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  2. I normally stick my cruise control on 90mph the whole way up the m42 when I go to york
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  5. Hi everyone, Just a quick message to tell you that we have an offer on breakdown cover running until the end of the year. If winter has you worrying about safe travel, you may be considering breakdown cover to protect your cars. To help, we're offering 12 months' comprehensive UK Breakdown Cover at the reduced price of £58 if you buy before the end of the year. As if that wasn't enough, there are extra discounts built-in for multi-car households too. Normally £63, our cover includes the following as standard: • HomeStart •
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  7. Bunch of parts that have turned up this week for sorting stuff out on the car... A pair of brand new TRW rear calipers (with audi logo's as they are an OE supplier) that cost £35 each in the Autodoc Black Friday sale.... new pads for the rear (just std Brembo jobbers), Mintex M1155's for the front, new rear brake lines, RBF600 fluid, brand new aircon pump, brand new aircon dryer and a cabin panel filter Just need to find the time to do this lot lol <tuffty/>
  8. Grabbed some time in-between playing BF 2042 to hook up the wiring for the vac pump MAP sensor... Added the senor input to ECU pin 11 as a User defined input This then popped up the relevant menu item in the sensors section and scaled it to be the same as the main MAP sensor (they are the same 3bar sensor) ....and took a quick trip to Mexico to get some data and also to check the coolant temps now the CFS rad is on... Obviously the main fix to the brakes was fixing the split pipes and ultimately the vac pump is more to support the
  9. Thought it would be a good idea to crack on with sorting the brakes as it seems a fairly good idea for a 1.5tonne 500hp car to have some Made up the loom for the vac pump... Routed the cabling through the main loom to pick up where I had wiring for the second MAP sensor I had originally planned to use for the Color MFA... ...and spliced the MAP wiring in.. The sensor wire is already next to the ECU so I just need to add that in and configure the input to be able to see the vacuum in the servo line... I have not done that
  10. So here we are again... front off the car to sort out some the 'minor' problems of the aircon pipe and charge pipe clearance.... The aircon pipe needs to have a straighter exit from the back of the pump as its current angle means it just goes straight into the fan... ...a bit of tactical persuasion later.... Yay!... I then slotted the fan pack mounts a bit so I could lift it up a little higher to gain some space for the charge pipe and reassembled the front end... with a bit of jostling about of the clip mounts I got the clearance I needed
  11. Honestly thought someone would have spoken up on this........
  12. Its likely your headgasket leaking oil into cylinder. Thats what happened to mine and you should tighten the head bolts to see if loose or redo gasket
  13. Look at your O2 sensor? Vacuum leaks? Sparkplugs, or wires.
  14. Don't know if this has been asked before but I have a 1995 Corrado VR6 and the car spec it says 29 mpg but it's currently doing 12-14 mpg. How do I get better mpg?
  15. Didn't feel like I got much done today but progress is progress.... First up was to address the power steering 'cooler'... the S3 one that loops around the front of the engine forms part of the return circuit for the PAS... on most 1.8t's the return goes from the rack and straight into the fluid reservoir but on the S3 and other K04 turbo'd 1.8t's there is an extra loop for additional 'cooling' capacity... this pipe ('L' shaped) was not fitting too well as it was with the VR but now I have changed to the 4-motion PAS pipework its even more in the way (although as it turns out the 4
  16. I have taken some time off work to get the car into a drivable state... fitting the CFS rad and keeping the aircon has been a bit of a challenge and that challenge hasn't ended yet!... When trying to secure the slam panel properly it was evident that some more modding was required... first task was to mod the slam panel itself.. this required a couple of cut outs to allow the repositioned dryer canister to 'fit'... (it's still jeffing tight!!!) Once done it allowed the rad pack to fit properly into the slam panel... offering it back up to the c
  17. Hey ddillas, Welcome to the forum. It seems a shame to be talking of scrapping or shifting the car on... I would be inclined to replace the timing chains and sliders, crank seal and maybe the tensioner and deal with what other problems are uncovered. Maybe replace the clutch and skim the flywheel while its off, too? Why are you thinking of a new motor? Replacing the timing chains is a pain to do, but well worth the effort. If you put a different motor in, you have an engine you don't know the history of. Whereas you know your engine is decent - havin
