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  1. i keep on seeing a ridiculas m3 wanna be and a bucket of a mondeo with a ironing board spoiler and doge halfords blue spot lights. i am going to get pic's.
  2. seen loads of these so called 10-15+bhp products. I go with the rest of the people. Load of bollocks.
  3. Went out in my next door neighbour once. He had to cane it about 6500-8000 rpm If I remember correctley to get it to really going. To much money for what they are.
  4. looks like you guys where busy.very nice set of motors.
  5. hobbsy i've been offer one for a lot less. Try vws in fulham. on the fulham palace road. If your coming from Hammersmith it about the fouth or fifth road on the left and its one way road on the corner.
  6. yeah i'm up for that. better get the vr finished then.
  7. pete, shrick valves. What size are they or spec. and also what so special about shrick valves. sorry m8 so many questions.
  8. oh yes pete. looks very nice. especially the head ( i want ) how much bhp will you have now or will the bv head only give you extra torque ? and did you have the chains and guides done as well ? So many questions I am sorry.
  9. yeah get a rado. i second binliner.
  10. Whats happening first acf8181 is selling up :| and now pedrox is selling up. must be for good reasons ( something faster/ doin up house money ) but still you guys were here when i first starting browsing this site. Will definatley be missed. still shocked :? !dodge %-6 :@ . ps probabley spelt everything wrong.
  11. no way there not that quick and yes not very good build quality. yeah there are a few boy racers that think there quick down my way. I've blitz them in my brothers renault.
  12. acf8181. I was browsing yesterday on the chat section and you mentions that you are going jap. and two seats. what are you getting next rx7 ?.
  13. oh can't open anything that is from photobucket. My work place blocks it....
  14. i like it very good. !amazed
  15. some people are just natural born wankers.
  16. cliveyp are running with a green stuff air filter at the mo?. If so what are they like. as I would like to build/manufacture a cai pipe for a filter to go beneath my front bumper. What the induction noise is like ?.
  17. I ve seen a programme with the whole meguiers range being used. House of colour in austrailia rave about it and they said it would be able to take out swirl marks.
  18. don't worry. mines been off the road since end of november. When my mate promised to sort my vr out. I been a drive way driver since then. just starting it every week to hear the growl. Can't even drive my renault 5 turbo as that just had a rebuild. oh b*llocks,!!!!
  19. vr6freak

    hey guys

    bazz780 is your mk4 gti a turbo ?. If so how quick is it comparedto the vr ???
  20. don't mean to sound like a doughtnut but when is this ???
  21. i can't open or see anything ....
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