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  1. Corrado vr6 turbo for sale, I’ve had this car nearly over 10 years now it’s been a good car but in recent years it’s just been sitting on my driveway so the time has come to sell it. The car is SORN and has been off the road about 5-6 years but I have been starting it on/off every month or so in that time. It runs, all the old fuel has been drained and it’s got a new fuel filter, as well as a brand new crank sensor. The bigger problem with this car is the body work might look ok in the pictures, but it’s an old car it has nicks, dents, scratches really could do with a session with ChipsAway. The car is using the standard ECU run’s like any other vr6, and comes with red tops separate if you want to put it in boost. Here’s a vid when it was running in boost https://vimeo.com/1672165 I am the third owner it comes with Part Service History, Documents and all receipts are available. Engine Standard engine put out 187BHP &197torque (dyno proof) At 6psi Estimated anywhere from 260 to 320BHP VR6 - 110,600 Mileage Chains, Head Gasket and Water pump changed by previous owner at 60k-90k Stock Block 2.9ABV Coil Pack Custom Inlet manifold Custom Exhaust manifold T3/T4 Turbo inlet 50./84 outlet (early spoon) Forge Dump Valve 38mm External Wastegate (6 PSI) Miltek Exhaust System 2.25" (de-cat pipe) Front mounted Intercooler fitted with custom inlet piping 2.5" all round Uprated Walbro 255 (GS340) intank fuel pump Neuspeed VR6 160 Degree Thermostat. Recent new lambda sensor LC1 Innovate wideband Controller 120amp Alternator ODB2 upgrade Running gear/Brakes S3/R32 Hubs Jamex adjustable coilovers (Front) Supersport adj coilys (Rear) Bembo rear discs Front S3 312mm brakes Goodridge braded hoses all round as well as all new copper brake lines front to back Recent Track Rod Ends, ball joints and anti rollbar drop links 7x16 Compomotive Speedline Nexen 205/40/16 really good tread Trim Toad ai606 Alarm CAT 1 Thatcham Approved Heated Leather seats working DynoTune Gauge digital (not working) Boost Gauge autometer Manual Fan trigger switch Side repeaters clear Bad Points Car is SORN Will need to be towed/picked up Car is not mapped, but will come with 360cc Saab red tops Front/Rear Bumpers/Bonnet needs re-spraying also passenger door Dent in Bonnet & Front Panel also general stone chips Little Paint bubble passenger front side wing, slight rust on driver’s door Wheels need respraying not a problem if you are changing them Could do will an oil/filter change Sunroof 1 of the aluminium clips is broke (common problem), motor is fine Driver’s door pin has come loose Front fog lights not working possible fuse/relay or blubs Needs a new Battery it is Kaput Throttle body plug needs re-wiring has broken Clutch fluid slow leak, possible master cylinder/salve or could just need a bleed Driver’s side repeater blub needs replacing Needs front and rear wiper blades replacing So the car runs, but doesn’t start on the 1st try when I connect the battery, turn the key a second time with a little throttle it fires up, possible compression, throttle body or battery problem, I’m not sure. I’ve tried to be honest with everything that I am aware off, the leather interior is in good condition along with the mechanicals this car during the years has been great to own, just the body work needs addressing and the turbo mapping. Reason for selling Time for a change I’ve had the car for 12 years along time and I don’t really use it anymore also I’ve been out of work for a while now and can’t afford to run it. Price – Make me an offer (not looking for part-exchange thanks) Post/PM me if you have any questions Call to arrange viewing 07424756691 Thanks for looking Anthony Pictures
  2. lamba wiring

    i wouldnt use the lamba for your air/fuel gauge its too bloody slow. get a proper wideband sensor fella.
  3. I.S.V. prob?

    could be MAF related too.
  4. Gona want more boost after a month of so So how much did it total upto? less than a grand?
  5. Any one using a rising rate fpr to power their vr6t

    no your need to run AFPR to run 6psi.
  6. turbos and plumbing

    This place too... http://www.thinkauto.com/
  7. Which sounds nicest??

    I had a custom 2.5'' built system at JKM in portsmouth £550. No Mot where i am Really nice exhaust system, probably sounds nice too...
  8. The 3.2 sump on a VR6 thread

    very useful, good work
  9. my 1.4 to vr6

    what brakes are they? 312mm? or normal front vr6 brakes
  10. Help, Highline overheating!!!

    I can second that, works well.
  11. DIY turbo guide

    well they wont be looking down at you now with the amount of torque you have
  12. DIY turbo guide

    [blockquote]Before my golf i had a vauxhall corsa c20let that done just shy of 290bhp with a boost leak and a missfire it was crazy quick ! My friend has a escort cosworth doing about 330-350 bhp and the corsa would pull away from him if he was in third gear and i was in fifth at 60mph thats how i wanted my golf ![/blockquote] Hi mate, One thing that impresses me about the LET, is the F28 Gearbox. i understand you had the engine in a corsa, but how does it compare overall now with your vr6t? my friend has 1 in his Astra and im just curious how much difference there is...