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  1. Forum threads are all about personal opinion, it's just that some people don't / won't respect other people's opinions and that's what causes problems as they take it personally, so, in my opinion, no one colour is better than another, i just prefer black and mulberry, it's like beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that shite, just enjoy and don't take comments personally unless they're directed at you in which case you have every right to be pissed! right i'm off!!
  2. I don't like white mate, the most desirable colours would have to be black and mulberry imo...
  3. Most of us have heard a sad story about an accident involving alcohol, however, i have never encountered an alcohol related accident as graphic and devastating as this one... Those of you who are squeamish, this might not be for you... http://www.countdooku.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/vr6/drinkdrive.jpg
  4. From what i've heard... AA = Genuine service RAC = Bunch of sheisters
  5. Quality set pete, VG
  6. Awesome car! The Italian GTi eater, it's got the build quility of a baked bean can and reliability, well, italian, but soooo much fun, it's a cool, rapid go-cart that really will munch up GTi's no probs, good buy mate, good to see one in such good nick too!
  7. *cringe* @ that guy :@ reminds me of that fat bloke who was singing that euro pop song, that was funny, this guys needs a slap for being a tw@
  8. There's a new high risk email virus doing the rounds (W32.Feebs.D@mm) whether it's related to inviztor @ hotmail . com i don't know but this is no hoax and is absolutely current, the global server team in the company i work for are currenlty lets say... tense For those who have no idea what all the computer talk is all about, it basically says that the virus is gonna repeatedly pump your pc in every orifice without a rubber and then pass on it's experiences to some arsole who will proabably then rob you! (check the text i've highlighted in red near the bottom) There are no virus scanner def
  9. proabably best to stick a picture of it up ash, there's more than one pipe under the hood fella...
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