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  1. i see you there. Everybody else get up,there on sunday as its run what you brung. Going to good weather and beers and some good laughs. My bros cars is about 270 bhp. t2,5, charge cooler, water injection and some other good bits and pieces. !amazed
  2. looks good from what i can see in your profile pic. but there are red x's on where your large pics should be.
  3. Hi peoples. is anybody going down the pod this weekend. I just had a chat we my brov and he told me we going so he can run his 5. If anybody there i will be there in a j plate raider. come and say hello . Its a shame i'm not in the vr or i'd race him .
  4. oh yes it bite his butt hard.
  5. ok i tried to like up this and one of my previous threads. ( but me thicko couldn't do it) any i thought my mate honda civic type r handled quite well. Anyway another one of my mates has had one of these from last year. He's been raving on about the handling ever since he had it. So on friday i pull up from work and they were all around it talking. So i walk over to see the whole passenger side smashed to buggary. anyway the long and short of the story he lost it and hit a central reservation. It needs front bumper.wing,door rear quarter and rear bumper . All of a sudden I don't want my vr t
  6. calm down-calm down. take a chill pill. theres no need for anyone to get there thong in a twist !amazed
  7. i'll have a look for you on thursday.
  8. have a look in the back of the trader.there a place somewhere in the heathrow area. they do garrett turbos. may be able to sell u what you are after.
  9. vr6freak

    I need.

    Hey peeps. just a quick question. Has anybody got brentacre insurance company p/number,as my work place has banned any 118 number from being used . nice one. ps I have looked on our insurance detail section and there nor listed. thanks again.
  10. in 3rd it seems to have a double powerband. 4k and 6k. soon i'll have vr running proper again and we will see. And of course it wiil be on private roads.
  11. oh yes the standard vr suspension is sh*te. I had the bloody thing sideward quite a few times, but hopefully this should be solved soon with my koni's. As for like for like the vr would murder it. but it seems quick in first and second but it might be down to the way the honda revs.( which i doubt would be good for engine to rev to 8k for the 100k of mileage ) Its probably an illusion. Where is paul daniels !amazed !!!..
  12. they were the front black leather recaro's and he had a leather colour concept rear bench.
  13. have a look for the pvw mag that pedrox and two other vr's were in ( i think 2-3 issues ago) the first vr in the shoot has s3 seat if i remember correctly.
  14. My mate just bought himself a type r civic on a 02 plate. We were out have a little drive in chobham ( booting it a little bit on Private roads ) and we took this u turn in third and i thought oh hello kerb. But it stuck to the road no understeer or oversteer. I was will impressed. I am hopping to get the vr suspension to handle something like it. After purchasing ta's koni off damo c ( nice one mate ) i am trying to get some anti roll bars.and rear shoxs and decent springs and have a go at getting a decent set up. so i can do some track days. any body got any ideas on best set with out getti
  15. over 100 i've been told its a ban. but i would explain the situation. and if they video you. ask for that to be shown in court. to prove you only sped up to give your self a safe distance between you and the vechicle up your arse.
  16. don't waste your money. theres been plenty of threads on these.
  17. I think there is a fitting guide for premier members section.
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