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  1. Hey I'm looking to install a small amp under the passenger seat to drive the door speakers. Does any one have/know of some install pics of an amp instsalled under the seat in a golf? Also any advise on the install would be great. I'll post some pics when I get this done. Cheers As
  2. Ooooh Cadman has competition for mr 'December' now..... Oi, that's cadguy to you babe And there's no competition, Ben wins games down...
  3. Haha' date=' book me in then, I do a great drapped over the bonnet pose [/quote'] Oh yeah? Not new to this then?! you'll have to give me some pointers.... We are gonna have the best calendar... FACT,,,, :) Said in true carlsberg stylee.... 'If the VR6OC did a calendar.... it would be the best calendar in the world...' lol Yeah i'll give you some pointers. Come over to my 'studio', and i'll point away...
  4. Haha, book me in then, I do a great drapped over the bonnet pose
  5. haha, yeah someone said the same thing at or show (or was it at the Ring)
  6. What sort of air ride were you thinking Anna
  7. To be honest i took my time, some sections i rewrapped cos i wasn't happy with it, and was watching tv at the same time
  8. 15m, 20 ball ties, 1/4" overlap, wet wrap to aid application. Mines held for 3yrs http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?105090.post
  9. contact stealth, regal, or storm developements
  10. I went with a Jetex in the end. Got the biggest that would fit (which is pretty damn big)
  11. Not gonna be able to make it this year (again). No job at the mo and weighing up the fact I might need to sell her
  12. Glad you sold your motor mate, but sorry to see it go. Good luck with the house...
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