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  1. plenty of fields to drive into when the brakes finally do go though
  2. thanks for the comprehensive response ! the problem I have is that I am a tightarse and don't like upgrading/replacing things that aint broke ! The disks are less than a year old and no signs of warping, but the pads are getting low my right foot says yes - my wallet says no
  3. thanks for the suggestions all, will investigate
  4. cheers - will check pressures on the way home, although have just had 4 new tyre put on, wouldn't put it past the monkeys in the garage to put the wrong pressures in. wouldn't a bust tie rod affect steering all the time not just breaking?
  5. Hi, my car veers to the left when I hit the brakes hard-ish at anything over about 50mph. straight as a di when not breaking... Any Ideas about why this could be? thanks for you help
  6. Hi, my MOT is due this week, and I am pretty sure I'll need some new pads. sorry but lots of questions? I have 96 on a P, is that 288mm disks? Wanting to upgrade pads (Pagid seem popular), is it worth it without upgrading disks too? and do i need to do all 4 corners - i.e if its just the front pads needing replacement is just doing the front worthwile cheers
  7. i'm liking the sound of all this, no mayo on the dipstick, cold weather - short journeys - crap oil all sounds familiar, will let you know next week.
  8. thanks for the quick responses, I haven't really noticed a drop in performance, but I do do a lot of short journeys hopefully that is what it is. booked in for service next tuesday so I'll find out then I guess. it hasn't used any more oil than usual, get thru a litre every 2-3 months, but it has lost some water although again not an alarming amount
  9. Hi All, good news is that vr6oc.com is not barred from my work anymore so I am back and browsing all the useful info here! bad news is... Noticed that I have recently got some horrible looking creamy gunk on the oil cap - its only appeared recently and the car had been sitting for over a week, but I suspect the worst. a couple of Q's 1 - Is the only cause for this a blown head gasket ? ( I topped up header tank with about 1/2pint early Jan) 2 - Assuming it is the head gasket, is there any other work worth doing while its all apart? its a '96 in case that makes any difference any advice much a
  10. so theres no BHP gain in getting an ODB2 chipped/remapped then?
  11. man I miss those MK roads and roundabouts lived there for about 2 years, pricey on the pads and disks though. might have to take the old Vr up there for old times sake sorry waaay off topic
  12. came across this. tells you everything you need to know...and then a whole lot more. Good for when you've had a couple of beers at lunchtime and can't be ringed to do any real work!
  13. BRG

    Fuel Prices

    lots of service stations can't go above 99.9p cos they haven't got enough space for the extra digit on the banner thing outside haha
  14. from other threads part no. for metal one is t10029 ... now only problem is persuading vw dealer that they DO want to sell me one (with an obe wan kanobi type hand wave), they're funny about it for some reason
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