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  3. Bonnet sound proofing

    Nice looking VR you got there.. Yes think I'll source a new/try to get a new one then because as I say mines looking a bit shabby/tatty to say the least. Charger wise? I'm running a V3, and have been doing for nearly two years now and had it mapped again not so long ago, its pushing 290hp now which I'm more than happy with. Thanks for the input again though, its helped me make my mind up.
  4. The usual over and undersquare engine variances really that's all, all these engines are designed as low revving torque monsters like most VAG engines. You can make 600+hp on any of them really, read the description of this for example, not sure of the hp but the times would suggest a fair amount, likely 700+ as stock on a 12v, other engines pretty much similar in terms of durability; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmyWU3U_t6M Generally on oem bore/stroke peak hp is generally around the oem 6800rpm limit, even 1000hp ones with an 8500rpm have peak power at 6800rpm due to the fundamental dynamics from what I've seen, so no need for high revs for power, just gears. Bigger ports etc in R32 would ultimately flow more, same with porting/polishing/big valves etc but as said, a lot is in tuning and working out where you want power, even big ports can affect low end for the top... so 600+ is achievable on any, you want more low end, displacement increase, can affect max revs obv given over/undersquare changes, but where's the spool on your turbo, what power band are you happy with and so on? That vid you would think they're not too bothered about low end then for drag so no need to run low end keeping it in high revs and boost, unless he uses it daily in which case turning down the boost would help at the low end and spool......lot's to weigh up! Best bet would be to look at the logs/dyno plots of any and their respective set ups, plenty about on net and here in places. Also, if new to VR's, think low revving torque monsters & learn how to change gear faster! 7500rpm/1000hp/stock 02M example;
  5. Mk4 Golf V6 4motion

    Offer a price
  6. @RachyyDownes Have fun. Hope it goes well.

  7. I would like to see the torque and horsepower curves for a stock AES VR6 12-valve. I’ve spent considerable time searching online with no luck. Can anyone help me out?
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  9. Bonnet sound proofing

    Morning. Everyone has them thoughts lol when charging the car. What charger are you straping on? It will gather heat regardless. I run a VF9. For example, look in the US, those big arse Mustangs strapped with a Charger, the heat they produce, the climate compared to the UK, it wont make that much of difference so to speak. I had a Carbon bonnet initially on my Mk3 then sold it and put the original one back on. Left the jacket on, still produced nice figures on 6psi. If I remember correctly I had 267Hp. VF9. MJ.
  10. Bonnet sound proofing

    Thanks for the input guys. Was just wondering as I know they run a tad hot, but with the extra warmth from the Charger I'm a little unsure as to whether to keep (ie; get a new replacement) or do away with? Thinking of getting the bonnet wrapped and don't want it to bubble up with the heat? Was sort of thinking without it, it might get rid of the heat a bit better as I think the soundproofing is a bit of a heat soak and so keeps in unwanted heat in the engine bay area? That's just my take on it, whether that's true or not, I have no idea. Thanks again though..
  11. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    I took delivery of my third VR6 last weekend. I bought it blind off e-bay so rather than driving it home I had it shipped on a flatbed. A quick evaluation and I think it needs some steering bushes, wheel bearing on the rear and a new water pump. It'll need new sills at some point. The previous owner crudely screwed some GTi sill protectors to hide the rust. According to the paperwork it's done 2500 miles in six years, so it's a re-commisioning job. I bought it as a stop-gap while my other VR has the bodywork sorted so I don't want to spend loads on it. I want to get it running reliably and to get it through it's MOT next year. The plan then is to sell it unless it proved to be a good car, in which case I'll spend a bit more on it and stick it away for a few years. The seller had the car cleaned before I collected it and the interior is coated with silicon spray. It's horrible. Everything is slippery and leaves a coating on your hands. My arse is sliding around on the seat and my hands slipping on the steering wheel. The exterior looks like it's had a coat of WD40 on it! I've had to book a professional to come a do a full valet before I can use it. It's cool to see two identical black highlines on the drive
  12. Help please need the top radiator hose for my golf vr6 auto, Not having much luck would appreciate any help or leads to sourcing one
  13. Seann38

  14. We have one 32 running 560 hp. Bottom 32 forged end re built with upgraded pistons. Going for more power with better injectors. No difficulty and obviously FP upgrade and all depends on who maps your car. MJ
  15. Help please help me

    Knock and tap are 2 different things. Run the car and get a long flat head screw driver, place the tip on the Charcoal Cannister, ear to handle of screwdriver, if its not there place the Screwdriver on the inlet, same thing and listen. Doing an oil change if Lifters should make a change or change oil to thicker grade.. If its the lifters.. Mj
  16. Bonnet sound proofing

    I kept mines. On the Mk3 & 4. After the spray job i was worried about the laquer absorbing too much heat. We all know how heated these engines can get. The choice is yours. Plus quieter as the exhaust makes up for the Tone.. Jetex!! ❤️ lol
  17. They were not, anyway I took everything today to a machine shop to get it measured. Everything is perfect, bores are perfect, rods are also perfect not twist/stretched, perfectly balanced within 1g of each other, they said that the pistons (aside from these scratch marks) are also good, we still cant find any explanation for my knocking problem. Crankshaft is also perfect.... Im getting 1mm oversize pistons along with forged rods and r36 rod bearings, and to hell with it.
  18. Toolman

  19. Bonnet sound proofing

    Not needed neither of mine mk3 and 4 had them
  20. Assuming the bores were homed our etc before fitting these pistons?
  21. Bonnet sound proofing

    Hi all, quick question and peoples thoughts on the matter. Basically is the under bonnet soundproofing actually needed or not.? ie: is it just to deaden the noise from the engine or does it act as a heat soak to stop the outside of the bonnet from getting to hot and damaging the paint work? I see quite a few VR's (Golf & Corrado) without it and just wondered. Basic reason for asking is mine has seen better days and is looking rather tatty to say the least, so do I do away with it completely or do I buy a new one? That's obviously if its still a current item from VW...? Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts.
  22. 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor render By Ranger5g Based on Teaser Video Video Youtube: Ford Australia Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn View the full article
  23. Help please help me

    It could be the valve on the evap canister - this makes a tapping sound and can be quite loud if you've only been driving around town or doing short journeys. I'd put some decent petrol in it and take it for a longer 50 to 100 mile trip. See if that makes a difference?
  24. Need a vr6 motor

    Does this sound like your knock?
  25. This side (this is not my piston, random image from google)
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