  18. Hello everyone, I'm a long time VW/Audi owner and just found this forum specifically for the venerable VR6... What a great find! I'm an older guy living in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon with a 2003 GTI VR6 24v M6 transmission in need of some advice... The car is a pure toy that I've had for about 10 years, Reflex Silver, 2 door, black leather, sunroof, Miltek exhaust and 18" wheels... but it is in need of some major repairs and I can't quite figure out what I want to do. The engine has roughly 250k and is in need of timing chains, but my mecha
  19. Hi guys, I’m Celo from Germany i own a MK3 Cabrio Land Build it for years in different steps body tuning engine tuning etc. if there is any questions you can ask You can see the whole rebuild with the pics in my videos here are some videos from my YouTube channel: Video https://youtu.be/i7Qh1yPlZFc Video https://youtu.be/hmA4RDiTbrA Video https://youtu.be/E632uR1fCDY Video https://youtu.be/Gy5EVC8Q7uI Video
  20. Bill has kindly given me a corner out of the crappy weather so I can do some work on the S3... CFS radiator, vr6 PAS pipework and the fuel rail plus the vacuum pump will be going in over the next couple of weekends... I had an issue with one of the GSF fans (new at the time of fitting the VR6 in)... I had been getting quite a large vibration from the fan when they were on and turns out that the larger fan was the culprit and the blade assembly had come loose ...so a bit of locktight later and it (and did the smaller fa
  21. Going to Kick Start this off Although I will say you don't have to camp all weekend. Happy for people to arrive early Saturday or Sunday to show for the day then leave, I won't be contacting Leeds Fest until we get some clear interest: Come on folks lets revive the club....... You have months to get your build on and we aren't about show ponies...... We just want representation. 1: D@VeR6 (MK2 VR6 Camping) 2: Aaron (MK3 VR6 Camping) 3: Dan Stone (MK5 R32 Camping) 4: Damian Conway (MK3 Mulberry Highline A Facebook) 5: Damian Conway (MK3 Mulberry H
  22. Just gauging interest in the possibility of reviving a Club Stand at this event... Anyone who knows this event, knows it is one of the best shows of the year over 3 days with Camping on site. Below is a video from the last Festival in 2019 and the show was cancelled 2020 & 2021 https://youtu.be/r_D48RrtznQ We represented strongly here as a club in the past and I think it is possible to do so again. If people show enough interest I will attempt to get us a stand booked. There is a good read from this thread last time we represente
  23. 2001,5door,platinum grey,full winter pack inc elec sunroof,air con,heated leathers, all electrics work as should,full history,3 owner car, very good condition for age, completely original and un messed with,very smooth and quiet mechanically, any inspection welcome, will have 12 months test on car before sold,£3800 only serious enquries please and pics on request
  24. Sounds like you are right about the rings. Last engine I rebuilt, the rings were too long once they were fitted to the piston and then compressed (to slide into the cylinder). We had to trim the rings down to the correct length to allow for the correct gap when placed inside the cylinder. That could be where all your resistance is coming from...
  25. Here is a very very rare schrick intake manifold for sale,it comes with all the hardware,including the throttle body. This will come up really nice when polished i’ve briefly cleaned it up and it looks good. Looking for £1600 ono Located Carlisle Cumbria My instagram is rxchxrdsxnn if you find that easier to message me on.
  26. Hope someone can help me out with this TIA I have just had my Mk3 5 door VR6 resprayed and she could do with a new set of trims for the sills and doors however I'm not sure what part numbers I need to order or where to order from. so in short its the trim that goes from that starts from the front wing (small piece) front door rear door with vr6 emblem then the rear quarter (small piece). Then the sill strip and end caps as the original one had rust behind the plastic as I think there's a strip of metal behind the trim? Any help would be so helpful.
  27. I checked the main crank bearings and the rod bearings they all check out fine and spin free. I am figuring that it has to be the rings. BUT could it be a bad (rough) hone job that the rings will seat into? Or rings that are putting to much pressure on the cylinder walls or ??????
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