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  1. Thats some starting point.....Yeah baby......500 Bhp plus..........Awesome figures, love it. Looks really cool. Looks stripped out from the photo? Do you track it? Wow just see that those figures were made at 20 degrees heat on 97 Ron fuel !!!!!!!! Must be awesome to drive. Can you get the power down ok? She must be seriously quick! I had a Subaru Wr1 that was running 420Bhp and not much could live with it on the road...this must be the same! Congrats on an awesome machine. Dave
  2. Check this out Boys and Girls; VW Golf MK2 AWD 900HP 8,65s @ 266kmh World Record ! Cut to 1min 52 secs on the clip for the world record ! And this is what this Golf would do to a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in a drag race! Now thats what you call A SLEEPER !
  3. I would recommend it Yann, they do novice days or open pit days. Try and book a pit in case its raining and take some food, (the foods expensive and rubbish). Its great fun driving these cars to there full capabilities. You dont really get many idiots driving round either....if someone is faster than you you just let them pass and vice versa....no one really want to spin off! Try and get a mate to go halves with you on the £200 to book the car then book 2 x drivers. Extra drivers are £20 a pop i think. (Not so bad at £110 each). TIP; Dont put your hand brake on when you come in, just leave
  4. Sorry about the bad sound but we forgot to shut the windows !! Great day at Brands in the VR6. The old girl was holding her own again, only Atoms-Radicals -Caterhams-M3's passing her.(Maybe some others! lol) Video is best from about half way through when the semi slicks warm up along with the Brakes! VR6 sound track is just Loooovely! My son also had a Hot Lap with Tom Chiltern (Touring car champion) in his 670BHP Nissan GTR. Very skillful driver, he makes it look so damn easy. I will download his lap when I get a mo. Dave. (Cosie)
  5. Man that last Blue Golf is CLEAN ! Thats a shine and show winner there !
  6. My Stripped out slightly modded Road going Track day VR6.
  7. Strip it out!! ....everything apart from the front seats and steering wheel then kick the Polo's a***'s ! Been to Brands Hatch today in mine and the old girl more than held her own against some very serious and expensive modern cars! Had the video camera on for the last outing of the day so will get the video on here soon ! 8o|
  8. Didnt want to let it pass did he....no choice in the end!
  9. All of a sudden the Golf appears like a bat of of HELL !!! Caterham (Not standard cannot keep up !) Thought you all might like this........ Enjoy !
  10. Here you go...saves me writing it all out LOL.... http://www.performancemotorcare.com/blog/using-the-two-bucket-method-of-car-washing-to-help-avoid-swirl-marks/ Happy washing.
  11. Looks like a great day out....Sunshine at last !! My fantasy garage would also include a 1960,s Vette... Must be one of the most beautiful cars ever built along with the E type Jag roadster. The VR is looking good.
  12. Looks good. Love the wheels ! AutoGlym bumper care is great for the plastic bumpers if they gone a bit white. I used T Cut today.... Im no detailer though just years of washing cars and tips from detailers. 2 x bucket method, T cut then Auto Glym bumper care. Theres nothing to clean inside....just 2 x seats and a steering wheel ! LOL.
  13. 2 bucket method wash....then good old Black T Cut ! Trouble was the Mrs wanted hers done after...Knackered ! Brands is on the 23rd May I think. Its a mid week open pit lane day. If you see my car come say hi ! Theres 3 of us with VR6,s and one M3. ^o)
  14. Very nice VR6. Love the back lights. Do you get any Torque steer at all? Nearly 300 bhp going through the front wheels! Who done the Turbo conversion for you or did you do yourself? I want same conversion done myself. I miss the Turbo boost from my old Impreza. Im struggling to find some one who can do it...Im in the South.... Kent.
  15. Wax on Wax off for me this bank holiday! Next track day booked for 2 weeks time at Brands !!
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