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  1. yeah definatley check the chains and tensioners.
  2. Its a swg bumper ive seen them on there site.
  3. I thought so. Ha-Ha.
  4. Dude r u serious about the g/f ?. Anyaway take the vr for a few quotes for a decent repair, than a halfords home repair first.If You care for your own feelings ask her. If she denies it then later you find out the worse. Then sling her and nicely give the guy a slap. Always look after number one.
  5. looks good m8. Could eat your dinner off it !!!!!
  6. Looking very good . Unfortunatly I've got that disgusting blue interior as well. might change this summer we wiil see how it goes. and how much a black dash and consul cost. Oh yeah and the rest of the interior. Well done.
  7. another quick question. Couldn't you have used a remote servo ? i remember I had one on my escort mk1 back in the day.
  8. easy to do.I done my own one a little while ago.
  9. vr6freak

    Lupo vr6

    Must be fast a fook. pretty mad !amazed %-6 !amazed
  10. So you'll be flying soon. !amazed But what happened to the box ? %-6
  11. Run away now. Before you go nuts. %-6 !amazed &| %-6 Everybody has bad weeks but i know that youv'e deafinatly had everybodies share this week. have a 1664 and chill out if you can.
  12. Ask acf8181. If i remember properly he had tackled this in a previous tread. Or search in the Mech section.
  13. I'll need my chains done soon. dreading the price if i pay sleath of amd to sort them. i possible might tackle this myself. It cannot be any harder than rebuilding my bloody Renault 5 turbo.
  14. Wow very nice. Wouldn't like to clean it though
  15. I thouhgt that they just pushed into the disk plate thingy and screwed in with some alan key bolts. Like on the front abs sensors.
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