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  1. shame.........hopefully the total c*nt didn't kill anyone else in the process!!
  2. ditto, had it for ages, pretty awesome tho!
  3. bit of a work warning, needs a bit of sound for full effect! BUSTED!! http://s25.photobucket.com/albums/c77/k1mac/?action=view&current=BUSTED.flv Chris
  4. not sure about it though, the idea of the hard shoulder is to (apart from getting breakdowmns off of the carriageway) give the emergency services access to crashes etc as it would take forever when the road is blocked as traffic has been building up
  5. true true!! oh well, i thought it was a good idea!! Gearbox is certainly next on the list! not cheap though!
  6. thought pulsar was a good idea, lol! only had it 8 days, engine out coz the starter motor has gone! lol
  7. buy some cut slicks! they make soooooo much difference!!
  8. i'd also get rid of as many door handles as possible, especially as it is a 5 door, looking good though!!
  9. and 400 bhp!!! and 40/60 drive
  10. i've just bought a pulsar GTIR as my winter car............ bring on the snow!!!!
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