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  1. BUMP from nearly 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!! still have this but it may be breaking soon... if anyone is interested in any parts - vr6oc people come first!! before ebay and e38 and the others!!!! gimme a pm if anything you may be interested in..
  2. The VR engine thread....

    not too bad matey.. bit of polish and a wipe down regularly keeps it good. if you can be bothered....... which i havent for a while.. doh!!
  3. The VR engine thread....

    thanks dudes.. daily'd for a long time like that too... needs redoing though really, has got a bit manky recently...

    i will probably be there, only about 10 mins from me!
  5. Mk3.5 cab interior into a golf vr6

    dash, front seats, door panels will fit. rest is totally diferent..
  6. Radiator Hose 1H0 121 101 A

    that part no. is a top rad hose for a 1.8, so yeah two jubilee clips, lots of water mess, refit and refill..
  7. Quick heater matrix question, some 1 must know

    thats how i did mine dude... undid the support bar both sides, undid the steering column to support bar bolts too, removed the bolts holding the heater box to the bulkhead, wiggled it forwards enough to get the matrix out..
  8. odd.. maybe it was just sulking for missing ultimate dubs???
  9. March TS meet Bournemouth

    hmmmm.. looks like we may have to miss out on a month. boo.. only temporary, we will be back for sure!
  10. March TS meet Bournemouth

    so, are we doing this tomorrow or not??? only 3 of us free/available?? or do we want to postpone it for a while?
  11. make any inroads on this yet dude???
  12. so does your throttle body need resetting with vag-com then???
  13. March TS meet Bournemouth

    cool, 3 then so far.. come on peeps!!