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  1. Wings are damaged/rusty on other one too im afraid. Simon.
  2. Stealth Racing Turbo Kit discussion

    Seriously tempted to sack off my charger and shrick and get booked in! Whats the cost/timeline for fitting etc? Simon.
  3. Wings on the 3 door are scrap mate (dented and rotten), pretty sure the 5 door ones aren't much better. I know Rysa is mega busy with work currently might be easier to PM him guys if you need things in a hurry. Simon.
  4. Pretty sure these are sold now. Simon.
  5. VR6 Engine Bay Bolt Kit

    Still got a set left? Simon.
  6. Pretty sure it is mate, tried PMing him? Simon.
  7. Stealth Racing Turbo Kit discussion

    Anyone got any pics of the Golf install? @cactusjackslade @VR6Pete
  8. Stealth Racing Turbo Kit discussion

    Anyone know if this kit is available to fit the Golf yet? Everyone seems to only be getting Corrado's done...... @Stealth Racing @VR6Pete Simon.
  9. Really good to see this being rescued! This car was built pretty much alongside mine at PF Auto's. In fact the stereo stuff that was the boot build is my old stuff from my VR! Think its a bit unfair about the comments on the bodyshop as they did mine at the same time and it still picked up a trophy in it this year at EE. All that's been done in all those years is the front changed to Vento at Greg Howell's (Southam Bodys), rest of it is as it left PF Auto's, not bad considering I paid less than £1800 (sure Pete paid even less for the green one!) for all the bodywork and bumper mods and a full paint (excluding roof) colour coded 6 wheels too! My inner arches are a work of art if i'm honest, they spent days getting them to sit right on my wheels with no scrubbing. Hopefully its salvageable, unfortunately it looks to me like its been sat and neglected unfortunately. I've got some great pics of the pair of them when we did E38 years ago on the PVW stand somewhere, will try and dig them out (not sure if they are digital even, lol) Ironically one of my good mates now has a 3 door Dragon green one, so get pics with another one now! (Rysa from VRT on here) Simon.
  10. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    I'll be there mate obviously ?? Simon.
  11. He's replaced the rims already unfortunately, so doubt he'd want a deal/swap I'm afraid. I know he was looking for around £750 for them with the set of Pirelli P-Zeros included. They are a mint set of wheels, done in chrome powdercoat, one has a very small mark/blemish on it, but otherwise mint. Simon.
  12. Drop him a PM mate, I'm pretty sure he's literally putting them up for sale this week, so grab him before the ad goes up Simon.
  13. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Nice Pete! Bet it shifts now! What mods that got? Which injectors did Vince recommend? Simon.
  14. VR6 Light Weight Crankshaft Pulley.

    Yes mate, drop me a text if still after it Simon,
  15. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Do you know if they sell that mounting kit seperately? I've got a set of H&R anti rollbars but no mounting kit with them. Simon.