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  1. ask on uk mkiv, unless you already have?
  2. seem to think he posts on club gti, although i might be thinking of another lizard.
  3. nice looking car, mine a 'k' and i forgot how nice they look with those wheels on, moght even see about getting them referb'd
  4. thanks all, will have to look into getting some soon,the standard ones sound crap.
  5. need some replacement speakers for the front doors, not sure what size they are 13cm ? any recommendations ?
  6. my front passenger side does this as well, i'm not complaining tho' because it hasn't worked at all for about a year! it's not the runners tho' because i greased them before putting the door panel back on.
  7. first check for broken wires in the rubber boot that goes between the door and shell. if all seems ok remove the switch from the door (just pop the handle off) and clean the terminals on the switch, i've had just the same problems recently but 3 windows didn't work, 2 were down to broken wires, 1 side had 4 wires either broken or split and the other was a dodgy switch. another quick test i found to see if it is something other than wiring is test to see if the window will go up and down using the closure feature on the door lock, mine would move doing this, so sort of proved it was eithe
  8. the light will also come on if the wire to the pads is broken, which is easy as the wire is really thin. this is what happened with mine when i got it, was advised just to join the 2 wires together,
  9. yes i'm going, went last year and was an exellent day
  10. do mk3s have the dip/dim resistor like the mk2 as i can't find it, if so where is it? car is a '93 golf vr6. thanks
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