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  3. Evening all. Anybody going to west side show next weekend?(26/9/2021).
  4. yea they run hot, all looking good tho just need to enjoy it
  5. All going well so far... have done a few more bits and bobs that I plan to post up about soon... just waiting on parts as per usual One thing that did take me by surprise was the effect on the coolant heat... I know that VR's tend to run a little hot anyway but even when I had the 20v in at 620hp the standard rad and cooling setup kept that at 90 degrees all day long... but for whatever reason if I go for a bit of spirited driving the water temps get to 100 (have seen 104 deg in the logs) pretty quickly and of course as I still use the oil/coolant heat exchanger the oil temps star
  6. You have an interesting problem there. The first three codes hint at wiring problems, as you've done the mechanical timing. I can't find your last code. 18728/P2296/008854 - Ross-Tech Wiki Fuel pressure regulator and wiring/connector. 16727/P0343/000835 - Ross-Tech Wiki Camshaft position sensor and wiring/connector. P0366 - Ross-Tech Wiki Other camshaft position sensor and wiring/connector. Maybe swap over the camshaft sensors, clear the codes and see if the error follows the sensor? P0366 mentions something about the Camshaft adjusters binding - cou
  7. I just recently picked up a 2009 vw cc with the vr6 24 valve engine. it was throwing some timing and camshaft position sensor codes. The HPFP and cam sensors both looked brand new, so i hooked it up to vcds and the timing was saying -0.11 so i assumed the timing was bad. ordered a complete timing chain kit that included everything. went ahead and changed the entire setup and double and triple checked the timing and all appeared good (not my first time doing it). Finished it all up and is still throwing codes p2296 (vcds 008854), P0343 (vcds 000835), p0366 (vcds 000870), and p0017 (vcds 000023)
  8. Yonatan

    VR6 for sale

    Hello Corrado aficionados I’m looking to sell my 1994 VW CORRADO that’s I’ve owned for 12 years now. Growing up as a family and there’s no time or income to spend on it anymore. Send me a email if interested in knowing more about it. thank you. Jonathan
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  10. Finally got the car booked in for a full respray with the glass out. Been tempted to get it done in another colour but iv decided to keep it in its original colour (mystic blue) , i was planning on getting the wheels done however i have seen a set I really like and the price seems good so might just take the plunge and pick them up so these will be up for sale with the tyres soon.
  11. I’m down in Somerset, what’s the mileage and history? How long have you owned it? Got any other pictures?
  12. I’m in Leeds come have a look and a listen make a sensible offer
  13. Jamie barr, how much and where atd you located?
  14. miulee


  15. Hi, You'll know us mainly for our [b]special car insurance facility that favours club members and enthusiasts[/b]. However, there are a range of other potential money-saving products available to you through our relationship with this forum too... [b]CAR INSURANCE:[/b] https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/carquote/?ref=ND0921 You can leave us a renewal date if you're not due now and we'll diary it to call you nearer the time. Discount for existing CKI car clients bringing extra vehicles. + [b]UK BREAKDOWN COVER:[/b] https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/rescue/
  16. Bit of progress with DSG related stuff.... After a bit of deliberation I acquired a different DSG selector... this one is from a Polo 6R (2011)... this 'should' work fine and is the same as one used by a friend of mine on a DQ500 gearbox.. it being from a 7spd vs 6spd should not make any difference as all it does is tell the gearbox what drive mode to be in or in manual mode to change up or down... My mate has retained the Polo knob and trim but its not the best fit... so I bagged an S-Line version... The other real difference on this selector s
  17. I need to sell her now as I don’t drive her so much anymore
  18. It’s done 103000 but I got a brand new engine from Vw which has done 7000 miles in it [emoji1303]
  19. Amy one have a golf vr6 breaking I need some parts. Right now I need a breather pipe.
  20. Hi all, just got back off holiday and my Mk3 Golf VR6 won't start. Turn the key and the dash lights up, I can hear a relay click and nothing. Battery is fully charged. I've jumped the solenoid from the 12v off the battery and the car starts. Could it be a dodgy ignition switch?
  21. Hey man, I know this is a long shot since it has been a while. But i am having the exact issue with my mk3 vr6, and have replaced the alternator twice now. Were you ever able to pin point what was wrong back then?
  22. So this happened!.... Initial run off the back of my tuning trip in 'Mexico' netted 485hp... this was at a shade under 1bar as I needed to tweak the imax up a bit for it to achieve the 200kpa request up top... Had a couple of runs just faffing but it was evident I was running out of spring rate in the wastegate as raising imax was having diminishing returns on boost... For the final map I bumped specified boost up at the top end to 210kpa as I was seemingly stuck at 490 odd hp... Boost map ended up as... ...with integrator
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