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  2. Wanted a vr6

    I'll be selling when my Highline is back from Body shop next month. It has fresh 12mth MOT now.
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  4. VR6 Highline MK3 Mulberry for Sale

    Mate 800 I'll take it of your hands mate
  5. Wanted a vr6

    Beutifull ma5e wh3n is it ready to sell
  6. Wanted - VR6 Coolant expansion tank.

    Fair point. Just had a look on Fleabay again, the sellers called Boltonbits. sells all sorts of bits/parts for cars. It does say fits all Mk3 Golfs from 1.4 to 2.8? Worth an email maybe, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say..
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  8. Wanted - VR6 Coolant expansion tank.

    Cheers. The GTi tank I bought was off ebay and was advertised as a VR6 tank, so I'm wary of the sellers. I thought if someone on here had one they're sure is from a VR6 I'd be happier.
  9. Selling due to timing chain failure don't have time to source a new engine or get it rebuilt as I have just bought a new vehicle as this was being used as my daily. Good points about the car are the interior is immaculate with red and black leather Trim original BBS alloys could do with a refurb new Jerez exhaust full decat. Engine was on 135k new clutch a few months ago. Comes with all paperwork and V5 document only bad point about the car is that the transmission crunches in 3rd gear need to recover the vehicle or tow it if you want it as this is a non runner. You can contact me on 07516121464 would like 500 for it Manchester area
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  11. Wanted - VR6 Coolant expansion tank.

    Look on Ebay, sure I've seen some (after market mind) brand-new for around £20-£25.. Worth a look
  12. Help

    Can someone diagnose this please, initially thought the engine had seized but it hasn't but there is no compression in some cylinders, the mechanic thinks the timing chain has snapped. Can someone give it a listen please IMG_5062.MP4
  13. Wanted - VR6 Coolant expansion tank.

    Still looking! The Gti tank I fitted seems to work OK but I'm only doing short journeys round town.
  14. Hi guys just subscribed today im in the middle of converting my 16v Corrado to Vr6 using a mk3 obd2 donor. Can anyone identify what these 2 plugs are for? Thanks in advance
  15. Vr6 damper

    Morning guys! After a damper box for my vr6 part number 021 133 429a. (Pic attatched) Looked all over the internet with no luck so hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction! Many thanks in advance guys
  16. Help please

    Bit of a bummer they'd didn't do timing chain at same time as the rebuild £550 sounds a bit steep for an engine, but there again if its only done 72k I don't suppose its to bad, and obviously as you know get the timing chain done before its fitted. I think doing a strip down and rebuild of your original engine as and when you've got the funds is a good idea, if I were doing it I'd have the crank reground and balanced, the bores honed and then put new rings in and whilst the heads off have it gas flowed and put in some fast road cams from the likes of Schimmel, Schrick or Autotech etc, but that's just me...
  17. VR6 HT Leads

    5 x HT leads for a VR6 - I ended up snapping one when replacing the spark plugs on my Corrado and had to buy a full set. I only needed one hence there's only 5 here, maybe useful if someones done the same or has a dodgy lead that needs replacing. Sadly I sold the car years ago so these are now surplus to requirement. £10 inc. postage.
  18. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Today i wrapped the centre console around the air con knobs and the ash tray also wrapped the rear spoiler i will post a pic in the morning! If anyone wants anything wrapped i do 100 quality for less than half the price anywhere else!
  19. Will The Legendary VR6 Survive?

    Ignore awful typing, quick type on a phone lol
  20. Will The Legendary VR6 Survive?

    Somenof the reasojingbin thisbis good... some absolute rabble. But not a bad read overrall
  21. You know you want to give me the tickets! Great job guys keep up the awesome work. 🖒✌🎟 please?
  22. 3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Hi All, I think I’m in the right place for my engine. I bought a 2007 3.2 V6 VW Eos last year and joined the Eos forum for general information and tips about the actual car but I haven’t really learnt much about the engine yet and thought I’d be better off joining an engine specific forum. I will read through some threads before I start asking questions but thought it best if I give a quick hello first. Take it easy, KristLee.
  23. Wanted: Low Mileage 3dr 96 onwards VR6

    I have one but 100000 new engine tho not a rebuild done 15000
  24. Help please

    I've managed to find an engine with 72k for 550. I would do a rebuild mate but it's gonna cost more than putting another lump in with a new timing chain. Im gonna keep the engine out of mine and gradually re build it when I have the money, plus I wouldn't have a clue wtf I'm doing 😂 just going to have to get to know the vr inside and out so I can eventually do a rebuild. Thing is my engine got rebuilt in Feb 2016 but they didn't put a new timing chain on with 130k on the engine. I only bought the car under the impression it had been done got receipts for rebuild just not timing chain. Which is why I think it finally went unfortunately 😭 I'm just waiting for a price to put engine in and do timing chain by local mechanic before I commit to it. What would you say best course of action is ?
  25. Help please

    Gutted... Not be better off taking the engine out of yours and do a rebuild..? Buying a second hand engine may have more problems than its worth, save on second hand and spend on yours instead? Seems a bit drastic to break it, if you're gonna sorn it, you might as well sorn it and work on the engine...
  26. Alan Birch

  27. Help please

    To high mileage
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