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  1. Where can you get them from mate? Simon.
  2. I'll bring a few spare polishing cloths for ya then!
  3. You shouldn't have too much hassle mate with that drop, there's a fair few cars on here that run a LOT lower than 35mm, with a deep spoiler and no problems. I'm guessing mines lower than 35mm (no idea I just keep winding them down!) and I too have a deep spoiler fitted. Its been like this for a few years and the worse thats happened is the spoiler has unclipped its self a few times and got a few grazes! Hope that helps, Simon.
  4. Too be honest mate I wouldn't recommend a tyre less than a 195 at the very minimum on a VR I struggle getting enough traction with a 205 on there let alone a 195 or less! The idea of stretching the tyres is too give more clearance to enable bigger wheels and lowering, whilst keeping the tyre pattern under the arch (MOT requirement) I don't think thats gonna be necessary on 7x15's unless there a rediculously low ET with the adaptors, and your running the thing on its belly! Simon.
  5. Blimey that car/bay was mint to start with! Gonna look stunning when its all done! Simon.
  6. Excellent, not sure what time we're all getting there for, but no doubt see you all inside when everyones setting up! Simon.
  7. Claire, we'll all have to arrange to meet at one bar then! I think a lot of the E38 lot are booked in at the International. Simon.
  8. Justin, myself and I think a few others are driving up on the Saturday afternoon as we have to have the cars in the hall on the day before the show. Simon.
  9. If you've got plenty of room and the right tools Id say a half day, 4 to 6 hours to completely swop the 2 over. You don't want to be rushing the door cards as they have a tendancy to rip! Simon.
  10. Yep, removed mine and actually prefer it with out as you can keep the car nice and clean and the water/moisture doesn't sit and get trapped behind there. I went a bit excessive and took the wings off and cleaned it all down and re-sealed everything! Gave it a good coat of sealant and now its nice and easy to keep clean and no rubbing. The only down side is that you do get more road noise and can hear the stones flying up in the inner wing! Simon.
  11. Quick update for all those that have been PMing me, and thanks for all the support people, choosing new rims can be such a nightmare! :oops: Apologies to all those that wanted pics of the Saxo, but apparently the flip paint on it also adds some sort of Stealth cloaking device so wouldn't show up on my cam? Filled arches now and good stretch on tyres: A quick comparison for the doubters out there? Sorry there rushed but was worried as looked like rain and the "Hyper Halfords Silver" paint can be a nightmare on the salty/wet roads to keep shiney, so had to put it away. Keep the comments co
  12. I can't believe my luck today, think I'd best do the lottery asap! Was minding my own business when this lad from up the road with a Modded Saxo comes strolling up to me. From beneath the peek of his Burberry cap and in between being mesmorised by his neon pink mobile dangling from one of the Elizabeth Duke chains around his neck he pipes up about some wheels he has I may be interested in? Anyway to cut a long story short he wants to know if I'd be interested in a P/X on my wheels as he reckons if he gets some 400mm spacers my rear 9x17's could be pushed out enough to fill out the plastic f
  13. Looking very nice mate, have you got a pic of the engine bay with the filter fitted? Simon.
  14. BBS Solitudes, came as standard on Mk3 Highlines and Colour Concept editions. Simon.
  15. Looking very nice mate, paintwork looks mint, mods really suit it too. Simon.
  16. Very Very Nice Claire, is that subtle/slight colour change too? Or just the light in the pics? Looks like its a bit more Blue/Purple than before? Bet your glad to have it back, Simon.
  17. Cracking pics guys, keep em coming! I'm boring/predictable and got a pic of my own car as mine ( Simon.
  18. Looking very nice, Like the contrast of shiney and dark throughout the car. I actually prefer them with the badge on the front and ran one all the time till I had the all the rest smoothed, then it had to go as looked all amongst all the smoothing. I still got it re-painted just in case so I can display the VW should I feel the need. Simon.
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