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  2. Mk3 golf vr6 highline

    How much?
  3. Matty's Golf mk4 R32 Turbo 4 motion

    Starting to shine now Excited to see the car with the windows in now. Painter said it will be done next Friday [emoji51]
  4. hi guys i have a mk3 vr6 and im havine engine issues it seems to bog down and run badly under acceleration and the engines revs pace up and down when its cold it generally runs ok once warmed up a little is when it starts im new to the european cars and am unsure what it is thats causing it when i take off from a stop i have to pump the gas pedal to get across intersection and it sorta dies then takes off then dies then takes of
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  6. carter100

  7. Mk3 golf vr6 highline

    Hi ash is car still available can u phone me 07807010583 thanks chris.
  8. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    I just chipped the finish o one of the wheels. F*ck! One wheel is on it's way back to the refurb place. £65 quid wasted. Had the thermostat and housing replaced on the 'spare' VR' and it's finally running well.
  9. Post the last photo of your car!

    New centre caps
  10. Tax

    Been pictures of cars with spacers and it looks ace. Nothing drastic, just a few mm. We've not had a proper look at suspension yet but it'll be shocks as well as springs. -30/-40mm all round
  11. Tax

    Sounds like a recipe for some nice noise. I bought some eBay "special" coil overs for my vr6 many years ago .... It can go around a bend but the ride is a bit harsh, how you planning on lowering it? And you shouldn't need any wheel spacers.
  12. Tax

    That's OK them. Set my mind to rest that it was wrong! Quite pleased with it. Its done less than 84k. Few bits to do. Someone in their wisdom has cut a chunk out of the bumper to put a tow bar on it, so that needs rectified. Both wings are just beyond saving but we've just got a pair from vw herritage. It'll get lowered, wheel spacers, exhaust and induction kit.
  13. Tax

    That's a standard tax class, my 420d and vr6 is the same class. That looks nice and tidy how much is it setting you back?
  14. Tax

    Hi all. Just picked up this vr6 Its registered as private/light goods....... I'm thinking that's not right. What are your golf vr6's tax class?
  15. Z engineering on standard injectors

    New green spring fitted running much better.now need to relearn ecu since its been powered down so long.good excuse to blip the right foot
  16. Matty's Golf mk4 R32 Turbo 4 motion

    I am too. With the 10” wide wheels I have there was no chance but on the 9”s they just sneak in.
  17. I agree the painter looks very good, almost looks like he can skip polishing. I'm amazed out how much tire you got to fit as well.
  18. Matty's Golf mk4 R32 Turbo 4 motion

    Received some more pictures from my painter today. I think the car is looking amazing considering that is straight out of the gun. Can’t wait to see it polished with all the panels back on [emoji3]
  19. Watty

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  21. Mk1 caddy Vr6 24V turbo

    Yes, I'm 33 and I'm in love with mk3's even when my dad has a Mk1 caddy currently installing a 1.8T 20v engine.
  22. Mk1 caddy Vr6 24V turbo

    Yes, this is coming common around here, 24v, 3.2, 3.6 swaps into mk1's. I still loving the 12v.
  23. Kvr6

  24. 2K_Jetta_VR6

  25. AAA code mk3 golf for sale

    Is this still for sale ? Where are you located thanks mark
  26. Mk1 caddy Vr6 24V turbo

    Looks mad and sounds brilliant. My son (37) has been banging on about Mk1 Caddys recently. Ever since I lent him my Mk3 Gti he's turned into a right Dubhead!!
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