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  2. Schrick manifold wanted

    What the title says. I'm after a schrick manifold with all the associated parts.
  3. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Yes mate, willing to post. I'll get a picture of the gearknob tonight
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  5. Shame that bike is in the way [emoji12]
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  7. bit of cleaning last night out for a spin today 👍
  8. Engine bottom End required

  9. Last week
  10. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Are you willing to remove the items from the car and post them? I'l take all three including the gearknob which, hopefully, I can refurb.
  11. VR6 Highline Sunroof Glass

    I got a set of rear black lights you can have for a tenner. I've got the sunroof glass but i can only take it out once I send the car to the scrap.....about a months time
  12. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Yes mate, I have all of these items in good condition, except the wooden gear knob has age related wear. Still in good condition though
  13. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Yes mate, I have everything you need in black. All in good condition.
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  15. VW GOLF VR6 Highline 1998

    is the car sold ?
  16. VR6 OEM+

    love motor mate .was my 1st ever colour on my mk3 GTI I owned when I was in the military [emoji16][emoji16]
  17. VR6 OEM+

    nice clean m8
  18. Trev1991

  19. 357919506B Radiator Fan Relay

    What part number is your fan Controller I might have one
  20. OBD2 VR6 ECU Wanted

    What part number is on your ecu I might have one
  21. VR6 OEM+

    Gracias por el ofrecimiento, pero de momento solo llevo la de GTI, asi daa mas sustos a los mas incautos,,,
  22. VR6 OEM+

    Nice clean car, mate. I loved my old Mystic Blue VR. I had him for 8 yrs and did 150,000 miles. In all that time it only let me down once with a shot coilpack. I sold it to some little scrote weed dealer who wrote it off the day after he bought it!! I've had my current VR Highline for 6 years but thinking of selling him on soon. @javichu50 I have a spare VR6 badge you could put on your Mk3
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  24. dannivr6

    Cheers dude
  25. dannivr6

    Yes bro spent a fortune like a go-kart I love it [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji23]
  26. Mattv6_4mo

  27. Vwlowlife

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