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  2. This is my VR6 Supercharged
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    Been finding some Puddles on the front passenger and driver side. I Know the seals On the doors are shot including windows, which will be replaced soon but water was entering from behind the fuse box and also On the passenger side where the rubber bung is behind the heater blower. After investigating further i found that the live (red) wire for the amp was fed through this rubber bung at the top therefore water was pouring in. I removed the wire and pushed it through the bung which then sealed properly. I applied some silicone around it to make sure. Hopefully this is now resolved. As for the driver side i checked the bonnet release cable rubber under the scuttle panel. It seemed pretty good but i gave this a good clean and sealed it up with some silicone. It was raining and i never noticed any water in the usual areas so fingers crossed this is sorted. Moving on i checked the rear of the car. Removed the sound proofing and carpets to check the spare wheel area. Carpet was wet so after checking the area i decided to remove the rear lights to check the seals/gasket. WOW! one screw on each light and water was definitely coming in from the passenger rear light. I gave it a good clean and then used new seals/gasket with some silicone around the edges. Also got all the nuts and tightened them up as before there was 1 nut on each light that seemed only hand tight lol.
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  7. 16 aero wheels

    Hi, Are these still available? Cheers Pete
  8. 46A7C326-8A80-4160-B7E5-33F6DC7DD4DD_1_201_a.jpeg
  9. Hi, I stumbled across this link - it may shed some light for you? http://www.vaglinks.com/Docs/Audi/C5/4.2/BentleyPublishers.com_Audi_A6_C5_4.2L_Secondary_Air_Injection_Maintenance.pdf and a layout picture on Vortex for the AFP engine: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4270565-mk4-sai-vac-line-diagram-or-picture&p=56023102&viewfull=1#post56023102 Have fun!
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  11. Mk3 Rear beam bushes

    Help... I have just come up against the same problem as the first post from 6cyl_si how the hell do you get them back in ? Do i adjust the hanger brackets both sides to fit them back in or is that a big no no. With them being 10 mm out i cant see how its possible without adjusting the hanger brackets they have ovals in them for adjusting right??
  12. Heater core hoses help wich goes where?

    Nobody you all have vr6 cars??
  13. I see both ways to hook up heater core on vw mk3 gti vr6 wich is correct? Does this look correct?
  14. Any one there? Any one help?
  15. Hi All, For a few days now I have been trying to access Golf R32 Technical Information, I keep getting NOT FOUND: https://www.vr6oc.com/content.html/information/technical/golf-r32-mk4-technical-information-r4/ Any one help please?
  16. Looking to buy a golf vr6

    Hi guys looking for a vr6 mullberry 5door or three door got cash waiting please do get back to me ASAP
  17. Hi guys looking to buy a golf vr6 mullbery 5 door or even 3 door ASAP money is not a issue please please please whats appp me or call me text me the pics 07593200105


    So I cleaned up the passenger door and cleared the drain holes all looks good there now. I started on sorting all the wiring under the glove box out and thought whilst I'm there i should look in to then heater blower. Looks like some botched wiring job here. Will be getting a replacement blower and resistor. Noticed there was some water so I investigated further. Ended up checking the pollen filter and found gunk and leaves and the filter was drenched. I cleared this up gave it a good wipe down and made sure the water drainage channel was clear. I ended up using some silicone before fitting the pollen filter housing back on.

    Sills ordered just waiting on delivery. In the mean time i investigated why the driver window was not functioning. Turns out the glass was not even fitted to anything and the window motor wire was full Of water. Gave it a clean and fitted the glass in. Seemed to be working fine hopefully thats one thing out the way. I also removed most of the rubber/foam that was soaked. Lots of loose uncovered wiring was found under the glove box so will get on to this next. Passenger side door was filled with water i noticed there was a lot of gunk and glass blocking the drainage holes which resulted in the water building up. I drained the water, however still need to remove all the crap stuck in there.

    Driver side sill is a mess, will be ordering both sills in the next couple of days, tried many places and they seem to be out of stock. Some are overpriced too. Will be getting inner and outer sills. Rears seem fine as they where done by the previous owner doesn't look too bad back there but again i will have a proper look as there seems to be many surprises lol..


    Some flooding going on here, damn it stank!

    got it booked in for the welding job so I made a start by removing the seats, carpet and few of the rubber seals. Hoping once its done i may use some sort of sealant directly on the floor to prevent any further rust issues . Any recommendations are welcomed.

    Picked up a bit of a shed not so long ago which I plan on restoring, its a 3 door mystic blue vr6 with about 109k on the clock. Needs a fair bit of work. both sills need repairing (rust/corrosion) jacking points (rust/corrosion) Hole in the floor, done by previous owner but a poor job as you can see so will be doing this again Possibly a full respray as its had a poor paint job Few bits under the bonnet need attention Heater control only works on 3/4 (ANY TIPS WELCOME) Driver side electric window doesn't work (ANY TIPS WELCOME) Central locking system doesn't work (ANY TIPS WELCOME) Slight blow from the exhaust Wires hanging out from under dash Front passenger wheel seems like its on a angle Tracking is out God knows what else I may find lol
  26. Spark plugs what's wrong or right?

    According to Haynes: If they are clean and white, with no deposits, this is indicative of a weak mixture or too hot a plug (a hot plug transfers heat away from the electrode slowly, a cold plug transfers heat away quickly). If the tip and insulator are covered with hard black deposits, then this is indicative that the mixture is too rich. If the plug is black and oily, then it is likely that the engine is fairly worn, as well as the mixture being too rich. But if the insulator nose is covered with light tan to greyish brown deposits, then the mixture is correct and it is likely that the engine is in good condition. Ref: https://haynes.com/en-gb/tips-tutorials/how-check-and-change-your-car-s-spark-plugs
  27. Car Insurance Offer

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  28. Pulled the plugs whats going on with my plugs please ??
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