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  2. Hi All, You may have seen my other post https://www.vr6oc.com/forum/forums/topic/50755-pistons-required/ When it comes to the engine rebuild I will need a manual/torque settings: Headbolts Big end bolts Crankshaft bearing carrier bolts Flywheel bolts To name a few Can anyone help please with the details/manual Thanks
  3. Inlet maifold??

    Hi All, You may have seen my other post https://www.vr6oc.com/forum/forums/topic/50755-pistons-required/Well I am confused over inlet manifold, I have seen the short/turbo manifold, are these OK to fit to a standard engine? example https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Short-VR6-Turbo-Inlet-Manifold-2-8-2-9-L-Exhaust-VW-Golf-1-2-3-4-Corrado/202310407306?epid=789495521&hash=item2f1aa3d48a:g:Jx4AAOSw7p5aZbae Thanks for you help
  4. Pistons required?

    Hi all, An update: Cylinder stripped, cleaned, new guides, seats and seals looking nice Set of Mahle 1mm oversize pistons Block in for rebore Crankshaft in for a check and polish (when returned I will then order a set of shells) Other parts siting ready to go: Complete gasket set and seals Headbolts Complete chain kit and tensioners Water pump Oil pump As the build progresses I will add photos Thanks all
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  7. Corrado Campaign VR6

    We have an engine & transmission in! Exciting times as the #Campaign edges ever closer to completion! #corradocampaign #resto #VW #rare #ultrararevw photo.php-fbid=10157317895570310&set=pcb.1337592943087558&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARBS7Noe8CYF6y6eBNoERVg8lRNDgYUmXAAc.url photo.php-fbid=10157317895510310&set=pcb.1337592943087558&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARDlbhwYCRYbzhQb1nU8kjrx9un5oQgGvRCY.url photo.php-fbid=10157317895570310&set=pcb.1337592943087558&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARBS7Noe8CYF6y6eBNoERVg8lRNDgYUmXAAc.url photo.php-fbid=10157317895800310&set=pcb.1337592943087558&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARAc5AGiEChcwcM0R-Ef9t_jyFdsGqwz-E34.url
  8. CorradoCampaign

  9. Alzo

  10. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Looks lovely mate, is it a manual?
  11. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Black 3 door Highline.
  12. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Look forward to seeing some pics. Is it black or mulberry? 3door?
  13. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Dropped the VR down to the MOT place and will be collected tomorrow. I have little doubt it'll pass. I noticed I haven't even done 2000 miles in the last year. I'll have it valetted and then I'll list it.
  14. 1996 VR6 syncro 3dr

