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  1. Evening all. Anybody going to west side show next weekend?(26/9/2021).
  2. Getting prepared and paint. Sorry ain’t go no pics of metal work completed and premiered.
  3. These above pics where taken a year ago just before Christmas. Found out my front seals under the side skirt kit thing, first 4 inches on both sides where mush. So off the the weilders for that to get sorted. so 2 weeks ago it went to the painters for a couple of bubble rust spots to get sorted above the top of the screen where they meet and front screen to be bonded back in properly( was leaking like mad). Then found some more rust under the roof rubber strip things. So these pics are of before repairs and some after painted.
  4. Ok. After many years of owning my vr and going to one Vr6oc rr day. ( many years when people like minty, binliner, six appeal, vr monster, Pedrox. Was floating around here) Also Harry’s Vr6 thread, I thought i should post some pics. So here goes:
  5. Hello. I am after a bonrath power rohr intake pipe. ( well I think that’s what the thing is called) The one after the MAF, but before the throttle body. must be in good condition. cheers.
  6. been a very long time( since summer) what with a blown up pc and being broke i havent even checked the site. Looking good though. big up pete and the rest of the admin team. !amazed
  7. work as a account clerk for a satelite tv provider.
  8. havent planned anything. but going to jungle fever on nye day.
  9. sorry to hear that. But all I can see is the road in the pic.
  10. the torque is standard rating. i thought with all your mods you would have got more. That just me thoughts.
  11. very nice indeed. nice to see some vr's from over the pond.
  12. oh f-me. some people have some bad sh*t happen to them. I love the scubber diver one. very very good.
  13. so then your getting there. can't wait to see the finished product.
  14. could have a dodgy ing switch behind the ing barrel. Does the key flick back after youv'e switched the engine on ?or does it stay in one place and allow the starter to grind against the flywheel ?. More infor reqired to solve your problem.
  15. I am getting one of them soooonnnnn.Yummy
  16. bloody hell shoe horn. More anybody got a tub of lard and a rope to pull him in from the otherside..!!! by chance did that r5 have a different frnt end on it. if so that was quick last time I went to santa pod.and its got a vnt or vnd turbo onit.
  17. Its hot. Justin your vr looking sweet.
  18. oh. I am with binliner this is one of my fav golfs. Wow its hot. But my only concern is that the vr front head lights are crap @ 100mph + with to sets of bulbs working.What would it be like with only one bulb in the vento head light..... ? Ps I dont condon speeding well not over here
  19. yes i got them but haven't fitted yet. Been told they really good. It will deffo make the fan come earlier to bring down the temp and the thermostat opens early too. so yeah it should help in theory
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