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  1. open the bonnet and have a look on the lefthand side of the engine and follow the two petrol pipes back towards where the bulk head. You will see where they join the petrol pipe. There are normally some factory jubilee clip things. They normally leak as my ones did. just replace.
  2. basically the cold air intake pipe go down via where the carbon canister was located. ( you need to block off one of the pipes and keep the other open, do a search in previous threads ) and the the filter goes on the end of the cia pipe. between the front bumper and the under arch trim to keep the rain etc off it.
  3. yes go to gsf and i think there are two different sizes. you'd probably need to get up on a ramp to find what size it is.and as tvr6 says second hand can be suss.
  4. I think you need to get the fault codes checked by someone, may throw up some errors.
  5. I think thats number six plug. Use the search icon to find your answer. I seen a thread like that possibly last year.
  6. do like me park and get fixed. dont want the head gasket to go. that will be alot to get replaced.
  7. sankys mines not vibrating/making a buzzing noise. Only just started doin it as i've had the car off the road for the last 6 months. If you cannot hear it buzzing i am afraid it stuffed. try turning the ignition on the give the pump a tap with a screw driver and it might start buzzing/vibing. there about
  8. vr6freak

    Road Rage!

    some people are just born w#nkers.
  9. been 135 mph on the way back from penbury circuit ( probably spelt that wrong ) in wales after watching my mate rip the arse out of his zr and mg. very good fun. !amazed %-6 !amazed
  10. I cannot see any links to the piccs.might be work blocking everything. !sad ~ :?
  11. vr6freak

    good 1

    I like that one.
  12. sorry to u go. Hope you find what mr2 u want. Please pop in from time to time to gift us with your wealth of mech vr knowledge.
  13. i think its under the coil pack somewhere. best ask acf,binliner,minty or vr6pete.
  14. I had one of those. had to get rid of it as it kept pinning my mum agaisnt the kicthen wall.
  15. i cannot see anything. !dodge
  16. Very nice, how quick is it to the vr?.
  17. This dude is a gaylord and defo should be sent a nice package as a gesture of good spiriit. P.S feel sorry for you badboy that you had the piss taken with you.
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