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  3. It's just the right brake light. Don't know for sure whether it's full on/off or somewhere between. Hmm, not looking forward to this journey. Any good guides to follow for this?
  4. The brake light is one circuit: Fuse20 -> Brake pedal switch -> Left brake bulb -> Right brake bulb -> common ground in hatch -> common ground in boot So check your brake bulb or the connection with the bulb holder? Does your brake light flicker full brightness (on / off), or does it dim - like a bad earth? Is it both brake lights? Could be the brake pedal switch? The ABS does know when the brake pedal is pressed or not, so could be related? Also, the list of systems affected does make me think a bad earth is causing voltage drops -
  5. Hi Phil, I haven't had a chance to check the brake system though I'm more and more convinced it's an electrical issue but seemingly effecting the right side of the car. My right brake light flashes on and off intermittently (confirmed by someone driving behind me) and the driver's side electric window occasionally has a mind of it's own and just goes up and down randomly. I should also add that it's not just the ABS light coming on the actual system engages too. Would that all make sense that somehow it was all down one side?
  6. That’s why I asked for your number mate so it’s easier to communicate. I have a 3dr Vrt for sale yes
  7. Im not the one selling lol im interested in the vrt but no heard anything back
  8. Umar send me your contact number via DM please
  9. Hi, No gimmicks or competitions this month, as we don't want you to lose sight of the real reason you should try us for your car insurance... If you like a person-to-person service that also offers competitive quotes for car club members and enthusiasts, you should be talking to us. You can call us FREE on [b]0800 917 2274[/b] or complete brief contact details at the link and we'll aim to be your best option this year. https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/carquote/?ref=979 Just a quick question to help us plan for our new website coming soon.
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  11. I bought a set of Samco hoses (a while back). The only dealer who actually returned a phone call was Merlin Motorsport. Give them a call (with your chassis number) and they should supply you a single Samco hose? Worth a call to them. Also, just looked on ebay and there is a new set of Samco hoses for under £90! You have to read the description carefully, as it sounds too good a deal... Silicone Coolant Hose Kit For VW Golf MK3 VR6 2.8 V6 1994-1998 Black | eBay Good luck!
  12. Excellent result! Ensure the locking bar (running along the middle of the connectors on the back of the fuse box) is slid all the way over, so it is flush with the side.👍
  13. hi guys, i have a real big problem my vr6 broke down one of my water hoses is busted it s the one that runs from the heater radiator to the engine on the back ik has one extetion in the middle. this runs 2 the throtle body and the temperture sensor is also on it can anybody tell me where i can get one of these hoses? cause the dealer stopt makin them in 2014. and on t he after market i only find hoses without the sensor
  14. Had a few more bits turn up last week... as I have been debating over what to do with the transfer box issue I bagged an R32 transfer box so I could at least work out if there is any point modding the gearbox to take the TT one... On the face of it they look the same but... there are a couple of subtle differences... one being the overall length of the through shaft to the right hand drive cup... there is about 10mm difference which of course changes the amount of engagement to the diff once fitted... this suggests that if I leave the box unmodded then the R32 transfer box would be
  15. Sorry for the delay... think I've sorted it! Had a good going through the wiring under the drivers side of dash, all okay. Checking behind the fusebox I found a plug not quite seated correctly, think it was plug G1 or G2 (tricky to see behind in there). Since clicking it back in correctly (& making sure the rest are seated tight) it's been as good as gold... even feels better to drive. Thank you to everyone that contributed for your time and knowledge on this issue... Cheers guys.
  16. Hi Guys and Girls, This is my first post and an introduction to my Mercedes Vito W638 VR6 2.8l rebuild. Upon taking delivery of the bus (currently being converted to an overnight/Camper) I was surprised to find out the previous owner had decided to use rad weld to hide the leaking head gasket and busted radiator/ thermostat housing. I've never owned or worked on a VR6: and so far I'm really impressed by the actual engine and can wait to fire the Lady up...
  17. Thanks for that Philly, much appreciated. Will hopefully get some garage time this week to go deeper and report back. Cheers.
  18. The dealer-fit scorpion alarm cuts three circuits - the starter, the coil and fuel pump. Intermittent problems are difficult to fix as you don't know if you are measuring the real value or the intermittent... You need to determine if the coil or fuel is the problem (or both!). The fuel pump could be immobilised through the signal from the ECU (to stop the relay energising) OR the wire from the output of the relay to the fuel pump. You could put a 12v LED across the fuel pump - so you can see if there is 12V across it. Beware that the fuel pump is controll
  19. Hoping that someone can help me, as this has got me completely baffled... 1994 Corrado VR6 intermittently cuts out for no apparent reason: No misfire, stutter or change in engine character before it cuts out - just an instant stall, dead. Fault can happen when car is sat idling or when it's being driven, more likely to occur when car has been running for more than minutes and warmed up. Car runs perfectly outside of this fault, it's just sailed through it's MOT, emissions readings are spot on - car behaved perfectly through it's test, but stalled on it's way
  20. Thanks for keeping this going. I'm on my 3rd motor in my second mx5! golf seems to be the only reliable one! 1 out of 3 has to keep running lol i've been buying hardware in the back ground though, just need to make an intake for it and i'll get on with it once i've finished rebuilding this 2.3 turbo in the mx5 and fixed a broken ringland in the other mx5!
  21. has anyone got the above they want to part with bless
  22. One subject I would like to touch on that I feel is important for anyone reading this revolves around the ECU I am using.... back when I was running the 1.8t I was on the OE ME7.5 ECU using a MAF sensor... this was fine for the early stages of the cars development but when I rebuilt the engine into a stroker with the GT3582r the limitations or running a MAF and the OE ECU became very apparent... At the time the alternatives were either very limited on features or stupidly expensive... at the time I was having real issues with cruising in so much that I was running a fairly short 10
  23. UPDATE: Sorry I've not posted anything, been out of the car game for a while now. Tunerpro was buggy for me and I don't need to use it so I didn't piddle about much with it.... but I'm patching together a big, correct BDE def so I've got one to hand and I'll put up pertinent info as and when I can. The 032CN file on the net is quite good for picking things out but it can be a bit off - like the ME7.5 20vt lot, you'll get incorrect defs and all sorts which is why it takes time to make sure it's right, plenty of reversing etc. *** I'm using the file I requeste
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