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  1. Yes my old car spent lots of money on the car and went to lots of shows in it and it was a sad sale 3.5 years ago if i had time to look after it again i would buy it back It has been well looked after since i sold it and lots more money spent on it good look with sale and i still miss her
  2. thanks for the pass need my vr on the road again
  3. just took my vr on a short run and very happy thanks very happy highly recommended
  4. mine on pistonheads for sale but 12 years this july keep changing my mind but i will need a van soon for work
  5. tinny22

    Tatton Park VW Show 2016

    if i still have my vr i will go again love this show
  6. can you tell me how to take it off and how long will it take to get it back thanks gary
  7. sorry not been in touch was selling my vr but keeping again now have you any or do you need mine
  8. ok just need my audi a2 mot and i will send mine to you may be next week so i wiil pm when i can sent it and a paypal payment thanks gary
  9. yes great day nice to meet new and old members i have been going to tatton park for 25 years on and off must be getting old i have owned my vr now for 11 years now but never get fed up with it but when i get it on the road its so hard to keep to the speed limt
  10. tinny22


    go every year great show and a good price put my name down to go
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