see if that's cured it
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