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  2. I’m no expert, but battery will be my first start.
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  4. Hi guys, newbie here but not new to Corrados. Just picked up a VR6 and having some start issues with it, had a previous problem like this with my G60 which it ended up being the negative cable corroded. What i am getting is i turn key and i can hear fuel pump etc. but when go to start there is one loud audible click, if i leave key in turn on position it will repeat click every 3-5 seconds until i stop. When i connect jump leads to it from my daily it starts no issues at all. Where should i start in fault finding problem?
  5. Had a few ups and downs with Chris Knott but finally Got a fair price this year, loads of respect for Kim, she has been consistent in her replies and was a pleasure to deal with. She provided a top notch service whilst working from home. Thanks [emoji1360][emoji1360]
  6. VW Passat VR6 2.8 automatic

    Have VW Passat Hiline estate for sale, £600 Failed it's MOT on a headlamp alignment. Needs replacement lamp unit. Based in Leicester, Western Park. Tel Stewart 07939 260996 [email protected]
  7. Vr6 turbo

    Nice [emoji1303]. Looking lovely [emoji4] well Jealous.
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  9. Hi Fella is it still for sale
  10. Jester321

  11. Vr6 turbo

    Progress update
  12. Wanted: Supercharger Set Up

    Hello all, I’m after a supercharger set up for my 12v OBD1 coilpack VR6 if anyone has anything for sale. Not too fussed on make as long as it’s in decent condition. Willing to travel to collect. Cheers all, Liam.
  13. hi all both these cars are up for sale

    hi all sold me vr6 to a good guy!! next plans r32 golf 😁😁 putting add up for dads mk 3 vr6 new price 2800 no offers at all priced to sell 97 plate very nice would make a nice standard vr6 red hot chill with mushroom leather loads spent. slight clutch chatter but does not affect the drive atall also matrix needed would make a good investment going up in value a must see car please phone 01524416979 123000 miles this is lowest price!! lovely car
  14. Rksvr6

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  16. hi all both these cars are up for sale

    the red one is still for sale all standard seriouse offers over 3000 please phone 01524416979 cheers bill
  17. CAR INSURANCE DUE SOON? Get a quote from partner Chris Knott before 31/8 and you'll be in our Summer draw to win this bundle... https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/news/win-chemical-guys-best-detailing-kit-chris-knott.html QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this forum when you call so you can access our special facilities for enthusiasts and club members. best, Nick
  18. VR6 12v Full Vortech V-9F kit

    Still for sale?
  19. hi all both these cars are up for sale

    hi all pleased to say the black vr6 has now been sold!! 😔 gone to a good lad and I'm pleased but the red one is still available!! thanks!!
  20. Zanned

  21. Warranty and Insurance

  22. brand new 1995 vr6 long block engine

    Thanks For your Suggestion but i'm still Looking to get this
  23. brand new 1995 vr6 long block engine

    No thanks it’s ugly American junk. That’s all I need to know Mr lol
  24. Matthew Quinton

  25. brand new 1995 vr6 long block engine

    Mr lol You don't know anything about this car search about it and then share your thoughts i have a client and he is ready to pay 15,000$ for this
  26. brand new 1995 vr6 long block engine

    Funny looking VW lol
  27. brand new 1995 vr6 long block engine

    I need caprice 1998 model with engine
  28. I can get my hands on some OEM 2.8 long blocks made in 1995 brand new no ancillaries any takers at £2250 each plus delivery
  29. Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    Awesome news [emoji1303]
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