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  2. Hi all, I am going to be getting the head gasket done on my Corrado VR6 and I am going to be buying the parts myself and the garage will be doing the labour. I was going to buy most parts from my local VW dealer but was wondering if you would recommend anyone else. I will be getting the chain and tensioners done at the same time. Thanks for any advice
  3. Hi guys just finishing off some work on the vr I came across these two 3pin plugs and I don't know what they are can anyone help me please. Many thanks in advance
  4. I have ap on mine. Still can go a lot lower. I like them as they don't seem as harsh as other coil overs I've had in the past yet at the same height.

    Hi, Please call me on 07956356304

    Hi, Is this the 096 (early) or 01M (late) type? What's the history and mileage? Thanks Pete
  7. Currently have powerflex ed dog bone mount. But looking to upgrade for less movement. I don't want anything that will shake me to death but something more than standard. Anyone running different mounts? And suggestions of which to look at. Can get sets of 3 engine,gearbox and dogbone in one

    Hi All, AUTO gear box for sale. Cheap £135.00 with oil cooler Collection Hullbridge Essex 07956 365 304 Den
  9. Good man @Philly-R6 its a brilliant show! Ill add you to the list. Cheers pete
  10. Golf Mk3 Short Shifter

    Yep sure do, will reply to your PM.
  11. Golf Mk3 Short Shifter

    Hi Besters. Do u still sale the short shifter for the mk3 golf vr6 am very interested in this item
  12. With more than 150,000 units sold worldwide Ford Mustang is the best-selling sports car in the world in 2016. According to a Ford analysis of IHS Markit global automotive registration data in the sports... View the full article
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  14. Club Event: VWNW 2017 (Tatton Park) - 06/08/2017

    I will commit to the Tatton Park event. I need a non-movable target to keep me focused!
  15. Hi James, Sorry to see your VR6 in such a sorry state. Perhaps you could post your list (including your photos?) in the Wanted forum. Have a look at what other members are asking for. Then, create your own thread asking if other members have the parts surplus to requirements... Good luck sourcing your parts!
  16. The S60 Polestar ran the Nürburgring in just 7 minutes and 51 seconds, last year, which, at the time, was record-breaking for a road-legal four-door car. The company ultimately decided to keep that a secret... View the full article
  17. Feature Car - June 2016

    nice always takes longer then first thought ... hang in there
  18. What shows?

    What shows are people interested in supporting the club with this year? I will be running with a few myself. VWNW - Tatton Park GTI Festival - Santapod Is there enough interest for a Rolling Road day later in the year?
  19. VW Tuner Oettinger has used the annual Wörthersee gathering to unveil their new upgrade package tailored for the Golf GTI and an even hotter Golf R. The Oettinger aerodynamic package for Golf R consists... View the full article
  20. Stoner park

    Guessing no one took this up. Shame, one of the best shows around. Looking for a Club Stand at Stonor for my VR6 Corrado. Corrado Club not going either !!!
  21. test

  22. SSL cert expired

    renewed apologies for that !
  23. Hi mate, are the pistons still available? If so would you do them posted for £550? Thanks
  24. Tornado Red VR6

    Ah sorry total tossers
  25. Tornado Red VR6

    The body shop in question have been horrendous, went down to give the final payment and noticed the filler cap repair had a paint lip visible on the rear quarter, the tailgate plinth had cobwebs stuck in the paint and wasn't even fully painted. The part owner of the shop lashed out and threatened to smash the car up after I mentioned the two above things that I wanted fixing before final payment. The signed Contract says they didn't want payment untill I was satisfied with the work. Will give full details of the 'bodyshop' when I have my car back. I stripped the entire car bar the tailgate and some replacement doors, they asked to do this themselves but I have now discovered that they cut the tailgate wiring loom in half and destroyed the window rubbers.
  26. SSL cert expired

    Cheers. Our provider is on the case [emoji1303]
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