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  2. Project Ripped Off

    Looking good [emoji4]
  3. Schrick VSR manifold ...

    Hi Roger , yes , is still available...
  4. Project Ripped Off

    Here’s the mk3 next to my latest purchase! Yes it’s still got 6 cylinders [emoji1383]
  5. Porsche calipers

    Try Epytec. They are in Germany but ship to the uk. They also have them on eBay. [emoji106]
  6. Porsche calipers

    There isn't a part number for the part you need but if you look on the Epytec website you will find them there. [emoji106]
  7. Golf mk3 vr6 highline

    Yes this Sold
  8. Rolling Road Day 2017

    It's around £25-£30 a person but we need a minimum of 25 cars mate. It would be worth Stealth opening up on a Sunday and bringing staff in for less mate.
  9. Hi all, I'm back [emoji23]

    It looks like I'll have another VR6 by the end of the month.... My obsession with the Mk3 Golf is stronger than I thought [emoji23] Slightly less than 5 years this time VR6Pete [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Yesterday
  11. Schrick VSR manifold ...

    How much did u want ££
  12. Schrick VSR manifold ...

    Hi your intake schrick obd1 it's available?
  13. Glad you got it sorted man.. Could only be one thing.. I never had upgraded to them leads, always kept them OEM. The only advantage with those Magnicore leads is that it gives you a tad better spark. Nothing else.. Any other issues just drop me a message. Hope to see some of you VR Heads down at Westside Sunday..
  14. Porsche calipers

    I've seen them on eBay
  15. Last week
  16. Brembo brakes behind 16" wheels

    Thanks for the heads up [emoji1360] went with 17" oz wheels and went with mtec disk and ebc pads for the time being with some fresh fluid see how it feels [emoji51]
  17. Hi, two things quickly - 1. COMPETITION You'll know we've been running the 2017 Chris Knott Virtual Show & Shine on our social media channels - the chance for members to share pics of their cars with us in the hope of winning a decent prize. We've really loved seeing what cars members drive and from the 200 or so entries it was a tough job to pick a winner. However, I'm pleased to announce the winner of the 2017 Chris Knott Virtual Show & Shine as Ashley Gratton with his MkI Golf. Full details including the Top 5 finalists' cars here: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/news/chris-knott-virtual-show-shine-2017-winner.html 2. OFFER ON CHRIS KNOTT'S UK BREAKDOWN COVER Just to let you know that the current offer is about to expire so you'll need to get in quick if you'd like to benefit. Our comprehensive cover starts at £63 but you can get an extra £5 OFF until the end of September. Request a quote and buy online at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rescue using Promo Code 'FORUM5' or call us on 0800 917 2274. best, Nick
  18. Rolling Road Day 2017

    How much is it to book the day with Stealth does anyone know? I guess the hard thing is getting commitment ie small deposits first so that no on loses out
  19. ace32

  20. powertrack haldex

    I tend not to change while driving. Just wait at traffic lights. Although I have done it. From 2wd to constant 50 works well. From constant to 2 wd it seems likes a little time for the oil to escape from the haldex unit (clutch) 30 seconds or so. I did try it on a ramp
  21. Rolling Road Day 2017

    Think we may need someone step up help organise this, personal lives taking over at the moment [emoji85][emoji85]
  22. Hi everyone on way to my mates today to put car on a code reading machine and I was driving all a bit sluggish then it just start firing on 5 plugs it was horrible no power sounded terrible worse than my old stock car then I got to my mates before we put it on the reader I pulled out new spark plug leads he found that one was weaker by checking power ov leads and one was down on numbers I don't understand it all so changed the one lead and bang the car was back to full throttle again no loss of power so it was a broken lead in the end after Changing everything oh well should be good for a while now with all the new things I put on it trying to find faults thanks everyone for advice. But mj vr6 had it right in the end thanks bud u knew. And they were magnicore leads aswell.
  23. 96 p reg golf vr6 highline - mulberry

    Hi mate nice car I have had the abs pump fail I was driving one day and this idiot reversed out onto a main road I had to brake hard and found out to my cost that abs affected my back bias brakes and it just spun in the road like someone pulled up my hand brake thaw car lost control and crashed. It's very important to sort your pump out before you have to use them hard. Just a warning mate. Be careful
  24. powertrack haldex

    In regards to wiring in a switch can this be done on/off while driving? On reason I ask is I think 0-60 times are quicker front drive when I've removed the fuse
  25. Searby10

  26. Justin Mossey

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