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  1. Had this a couple of times before running bkr7e, after a few basic checks like injector flow and coilpack, even plug gapping, I ended up going to a colder plug, bcr8es and this solved the melting electrode issue but I ended up with poor cold starts. I just needed up living with it but never had a melted plug again. At 28psi on a 6262 I would expect to see over 500 at the wheels tbh so you have plenty left in those injectors, I would also make sure your pump is keeping up. You at 3 bar base fuel pressure?
  2. Hey, if you still have plans to do this I would be interested in a TMW03T4 12v vr6. Had the t3 version for nearly 10 years on my vr and never had any issues, 450 ish at the wheels so I can vouch for their product. looking to do another project. Thanks.
  3. well i knew from the beginning that as soon as i breached 300bhp it would become pretty undrivable, so didnt expect to chop my times from last year by much. so 2 tenths is ok i guess. but it is so much better once its moving, race me in 3rd and anyone will see why this car is a monster lol. 425lb torque will pull me well off the clock in only a few seconds. it also isnt built to be a race car, its a cruiser, a but of poke to go with the luxury of a cabriolet. and its mainly shock value. after my first burnout before the run up the strip i could hear the crowd cheering lol. they must have loved
  4. went to santa pod at the weekend and had a great time. ran my car down the strip and was sorely dissapointed. i ran a 13.6 last year with 340bhp. this time round with the bigger turbo and a better setup, i ran 13.4 with 405bhp. so i guess big power really isnt whats needed on the strip, its about getting the power down and having a car set up for the track also helps. i am still happy though as a 13.4 isnt an awful time in a big heavy thing like my car, and the fact that its a road car and not built for track. so to those wanting a rapid car, they should think more about traction, and gearing
  5. i have 2 friends who have been battling each other for years one has an r32 skyline the other an r33 skyline, they have both built the things themselves and power figures are 988bhp/885lb torque, and 1107bhp/902lb torque respectively. neither of them have spent any more than £500 on their gearboxes, and both have lasted at these figures for nearly a year since they were proven. not saying that every gearbox is the same and will break at a set fugire here, but im sure that 1k bhp and 900lb torque would kill almost any box in theory, but hmmm. no neither of them have even needed a change of box
  6. i know its probably too late, but when you mount the solenoid, make sure you use more than the silly rubber mount the give you, as it does open and close with a major clatter, and will sound awful. i custom made my own sandwich mount from some 1/4" rubber matting on bottom with mounting lugs, about 1" of sikaflex sealant and another 1/4" mat on top with the solenoid mounted to this. made it almost silent. oh, and i can hear my wastegate open up and i have it vented back to exhaust, its just like a pft pft pft of air (sorry, its the best description i could muster up lol)
  7. hey kev. what you using to map timing? monitor wise i mean, i was thinking of setting up a knock sensor/phono lead thing into my head unit and use that, but i think engine noise will be too prominant. and what should i be looking for on the egt side of things as ive got myself a sensor and im assuming i can monitor timing adjustments with egt readings. could do with some advice on this side of things. cheers.
  8. nah, you just let the girlfriend use her own car or walk. if she doesnt like my VRT shes gotta just lump it lol. cos it aint going anywhere soon. (literally lol)
  9. theyre exactly the same part number. at VW so are the same part. just some resellers list 2.8/2.9 as different numbers on their stocklist. im using a reinz one on my 3.0l so will be fine.
  10. a few pointers to note before you go further. what engine mods do you have, or have planned. if the answer is none, or exhaust/filter. then dont bother with overbores, not cost effective. if you say s/c, turbo. then will be worth it on a forged piston level (low compression), but still not cost effective as you can just up the boost for the same gains. but if you say your building a big NA motor, and you have cams/schrick vgi and various other stuff, or individual throttle bodies, then it works more effectively if you raise the compressions. but realistically not worth the pain and heartach on
  11. i bought a mk3 cabriolet for £1350. stolen the heated leather inc cards from it and a black dashboard, carpet and various other bits of trim and clips so my interior was pretty much brand new. drove it for 3 months while my car was off the road and then spent £30 on top strut bearings/bushes, £40 mot, and sold it on for £1400. lol. then as i had the cash laying round i bought myself a Yamaha R6 for £2050, rode it for 6 months mot,d it and sold it for £2350 lol.
  12. i actually like it. im usually a hip hop/indie kinda guy but been getting into the electro dance thing recently and this is like a blend of them all. lol. can i download it off there or what, need to listen to it on some better speakers in my van. lol.
  13. this one made me giggle. and terry tibs is funny
  14. hope you know i wasnt having a crack at you lol. as you can see from the pictures im no brad pitt in the beer belly department lol. and yeah the pain is a little odd. being a skater in the olden days, i quite like the idea of pain, it helps you focus.
  15. no man. get it done while your chubby.... lol the vibrations into your ribs from the needle is bad enough, without padding would be a bit of a hardship. although they do say that tattooing fat hurts more. i didnt notice that though lol. and ribs is supposedly the 3rd worst area to tattoo, 2nd is foot, and obviously 1st is groin.
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