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  1. It’s running down from behind the dash. On the drivers side it’s coming from above where your accelerator pedal is. On the passenger side it coming from the right side of the floor pan. ( where your right foot would be if you where sitting in the passenger seat) I will post some pics when the screen gets cut out.
  2. I have similar water issues in the front foot wells. Turns out to be poorly bonded in windscreen. So it will be screen removed and roof painted next week (some penny sized rust bubbles where the roof meets the screen) and hopefully the same windscreen bonded back in if it, doesn’t break!!!!!. I will post some pics.
  3. been a very long time( since summer) what with a blown up pc and being broke i havent even checked the site. Looking good though. big up pete and the rest of the admin team. !amazed
  4. work as a account clerk for a satelite tv provider.
  5. havent planned anything. but going to jungle fever on nye day.
  6. sorry to hear that. But all I can see is the road in the pic.
  7. the torque is standard rating. i thought with all your mods you would have got more. That just me thoughts.
  8. very nice indeed. nice to see some vr's from over the pond.
  9. oh f-me. some people have some bad sh*t happen to them. I love the scubber diver one. very very good.
  10. so then your getting there. can't wait to see the finished product.
  11. could have a dodgy ing switch behind the ing barrel. Does the key flick back after youv'e switched the engine on ?or does it stay in one place and allow the starter to grind against the flywheel ?. More infor reqired to solve your problem.
  12. I am getting one of them soooonnnnn.Yummy
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