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  1. Looking very nice Warren, and no doubt even better once Paul and the chaps at PF have a go at it. 9's on the rear and 8.5 up front is the best look in my opinion opinion, its what I'm running for the moment. Simon.
  2. I rememebr one in Max power in one of the very first issues, white with wide body kit, Cossie Lump and zebra strips! I loved that car back then! I bet thats a real tool on the road. Simon.
  3. The Shrick VSR, is available in OBD 1 and OBD2 as they have different adaptor plates to the throttle body. If its a genuine VW Motorsport VSR then these are only available in OBD1 as far as I know. I thought all Rado's where OBD1 (not sure though) Simon.
  4. Definately mate, you know it makes sense, they look stunning! 9"s aren't just limited to you Synchro boys Simon.
  5. Thats shaping up very nice mate, looks like they know what there doing. Simon.
  6. Bugger so really fitting a 4 bar, without the pump is pointless then anyway? Simon.
  7. Probably just easier to read the part number and pressure on the fuel regulator! Do you know if they have a different rated fuel pump too Richie? Hopefully my pump can easily supply 4 bar? Simon.
  8. My VR came with a 3 bar one, so got a 4 bar one from VW. No idea of part numbers as my mate worked at VW and got it. Not cheap, think it was about £50+ trade! Not really noticed a massive difference, but it all helps! Simon.
  9. Heard nothing but good things about the guys there, always halpful and friendly when I've phoned or met them too. Simon.
  10. Been on E bay a few times now though, presume it must have a very high reserve. Simon.
  11. Blimey mate that looks drastic, what you having done! Simon.
  12. Loving the Steelies, they chrome on the edge? Could do with some spacers and get them stuck out a bit more though, would look damn tough then, especially the rears! Simon.
  13. Looking mint mate, nice and low too. Simon.
  14. Massive improvement mate. Liking them a lot, used to have the same wheels on one of my old Mk2's a timelsss wheel. Simon.
  15. Cheers for the comments guys, now riding on wider outers too and still at the same ride height! As those of you that have seen it recently will know! Simon.
  16. No worries mate, glad you got it all sorted and home safe. Simon.
  17. Yeh sorry Jay, I'll need cash as well as the Veyron, as got to ship my VR back from the US first ;o) Simon
  18. Back on now, but no posting as a guest as got in trouble for it. Register on there if you want to add a comment! Simon
  19. Basically I got a few PM's telling me that someone in the states on a few forums was pretending he owned my car! http://www.lexistreets.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5807&highlight= http://www.lexistreets.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5824&highlight= Checked it out and sure enough it was true, so thought it was only right to put things straight! Bit childish I know but can't have someone taking the credit for my car! http://www.lexistreets.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11522 Thought it might give you all a bit of a giggle on a dreary Tuesday night! Simon. If you can't cut and paste the li
  20. OUCH, Glad your ok, hope you get a new VR sorted soon. Simon.
  21. Thats Madge in her Avatar! I might have some from back at school though! Actually she may have some of me at school too so I'll keep my mouth shut! ) Simon.
  22. I'm in! But it'll have to be soon as need one asap! Simon.
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