    1996 3dr Golf VR6 syncro Here we have my Golf VR6 syncro, I have owned this car for very nearly 5 years and it has been superb right from day one. Unfortunately these days I don’t have the time available to enjoy it to its potential, although it has been MOT’d every year and kept garaged the whole time. This is indeed a factory produced 3 door Golf VR6 syncro. It has 115,321 miles on the clock, comes with plenty of factory extras including Climatronic and heated seats, just under 12 months MOT and a solid engine and drivetrain. It is LHD as it left the factory, but please don’t let that put you off – it is very easy to get used to. The Golf is originally from Belgium, were it stayed for 2 years before going to a father and son in Sweden where is has spent most of its life. I was then sold to an Irish gentleman who was working in Sweden at the time and he owned the car for around 6 months and then sold it to myself. It is fully UK legal and registered correctly, no trouble at all with insurance, tax etc mainly because it’s a factory produced vehicle. Engine and gearbox: The engine is original and is a 2.9l ABV. VR6 syncros were fitted with the larger 2.9l VR6 engine, these benefit from a double (duplex) timing chain which is very quiet in this particular example with no rattling or odd noises. This engine is a real trooper and uses no oil or water. In the last 1000 miles it has had the following: HT leads, coil pack, rocker cover gasket, spark plugs, oil and filter. The PCV valve has been replaced and is working perfectly. It is fitted with a custom 3” air intake with hidden MAF meter with air flow straightener and large K&N air filter. This sounds as you’d expect from a VR6 and works perfectly. Drivetrain: Suspension is all standard and works well. The gearbox is quiet and changes nicely, the rear differential is also quiet and functions as it should and correctly disengages the freewheel upon reversing (allows 4WD in reverse). The brakes have had a large overhaul again in the last 1000 miles consisting of the following: Rebuilt and powder coated 312mm front callipers and Mk4 golf rear callipers both with braided hoses with new discs, fitted with EBC yellow stuff pads which all together provides some very reassuring braking power. The ABS system also had a couple of new sensors and works perfectly. Interior: Black heated leather is everywhere, all working correctly and in great condition, comes with genuine tailored mats also. The ABS and airbag lights light up and turn off as they should. The Climatronic is awesome and heats/cools very well indeed, all electrics from dash lights to windows function perfectly. It is fitted with a Toad alarm which is very good and works well. All the doors and ignition use the same key which is always nice. It had a new ignition switch fitted last year as it was getting sticky. It comes fitted with an Alpine mini disc player of all things – unfortunately I don’t have any spare mini discs to give the new owner but the radio works well! Exterior: The body is generally good, there is a Votex spoiler fitted to the tailgate with integrated brake light – quite a rare item when you go looking. The front right hand wing would want replacing ideally but is solid, the inner wind however is in great condition. Rear arches are very good, as is the underside and sills, they are particularly good for a mk3, probably due to its time spent abroad. It comes fitted with some mk4 golf steel wheels which are powder coated silver and lacquered, these look like G60 steel wheels as they have custom centre caps with bolt covers except they are 16” which is much more in proportion for a mk3, they are also needed to clear the 312mm brakes. The Golf is fitted with Goodyear eagle F1’s all-round which have masses of tread left. Other information: I have plenty of service documentation, receipts and old log books to go with the car both from abroad and the UK, I have the original clocks (in KM) with original mileage all recorded with DVLA paperwork. Also original LHD headlight glass, comes with two correct keys and alarm fobs all fully working. It has a Belgian fire extinguisher fitted in the passenger footwell – dated 1996 can’t imagine it’s much good now but fairly original! The number plates are set into the old Swedish surrounds. Overall this is a very rare car that is very functional and solid. With a little time and effort you could have something very special indeed. It is a car that I have enjoyed owning and always generates the right type of interest. I've only listed this on here at the moment as the forum has always been good to me though out the years. The UK pulled out its best weather for the photographs as you can see! Any of the wetness underneath is all water spray. If you need any more images please ask. I’d like £4000 GBP for this, any questions please ask away on here or else 07834559855. Located in Rugby, Warwickshire M6 J1
  15. trojakadam

  16. I have been forced into the decision to sell my 1997 Highline. It's a good little car which I've owned for 6 years. It needs the MOT renewing as it's been in the lockup for a couple of months. Once that's done I'll be listing it up here.
  17. For Sale Vortech V-9F supercharger VR6 12v complete kit The charger: In perfect condition, no damage on impeller or noise from bearings and seals. Perfect bearing end float. In standard form runs 13.5psi and 750cfm. (According to vortech spec sheets) The Kit: All mounting hardware and brackets Tensioner pulley Updated 2.87" pulley 7 rib tensioner belt 6 fuel injectors 4 Bar fuel pressure regulator ECU with map (Turbo technic I think I've never opened to look) Updated oil lines All intake and feed pipework Vortech recirculating valve Sorry I cannot confirm millage on the charger because of previous owner but this has been very well maintained and low usage over summer months only as it's been on two separate show cars. Kit runs around 300+bhp with additional cooler. Other than vacuum lines this is a plug and play kit. Reluctant sale to fund a new venture and looking for £1500 but will consider sensible offers but no time wasters. The Kit is located in Paisley Renfrewshire and work in Ayrshire so can arrange to meet within a reasonable distance. Happy for people to come and view too. Cheers Ryan [email protected]
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  19. As the title says I would like to find someone that is willing to trade his VSR Motorsport manifold for this. Let me know if you are interested!
  20. Olaj

  21. A sad day. Selling the rado..

    Good luck with the sale. [emoji1303] I was thinking of selling mine, but the market for them seems dead. Where golfs just seem to be on the up.
  22. Golf Mk3 Short Shifter

    I can still supply these incase anyone is looking for one. Dave
  23. A sad day. Selling the rado..

    https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volkswagen/corrado/volkswagen-corrado-vr6-------------------1995/10078780 Currently up on piston heads
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  25. [SOLD] VW Motorsport VSR inlet manifold

  26. A sad day. Selling the rado..

    I still have it actually. A few time wasters on the phone, yet nobody has even viewed the car! Looking to put it back on the market within the next few weeks.
  27. Vento VR6

    I need 17's......
  28. Shock Absorbers

    Hi, I can only answer for my experience of the Mk3 Vr6. I would always now go for Bilstein B4 (or above). I swapped out my yellow Koni's as they were just too stiff for everyday driving on pot holed roads. Cheers Pete
  29. The shocks on my 2012 Volkswagen Golf 2.8 VR6 are already worn out. What brand of shock absorbers should I replace it with? Something affordable yet durable please.
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