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  1. id really like a side by side torque graph before and after cams. that would be perfect and tell me exactly what i want to know
  2. both vids were at 10 psi not 14-15 60-100 was 3rd gear then 4th
  3. my bad they are the clips lol did you wet the wrap before fitting?
  4. you need to overlap it more mate i can see gaps all over the place. overlap 50% that way theres always 2 layers on it
  5. google isnt much help theres a couple of threads knocking about but couldnt find anything with fi aswell
  6. dont know if its bill schimmel or not i was under the impression they are american cams but google suggests german??
  7. down on boost due to a knackered charger (again) but did a full bore launch for the 1st time and jesus wept it suprised me!! it lights all 4 up even with stock 4wd controller!! also done a 60-100 mph test can i embed vids here yet?
  8. anybody running forced induction with schimmels? what are the options? where do you get them from?
  9. i had the orange controller which is similer to that and it transformed the car
  10. depends on a few things 1st genuine weak link is clutch i have a shell helix and im running about 390 lb ft (having said that the stock clutch felt fine to me with that much i only changed it because it was worn out) the gearbox itself is next which seems to be an issue up past 450-500 lb ft
  11. probably not me the charger MIGHT be ruined tootling down the road low rpm i hear a very faint noise reminding me of the vortech charger on the vr hmmmmm turned radio off dropped out of gear over the next 10 secs it gets a little louder then engine stalls. i instantly thought charger took cap off oil reservoir bit of steam/smoke in there but no oil :bigcry: 2 likeley possibilities are it dropped the oil in a hurry which means it wasnt low for very long or its leaked out over the last 5 days and its siezed the charger :bigcry: :bigcry: if its the latter im stuffed as i cant afford another char
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