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  1. im just over the water from u mate and got mine for sale if u are interested?
  2. as above need to proper name for my for sale ad here is what they look like
  3. Well got a front competition engine mount done a while ago now snapped the back one drivers side. Can find the rear drivers side one can someone help give me a link?
  4. bleed your clutch mate. The same idea as the brakes the bleed nipple is just on top the gearbox
  5. do u not just leave the top of the expansion tank thats what i did and it worked perfect. Try draining it again and pour the water in slowly
  6. I have a B&M and worth every penny one of the best mod's i have done
  7. Mine does exactly the same. If i happen to thrash it when cold it cuts out and refuses to start and just spins like their is no compression. I have learnt to just wait till it is warm i have done 40k now and learnt just let it warm up and it is fine
  8. The belt was done quite recently but may just replace it for peace of mind. Sorry but engine out my arse it is just a matter of raising the block a foot or so and haping the driveshafts re-seat ok. New pump it is seeing as it's cheap. How much is a VAG one?
  9. My car has been making a squeaking noise i thought it was the bearing in the tensioner. I took of the serpentine belt off and there seems to be play on the pulley that is turned by the flat side of the belt. Should i take it out and fix it or just fit a new pump?
  10. I fitted a set of FK coilovers in October and have done 4k on them and one of the back ones has burst as i can hear it banging when i hit bumps. Will i get it replaced under warranty?
  11. yes should do ate seems a bit short fro the photo's though
  12. Na to honest i would buy any car if the tax is 400 so be it to be fair it's only 14 hours wages out of a year not all may be so lucky but that is my view the government hate people who are sucessful and enjoy their money so fcuk them i will spend my oney on want (rant over )
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