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  1. i like the rims they set the car off.
  2. still very nice. shame about the power, but i know from your last vr6 example this one has more to come. I want a s/c power.
  3. jumping in the vr6 after work and after it's warmed upto 75 degrees and caning the arse off it.
  4. Don'tr buy g&s leads unless you see them first. sometimes they stock the beru ones but mostly bbt . I know these are shit because I am forever replacing them. ( that is the BBt ones may I add. )
  5. yes thats correct you can get from gsf its a bmw oil filter socket about a fiver.
  6. vr6freak


    i like it.looks some some of the chavs down my way in there supa novas.
  7. also hi-flow heads in scotland do big throttle bodies for a lot less than amd
  8. I seen these on the amd site ? there alright but i think your rims are the bolloxs.
  9. W*nkers. U see u can't have nothing nice without some bast*rd or bast*rds wanting to take it off u. I hope they catch em and knee cap em
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