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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-MK3-Upper-Air-Intake-Vents-Ventilation-GTI-VR6-Fog-UK-Euro-Bumpers-/151097952551?hash=item232e23c927 I know how popular these were when I sold mine
  2. Last time I saw some were £140 buy now but that was 8 years ago, Thanks
  3. ill try and get them posted up tomorrow its a T3/T4 turbo good for about 400bhp
  4. If you are putting a spacer plate in there is no point doing arp bolts later. I have a turbo and manifold for sale bought about 8 years ago but sold my vr6. I bought it from a member on here who went for a bigger turbo pics are available if needed.
  5. Does anybody have an idea of what they are worth please? Just the shelf supports they contain a tweeter a 10cm & a 6x9 speaker and crossover.
  6. well it certainly re-awoke this thread lol Creepy Crawley for me got its name before I moved here.
  7. Yes mines an ARL the person who mapped mine is running over 400bhp at the moment in an audi a4 3.0 diesel
  8. I run a 1.9tdi pd running 197 bhp after just a remap they can go up to 300 with extra grand's spent.
  9. All depends on your budget Im running a sachs clutch dmf but im running diesel power nowadays and diesels don't like smf
  10. your central locking pump is on the offside rear below your lights
  11. I would have thought youd be fine with smf although noise and virbration will rise
  12. CALICO

    Vr6 head

    It was to the OP as its his thread not yours you should not ne thread jacking.
  13. CALICO

    Vr6 head

    What are you going to be doing with the head??
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