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  3. There's an ABT golf grill just available on Facebook market place
  4. @Doublestout42Good to see some progress. Funny how the engine bay looks huge......until you put an engine in there and suddenly every millimetre counts! I didn't realize how chunky the gearbox is on the VR6. And those are some quality tyres you've managed to get your hands on.☺️ We have made a decision on our engine and after a long chat with one of the guys at Aeon he convinced me to go with the Jaguar V6. We picked it up yesterday and I'm really happy with it. 97,000 miles, engine is very quiet, it has history and an mot until the summer. All for 750 of your English pounds and I didn
  5. I’ve managed to find one, but i’d still be interested in buying it if it is an ABT one as a spare
  6. Hi I have a 2002 MK4 golf V6 4motion in 5door in West London If interested inbox me
  7. Have you got a picture? I think I might have one in the loft...
  8. Hi,Chris Knott's Virtual Show & Shine 2021 is now open for entries from this forum's members.We're all missing the local car shows and club events that usually start around this time of year, so why not take part in our online Car Show this April/May instead.It's really easy to join in and there are two prizes up for grabs - one winner will be chosen by us and one will be chosen by you based on LIKES.Full Details: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/news/car-insurance/virtual-show-shine-2021/HOW TO ENTER...***FACEBOOK or TWITTER1. Click the relevant link to our Virtual Show & Shine post:Faceb
  9. Need magazine on this trying to decide if I'm going to go turbo or supercharger
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  11. Hi people my clutch has gone on my mk3 golf vr6 12v aaa 0b2 I ordered a Luk clutch coming from euro car parts with there Easter sale just wondering is it worth getting a g60 lightened flywheel would that make any difference in performance or is it a waste of time please let me know
  12. Hello folks. I am in search of a 12v head gasket spacer (used is fine), I suppose 8.0 or 8 5:1 for an AFP MK4 engine. I also need a new MLS gasket and 20 head bolts. I might also want a black oil filter housing threaded cap and oil pump. I am in Ohio and can pickup these parts unless you can ship to me. Thanks. Jefferson
  13. @Zangie just for interest, here is a shot of our second test fit of the VR6 into the Aeon engine bay. The first attempt showed quickly that the aircon and power steering pumps were clashing with the back of the engine bay. Having stripped those off as we won't use them anyway, it goes in much easier. We can now see, as per these shots, what we need to do for engine mounts. They will be custom of course, an inverted "U" shape on the gearbox side, likely the same as other Aeons that have used the 02M gearbox attached to 1.8T 20v units, and then we will ditch the standard aluminium bracket on the
  14. Soulslider70


  15. Hi Mate, see here - its quite old now but should give you an idea. or you could delete and go with a catch can cheers steve
  16. Yeah it’s a strange one as the vcds didn’t pick up a reading so wondering if the sensors arnt great. Got HAAS ones off eurocar parts. Two Bosch ones were out of budget atm. Definitely looking to try the cheaper/free stuff before spending any big money. Lad in another group said he had same symptoms and it was his vvt solenoids. Cleaned them up and was fine after so will consider that if all else fails and end up taking things to bits
  17. Ooh, that's in interesting error code! 17748/P1340/004928 - Ross-Tech Wiki (ross-tech.com) That code does point to timing chain - as you have replaced the sensors. The chains could have stretched if they are due - check the mechanical timing after cleaning your throttle body, before spending more money?
  18. Thanks for the reply Phil, Error code on vcds was 17748, I’ll have a look through Ross tech. Going to have another look at all hoses etc, the local garage did do a smoke test and couldn’t see any leaks but will check everything again. Throttle body does seem to be dirty so going to take that off and give it a good clean.
  19. Hi Ben, What is the actual error code for the camshaft sensor? You can look it up on the Ross Tech wiki for further inspiration: 00515 - Ross-Tech Wiki (ross-tech.com) You could also have an air leak (at some point after the MAF sensor). Maybe way too much air for the fuel? Also, could the throttle body be clogged with dirt? I don't know how those throttle bodies handle idling. Phil
  20. Plug gap should ALWAYS BE CHECKED!!!
  21. Hey guys Looking for some help/advice My golf is running rough and trying to figure out what’s going on. It won’t start unless I also press on the accelerator, it’s cranking fine but as I said no ignition unless I floor the pedal. It’s idle is off but is steady above 20k revs. Only error codes I’m getting consistently are camshaft sensors, which I have changed but no change to the issue. I’ve had vcds on it to try and check the timing but couldn’t get a reading so that seems strange too. But no noise coming from chains etc and as I said it’s happy enough at higher revs so wond
  22. You are correct - it is the blue wire on the yellow sender. The Black sender is to tell the ECU the temperature. These sensors vary their resistance according to temperature - when cold there will be a big resistance, when hot there will be a low resistance. Guage and Instrument Testing with Special Tool VW 1301 (bentleypublishers.com) To prove the gauge works, short pins 2 and 3 on the yellow connector with a paper clip (or similar) and see if the gauge indicates full hot. Once the gauge works, check the resistance across pins 2 and 3 of the yellow sen
  23. temp guage is not working on my corrado 1995. it has 3 sensors, yellow 4 pin, blue 2 pin, black 2 pin. from what i gather, correct me if im wrong its the blue white wire on the yellow 4 pin connector i need to be looking at? thers no votage on the blue white wire, i assume if it had voltage and was grounded temp should show max? similar to the fuel level sender. is there a dedicated fuse for this circuit? i looked at cluster whires but they are all white so makes it hard to isolate a wire problem.
  24. Was thinking the same myself 😆
  25. I guys am after this part am new to the vr6 work and will need a lot of help thanks
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