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  1. oh. I am with binliner this is one of my fav golfs. Wow its hot. But my only concern is that the vr front head lights are crap @ 100mph + with to sets of bulbs working.What would it be like with only one bulb in the vento head light..... ? Ps I dont condon speeding well not over here
  2. yes i got them but haven't fitted yet. Been told they really good. It will deffo make the fan come earlier to bring down the temp and the thermostat opens early too. so yeah it should help in theory
  3. that goning to go llike stink. mental power !amazed !alien
  4. wow.that the dogs nads. plenty of people would sell there grandmother to get an engine like that.
  5. do what minty and phm says 'charger and respray' local
  6. over 3 yrs ago my mate had a vr with over 240.000 sounded like a sewing machine but the chains never broke.But saying that acf8181 his mates broke and big money. Its just down to the individual whos wants to change them.; Thats me or anyway check them at least.
  7. Been having a look at another site !dodge and seen a mk3 wide track set up. Are these any good ? would this make me vr more stable as the wheels are further apart ? Also what would have to buy for the rear wheels to make them the same as the front end widness ?@ the mo i've got ta koni's and lowering springs. but looking to buy some anti-roll bars as well. Sorry so many questions !alien
  8. oemparts.co.uk.and nerih only in black leather.
  9. Don't watch Lorraine kelly. Your wanna kill yourself .Check out angry kid.com theres a game called 'granny basher' or similiar. you need to hit the old ladies with a catapult. Dont worry it will clear up soon.
  10. minty is correct the vr is not a sprinter. and also the renault is very light compared to a vr6. ( i have both) but i would have thought different gearing would help. possibly to stretch out 3 gear to get over the line. soon though i will be back at the pod with my vr and hopefully have some goodies on the engine to make her faster. minty your car fast m8, some renaults couldn't get 14.0. Go minty... Go minty. !amazed
  11. only driven around the block every 2-3 weeks since november . need to finish off my other projects before i sort the vr out :? . but soon it will be back !amazed
  12. it was good haven't done the camping thing since boys brigade. ( ARCH ENEMY TO BOYS SCOUTS ) drunk sh*t loads,ate loads of bbq. there was a renault 5 that done the quarter in the past a few times @12.1. dame quick. Sorry to say the vr's got wiped out :| . and the m3's were sh*t. loads of things ate them down the strip. The club need to go down threr on a run what you brung just to see how we compare.
  13. 15 to get in and 20 to run as many times as you want.
  14. hi peeps just found a sight with mk3 armrest centre consols in material and leather for you flash gits.... oemparts co.uk. also do cia but just qaiting for a price.
  15. try oemparts for a price.should be cheaper.
  16. ok peeps. went down the pod weekend just gone to a renault national day. saturday was a good day with some good times out of various renaults and other machines. there was a serious renault ( clio 1.2 in brown) with a tt engine and golf tdi box ( very rapid). after lots of drink and walking aroung looking for my tent sunday came ' RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG' lots of various machines. A radical.mk1 escorts,cossies,rado vr6 amongts others. some good times where thrown down and there was lots of sun. A very good weekend had by all. Saw some clean vr's there. blue rado e_ _ _ gav. a mulberry vr6 golf _ _
  17. no its reliable was built by bb tuning. and my one is reliable to . I know thats hard to beleive.
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