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  2. Viarecta sind rein natürliche Kapseln, die die männliche Potenz und Ausdauer im Bett verbessern und eine gute Prostatagesundheit fördern. Die Pillen verkaufen sich in Europa sehr gut – rund 7.000.000 Exemplare sind bereits in den Händen zufriedener Kunden in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Die offizielle Website bietet einen normalen Preis und viele Aktionen. Es hat sogar einen Online-Rechner, der die empfohlene Dosierung basierend auf Ihrem Alter, Ihrer Größe und Ihrem Gewicht anzeigt. Der Hersteller freut sich sehr, dass es in Foren so viele positive Erfahrungen zu Viarecta gibt. Di
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  4. First job of the day...well... the afternoon... PAS pipework sorted... for now Next task was to look at the brand new FEBI ball joints as they didn't appear to be tightening up despite loading them up under the weight of the car with the jack... undoing them and having a look in the daylight (was getting dark yesterday when I was doing them up) I soon saw what the issue was... Seems the taper of the ball joint is protruding past the nut face and all I was doing was tightening the nut to the protrusion
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  7. New on here and finally have my MK2 just got my 12v vr6 and 5 speed transmission beginning of a build I wanted since 16yrs of age here I am at 42 starting excited and nervous where I’m not that mechanical but willing to have swap done by mech and all Bolt one my self let the journey begin
  8. Hello,I have had a chance to dismantle the rear light fittings as you suggested and I have found a corroded plug and terminal to the NSR light fitting which I’m sure would cause earth issues you described. When I used a direct earth from the light fitting to the battery neg terminal the fog light warning switch tell tale light did not flash, so hopefully I’ve found the culprit.I just need to clean this all up now and improve the earth situation for the light fitting I hope 🤞 Thanks again for your help.attachment.php?attachmentid=38721&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=38722&stc=1
  9. Flexi for the oil drain finally arrived so Alex welded it up... Happy days... cracked on putting the car back together... Yes... the PAS pipework isn't where its supposed to but there is a reason for that... Some idiot had put a gert gearbox in the way and not told it!!!.. I will need to get hold of the right return pipe at some point to replace this... but in the mean time the disc cutter came out to play Need to clean up the end
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  12. Sorted the issue out and thought I would update for future readers with an area to check with a similar issue. My main ecu harness had gotten snagged in the coilpack screw and broke two wires, broken wires replaced, soldered and sorted.


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  18. turned out to be coincidental of trying the new keys there was a wire loose in the boot that feeds the interior courtesy light, it was hanging down so I plugged it into the rear light cluster where it fitted perfectly But it caused the indicator light to be permanently lit on the opposite side of the cluster fitted the wire back to the courtesy light and problem solved
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  21. How cold weather affects the human body: We all experience cold weather differently. If you are tall, you tend to become cold faster than a shorter person. Taller people have a bigger surface area; meaning heat is lost from the body quicker. Even though people react to cold weather differently, as a species we are extremely adaptable. What happens when we get cold? The human body has several defense mechanisms to try and boost our core temperature when it gets chilly. Our muscles shiver and teeth chatter. Our hairs rise and our flesh forms 'goosebumps' - a kind of ev
  22. Hello, Thanks for your comprehensive reply it’s appreciated. As soon as I have a chance to follow through your advice I’ll provide an update. Thanks again


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