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  3. Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    Sweet, like [emoji1303] I started mine up the other day ready for some nice drives, but I didn’t tax yet due to lockdown and only three days to go now. [emoji16][emoji1303]
  4. Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    Cooling down after a run today on my daughters birthday [emoji512]
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  6. pin trim


    well I have a spent loads on this car really to let it go for any less really smart car gets attention all the time there a good investment to buy atm loads of spares tons of history fortune spent on it mate.
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  9. dlemala


    Ideally want a black one. And i was interested until you increased price.
  11. Wanted vr6 highline - 3 door

    Where you located and what you wanting for this

    still got mine like but u know the price dads is still for sale
  13. Exhaust (CAT)

    Could anyone tell me if the cat on a mk4 r32 and a mk1 TT 3.2 dsg are the same? Fitment wise? I have both cars and the golf is half way through forced induction and would like the miltec sports cat on the TT. Help on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  14. 2000 T4 VR6 Auto Transmission

    hey guys I'm about to buy my 1st T4 VR6 Van and the lady owner is saying she's had to spend £2000 on the transmission recently. That's all the info I have on that. So are these renounde for having transmission problems?? As I don't want it to bite me in the ass lol. Thanks in advance.
  15. Rxpdarkbox

  16. Wanted vr6 highline - 3 door

    If you get thirsty, I have a Highline 4dr in DE. 95.5 Golf VR6.HEIC
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  18. Hi Guys I've had this issue for some time now, and decided to tackle the issue whilst in lockdown. I ordered some silicone pipes and joiners to refresh the coolant pipes for my VR. As I have MK4 V5 gearbox in my MK2 this has caused a bit of a headache with regards to coolant pipes. First off, i had to run the MK4 Thermostat housing which caused problems using MK3 VR6 or Corrado VR6 radiator pipes. The lower radiator pipe to the thermostat housing was making contact with the shifter tower on the gearbox, so some hacking/bodging was required there. The top radiator pipe (running a Corrado VR6 radiator) required some modification to make fit. I decided to replace the OE hacked rubber ones for silicone variants using all sorts of bends and connectors from viper performance. However i'm still getting leaks ultimately ending in overheating. Under heavy load, i'm getting coolant coming out of the aluminium connectors or in once instance actually blow the radiator pipe off completely! Frustrating given the money i spent on coolant pipes, joiners and coolant whilst the issue still remains!!! Problem is, they have to be cut and tailored due to what i mentioned above, i cant simply buy the like for like silicone VR6 pipes. So Im wondering, those who have run this set up or have previously, what pipes they have used? Or set up they have or had so i can sort this annoying problem once and for all! Thanks
  19. Chris Knott is still fully operational and winning customers. Personal service means that when you speak to a member of our team you're directly ensuring that person's employment - so thank you! Get a quote for your VR6 (or your non-club cars) before the end of June and you'll be in with a chance of winning this great post-lockdown prize too. To find out how much you could save on your car insurance, call forum partner Chris Knott on 0800 917 2274 or use the widget on our website -> https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/CarQuote/?ref=BMT2020 - to request a callback. best, Nick
  20. Wanted vr6 highline - 3 door

    Hey all, old school member here from many moons ago, finally back in a position to ignite my passion for the VR, please message me if anyone looking to sell a well looked after roadworthy example. Look forward to seeing and collecting asap [email protected] 07903664686
  21. pin trim

    Hi Guys I hope you are all well. I would really appreciate some help finding the trim for the door pins on my VR6, ( black leather interior, I am not sure if it matters). I have spent a while searching and cannot find them as a separate part or for sale. Mk1 and Mk2 ones are available as a separate part. If anyone has a couple for sale please get in touch.
  22. VR6 read badge

  23. Rear OS door

    I have a rear door which someone can have for free if they come & collect it. Left over from a purchase where I only needed the wiring loom, most parts are stripped off the door, see photos. The paintwork is not bad, a few scratches and chips. I can't tell if the colour is very dark blue or black! I have a Mystic Blue car and I'm sure this door is darker than that.
  24. VR6 read badge

    Hi, Looking for OEM VR6 rear badge in South Africa please message me [emoji1360]
  25. Is the supercharger a kit or just the supercharger?
  26. VR6 12v Full Vortech V-9F kit

    Still for sale?
  27. Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    Omg They are taking the piss. Get on to eBay and make a complaint. This is why I stopped using fee bay to many Jokers.
  28. Anybody able to shed some light on how I should be wiring relay 167 in to a ce1 fuse box am losing my mind [emoji85]any help much appreciated[emoji106]
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