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  2. Hi Ankit, 3Dr Dragon Green Vr 3Dr Black VrT Both for sale, drop me your number and I’ll forward you photos and details.
  3. Hi Looking for a well looked after and maintained golf VR6 3 door Ideally in the mystic blue but can consider. Supercharged or Turbo conversion would be a bonus Let me know cash ready!!!
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  5. It cost me just shy of £1000, i had the inner and outer sills done, jacking points (reinforced) all the arches where ever there was rust, floor panel as it was patched up previously by a cartoon character lol.. also the drain holes i got rid of. Still a long list of things to do before i send it for a full paint job. The Weather and "covid" doesn't help. Hopefully will start making time during the day to do the odd few jobs. If it was sat on my drive i would most likely crack on but now that the welding has been done i have dried stored it.
  6. Sounds like good progress! The list must be getting shorter hopefully, I'm still adding to my list! Sill welding looks neat, what sort of dollar did that cost . . . .
  7. Finally made some time today to get a few jobs done. Started by installing the new central locking pump in boot. Stood back made a prayer and pressed the button IT WORKS! Thats one thing out the way. Next was the heater blower and resistor, straight frwd job and what a relief it all works fine. Thats 2 things ticked if the TO Do list.
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  10. You sir are a legend! And you are correct i only have the issue on the driver side. I resolved the passenger side, my scuttle tray was split at the bottom therefore it pissed water in from the heater blower through the pollen filter.
  11. It’s running down from behind the dash. On the drivers side it’s coming from above where your accelerator pedal is. On the passenger side it coming from the right side of the floor pan. ( where your right foot would be if you where sitting in the passenger seat) I will post some pics when the screen gets cut out.
  12. Where about's did you notice water entering from? Mine seems like its coming from just above the fuse box area. Could possibly be trickling down sides and then ends up just above the fuse box. I actually read this somewhere, i did enquire about a screen and a re-seal as i feel it could be just what you said! It does look as though someone has done a poor job on sealing the windscreen especially on the driver side corner. I might just get a new one fitted but first i will try and clean the area and re-seal if this stops then I know for certain its the windscreen. Any tips on whats best to use
  13. I have similar water issues in the front foot wells. Turns out to be poorly bonded in windscreen. So it will be screen removed and roof painted next week (some penny sized rust bubbles where the roof meets the screen) and hopefully the same windscreen bonded back in if it, doesn’t break!!!!!. I will post some pics.
  14. Got the car back, lots of work done to it, so far its solid now no rust issues. Its dry stored now so At least its out the poor weather. I don't even have it in me to start work on it lol but i guess i will need to start on it. I think i will start by getting the new heater blower and new resistor in hopefully this will fix the heater blower issue i have (works on full only at the moment) then i guess its on to cleaning and degreasing the inside and start on some rust prevention paint.
  15. Hello i plan to install a supercharger in a Porsche Cayenne vr6 r36. Please tell me what Parts did you uses for Tour set up. Did you make ecm Tuning
  16. Ah - perfect - thank you for this - glad I gave you something to do 🙂 I had suspected the radiator switch - wasn't sure where it was ! I'll try to fit it - could I bridge this connector to confirm/rule out the switch at all ? Never heard of the resistor so a possibility but as you say - would always work at high speed ? Whereabouts is this - do you have any ideas ? Thanks again for your help - much appreciated.
  17. Thank you for that. I looked in to por15 aswel, ended up getting some hammerite underseal but i might just paint it with some damp proof pain
  18. Just been looking through the parts diagrams for a New Year's keeping busy task lol, there's the usual radiator 3 pin temp switch that is usually the hoses side of the rad just below the top hose, there's another oddity - looks like a fan series resistor is fitted for the various fan speeds like a heater fan resistor - so I guess if that goes faulty then the fan would only work in max mode (like the upper temp 105 deg switch being tripped). Items are 6: Fan Switch 1H0 959 481B for the 3 pin, there's a 2 pin listed as well 06A 919 501 A. The series resistor 2 is 7M0959506A and is only used on S
  19. I've heard POR15 is the stuff to use - I've never personally as I'm still using the last of a very old tin of Finnegans No1, the rust converters available (like Jenolite) can leave an acidic residue that starts the corrosion process again, so I avoid! Bare metal and good damp proof primer has been my method over the last 15 years or so. Finnegans (the makers of Hammerite) has changed a lot (the VOC content removed) so the stuff newer than 15 years old or so just doesn't seem as good. POR15 is available direct from them (US based), or from Frosts auto restoration here, big money tho
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  22. Morning all, Still running my trusty 1997 VW SHARAN VR6 ... 23 years later ! I have had a few cooling issues and now it seems both cooling fans have stopped running. One lower fan (AC controlled ?) used to run at high speed all the time (didn't realise there were 2 speeds) - this has stopped running all together - tried all settings on the AC climate control panel but will not run. The upper (main radiator fan) fan has also stopped running except for the ignition off over run - so rules out the fan not working etc. Leaves the following in my limited knowledge : Ma
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  26. Nice. Im just waiting to get mine back so i can start on it. What would you recommend to put on the floor pan to prevent any rust? I was going with some underseal or some other rust prevention paint. I will be having all new rubbers and underlay before the carpet is fitted
  27. Yep, 2 vr’s and an 8v GTi - apart from the blue 3 door now, I was after another VR6 after having one way back in 2005, that one was a low miler too but can’t imagine what the body is like on it now - there were a few bad bits developing on it then. Was still taxed and mot’d this year though - so a survivor! L942EPL, nice in satin silver and had the blaupunkt speaker shelfs in the back too. I’ve hot them in the grey 5 door too!
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