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  2. Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Hi Guys, time has come to break my P reg highline that I have owned for 12 years. All parts available except inpro headlights and carbon bonnet. Also the 2 front wings are rusty at the bottom. 3x sets of 3 door smooth side mouldings in black. £60 a set. Full black leather interior including door cards £300. Mk3 factory full wood steering wheel. Totally mint, it's been packed away for the last 8 years. £500 Totally smoothed front bumper with fk intakes smoothed in. Has one crack in it, but is covered up by the numberplate £100. rear bumper totally smoothed, has 2 cracks in it £80 Chrome mirror covers for original mirrors £30 All engine parts avalible
  3. Last week
  4. VR6 Golf Highline MK3 £4950

    Nice VR. Totally original
  5. nashlebanon

  6. mk3 Golf Vr6

    Hi mate what’s the bodywork and trim like on the passenger side can only see drivers side on your pics. Also what condition are the wheels in? cheers
  7. I am selling my VR6 Highline which is like selling a family member. It was my husbands company car from new in 1996 and he then bought the car from the lease company in 1999. It has been very carefully looked after and is garaged when not out and about. I am advertising it here with the VR6 Owners Club as I want it to go to a good home. If no interest I will place it in the motoring press. I would appreciate advise on the best forum to advertise it but it will probably be Autotrader. It has done 95500 miles and comes with a full service history. It is unmodified with the only addition of remote locking which did not come as standard. Black leather interior Heated front seats Rear wiper Wooden knob on the gear stick (only on Highline models) Electric windows Electric wing mirrors 10 Cd Player Very clean body which has been maintained at no expense spared Electric sun roof (tilt and slide) VR6 Engine in very good condition. Uses no oil. Only ultimate grade fuel is used I am only selling because I need an automatic. Doubt if there is a better one on the road.
  8. Good day guys i have a jetta vr6 obd2 my cluster is not working properly i checked 3 different clusters still the same issue what haooens is when i put my ignition on everything reads temp and everything the minute i start uo everything dies only the back light and indicators work and the handbrake light i have changed the ignition block problem still persists
  9. OH MY VR

  10. georgek

  11. WANTED- Golf Mk3 Air Filter

    Hi, I am in need of a standard mk3 golf vr6 air filter- ideally with all hoses and fittings? Cheers!!
  12. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    Was out a drive Sunday night and as reaching national speed limit, what i thought was lower cover i removed to change belt blowing away, turned out to be this.. If anyone has this part, bottom front lip of front offside arch liner please let know. Also need offside front spoiler half [emoji106]
  13. Golf v6 4motion BDE

    Sweet as [emoji41] Happy dayz indeed [emoji1303]
  14. Golf v6 4motion BDE

    Cheers mate. They're still about and car booked in for next week. Happy days!
  15. V6 4MO 24V BDE Tuning

    So happy i found this post. Can't wait to read every word like 10 times 👍
  16. Golf v6 4motion BDE

    Three year old post unsure if they are still about. Welcome to the party [emoji3060]
  17. MortenVR6

  18. Golf v6 4motion BDE

    Hi mate just joined and saw your post. I’m wanting to do this on my 2003 v6 4motion. Currently have scorpion cat back resonated and sounds r32 like a tiny bit but not loud enough nor any pops and bangs. How much difference did it make and did you have any issues with dashboard lights?
  19. thanks for all your help :/
  20. Unused engine rebuild parts

    Message sent
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  22. Mystic blue rust free wings

    Looking for a pair of rust free, Mystic blue wings. Let me know what you have available. Thanks
  23. Ford Escort vr6.

    Did you get this finished? Hope you did [emoji106]
  24. 1997 golf vr6 project rebuild.

    Long time since last post, but any updated pics of it? [emoji106]
  25. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    When the car arrived it had no grommet fitted below the aerial. Wee bit of silicone sealant evident. I purchased a "2 for less than 3 quid inc delivery" aerial grommet/seals supposedly suitable for mk3 golf. When fitted it became quite obvious the claims were nonsense. This introduced a drip into the car which a towel below the headliner was recruited to the stop the flood. VW couldn't find a part number when i called, but i found one online and ordered the kit from them; £11 Fitted today Part number for base seal, o-ring and nut is 3B0051751
  26. mk3 Golf Vr6

    Hello. I could be very interested in you Vr6. Can you give me your reg number for mot history. Also is there any clutch history with the car. Cheers Colin.
  27. Vr6 Corrado for sale

    Nice looking Corrado.
  28. 2.8 VR6 24v VF engineering stage 2 power numbers?

    Thanks really appreciate it just such little information online
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