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  2. Was wondering this, if someone dropped a bolt or something near the cam and it slid down the timing case would it land in the oil pan?
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  5. R32 mk3

    That all looks confusing don’t know which one to look into there’s loads lol
  6. R32 mk3

    Also, have a rummage here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_V9-6xfgGlINzhhM2IyNmItOWRhZS00MzBkLTk2MTEtNGIyZDFmMDg0NWM2 Golf 3 documents start g3, Golf 4 start g4... Have fun!
  7. No Speedo

    Do the rest of the clocks work ok? Is it just he speedo? From memory, the speedo works on a square wave signal whose frequency represents the vehicle speed. Start with the vehicle speed sensor (identified as G22 on wiring diagrams) on the gearbox - pin 3 should be ground - pin 1 should be 12v with ignition on - pin 2 is speed signal which goes to dash through the fusebox (G1/11 on Mk3/Corrado CE2) If the wiring seems ok, can you remove the sensor from the gearbox and manually activate it? (is the sensor working, just not driven by the gearbox?) I've not actually seen the sensor, so winging this bit... Good luck!
  8. R32 mk3

    I have a BHE lump I need to sort the wiring out to work with my mk3 vr6 can anyone help or have links or people who make a plug and play loom or adapt my one
  9. Tatty VR6 5 door interior

    make me an offer, seats and door cards, it has bolster wear on the drivers side and been in my garage for 5 years. i will take some pics if anyone is interested. cheers steve
  10. Hehe sweet I think I had to many drinks when replying to you, I had in my head it was you heater. Here Glad it’s sorted [emoji1303]
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  12. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    CDLSHV - Codeword diagnosis Lambda probe exchange detection Cayenne's pretty much identical in this respect from what I remember, 100+ maps/functions for the 02, most testers/diagnostics and some aging/heating and limits etc, it's all Bosch ME. You need a good def file, makes it a lot easier and there are some on the Net for these Porsche's, ecuconnections has some but you'll need to make some posts to see them I think.
  13. I fixed it turns out my wiper relay was in position 9 instead of eight gave my mechanic a good talking to
  14. Check the contacts on the heater unit and the heater switch. Mine had corroded on the heater unit plug.
  15. No Speedo

    Hello, please can you help me.. I recently bought a VW T4 it was a 5 cylinder petrol, but the guy put in a VR6.. He said the speedo was not working..ok I thought an easy fix..!! Well is it..? Is it a sensor on the gearbox and will I have to change the cluster...?.....Norm.
  16. VW Golf Mk4

    VW Golf Mk4
  17. Olbertybastard

  18. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Additional question. Can i test run this in open loop state? All components are stock, so it should be ok?
  19. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Thank! That is very interesting. I already tried to split signal from one o2 sensor to both inputs. I had 'some' success, but got 'Lambda sensors exchanged' codes and it just didn't work. Modification to ECU that is descripted here does pretty much the same thing and since input vary a little, there is still -25/+25 issue like stated in documentation. So, i quess only option to use single O2 sensor (or both sensors in same pipe) is to make software modifications. There are some information about this for commonly used VR6 ECUs, but since this is Porsche Cayenne, there are no information about this specific firmware. I quess i'm skilled enough to make some bit-modification to specified location, but that's pretty much it. First spin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3uKDR5Q-yo Very good study material about wideband o2 sensors and o2 sensors overall : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPtY5FiGMAE
  20. Hi guys i have a 1996 jetta obd2 vr6 my wipers is only working on fast mode the other 3 modes are not working at all i have checked fuse box cant find anything wrong. Is there a relay? Any help please. [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]
  21. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Not sure why that's playing up? Screenshot it for you anyway;
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  23. Dual O2 sensors to single, how?

    Thanks. Can't get to that guide, but yes. Dual O2 manifold is option. However, i'm going to try splitted o2 sense signal first. See how that goes.
  24. Clutch return spring

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F161480005277 If that is the part you have bought there is no more parts to it. Looks same as the one i had to refit on my mk4 1.8t after the pedal broke. Quite tricky to get lined up, the white end goes onto the pedal and the grey part rests in a recess on the pedal box. Upside down with head looking up from the pedals is the only way in. I cable tied mine to create some space, but in the end it was a combination of fingers and a screwdriver pushing down on it that got it seated. Probably some luck too, was a pain in the backside and neck [emoji23]
  25. Replacement clutch and flywheel

    Hi, Pretty sure the clutch on my vr6 (97 108k) is nearing the end of its life; pedal fairly heavy and biting point high but not slipping yet. I have always heard of the g60 flywheel and vr6 clutch upgrade for the mk4 1.8t set up, but my question is it something i should be doing to my car or not? Does this only benefit the 1.8t when power is increased or is there a benefit to it being done to a stock vr6? Thanks
  26. Project Ripped Off

    Nice, great it is still alive. I was a bit late to the build thread [emoji1]
  27. Project Ripped Off

    Just purchased this car yesterday a lot of work has gone into it hoping to keep the build thread alive. Will start a new one on it soon.
  28. hi guys whats best way to extend the power and negative cables to battery as putting yellow top in and need to extend the lengths cheers
  29. Toclev

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