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  1. Well I've had them do 2 VR blocks and also the heads for me, and one for a very good friend. They strengthened the crank (Plasma Nitride) and other bits for me too as well as completely assembling the crank/rod and pistons on my Low Comp engine whilst it was in there, so they are well versed in the VR6! Simon.
  2. No problem mate, Happy to assist It's a proper old school race engine engineering company, so they can be a blunt on the phone so bear with them, but they are the best i've used in over 20 years of engine modding/building. Simon.
  3. There's a really good machine shop near to them that I use when building my engines, miles from you though http://cmesuk.com/ Classic and Modern Engine Services 18/20 Great Hollands Square Bracknell Berks RG12 8UX 01344 488853 Hope that helps.
  4. If you want Wossner and PEC stuff, try VRT. (VRTonline.co.uk) They are the cheapest I've found in the UK for this stuff. Mention me and you might even get a further discount! One thing I would recommend is speaking to the machine shop BEFORE you have any work done on the block, or buy the pistons! They can advise then on what size pistons would be best for your block once machined, can be a costly mistake if the block ends up being too big for your pistons once you've had it sorted! Simon.
  5. No mate I left there over 8 years ago! Work for a Large Data Centre Company now as the Facilities Engineer. Simon.
  6. VRTonline.co.uk They are in Slough, so not too far from you. Ex VW Master Techs who do anything from MOT/Servicing to full on Mapping/charging of R8's! Both the owners Ryan & John run modded VR's as dailys too Simon.
  7. Thanks guys, I'm on Nights this weekend. But managed to spend an hour or 2 looking over the car today, and playing with it. Blocked the hose from the inlet pipe between charger and throttle body first. (Hoping to source/make a pipe without this hole in it eventually once I know it runs ok) Have then run the Head cover breather through the catch can and then dumping from there to atmosphere as suggested. This seems to run a lot nicer so far. Planning on putting the PCV and associated pipes back on it, as have 2 brand new Genuine VW PCV's in the garage, then through the Catch can and to atmosphe
  8. Thanks Pete, that's a big help. So does that go from the cam cover to the PCV then a pipe onto the catch tank which then vents to atmosphere Pete? You running a charger now? Thinking about it and chatting to to a mate, I think it maybe the fact its taking a pipe from between the charger and throttle body that's my issue as that's effectively at least 12psi which is then back feeding and pressurising my catch tank and the cam cover/top of the head. More pics of other set-ups would be great Simon.
  9. No worries Pete, just didn't want you thinking after all the years I've been a member I was now free loading! Get well soon Simon.
  10. Hi guys, Got a little issue with my Supercharged VR6 at the minute. It's an OBD2 VR6 with Low Comp re-built engine running a Vortech Charger. Having a few issues with the Catch can that comes with the kit as it keeps either leaking or blowing the hoses off! Causing the car to run rough and not idle well when it does. Currently I run the Catch can in the place of the PCV valve (this has been removed) with one end of catch can connected to the cam cover breather outlet and the other connected to the air inlet pipe between the charger and the throttle body. I'm looking at getting a metal catc
  11. Pete, Trying to renew my membership but the link doesn't appear to be working? Simon.
  12. What are the bumpers like mate? Simon.
  13. Hi Guys, Appreciate its very late notice, but thought I'd post this up on here to bring a Charity Car Meet that's going on local to me to your attention: Must stress this isn't a money making venture for the Company hosting, BUT a friendly car meet for like minded individuals to help raise money/awareness for a friends little girl who has Rett Syndrome. There's no entry fee, a Show n Shine with trophies and prizes, plus a raffle to enter into with chance to win prizes from Apple/Snap-on/GSF along with many others If you'd like to know more about the charity please follow the link. www
  14. Believe me I've been more than tempted to sell it in bits once or twice with all the grief its given me! Thanks mate. Is that your camper in your sig? Don't suppose its the same one at the Pod about 12 years ago that was doing sponsored drag runs all day with a big toy/manequin in the passengers seat? Was very rapid! Simon.
  15. Thanks mate, its a complete down to the last nut and bolt top and bottom end built up Low Comp. engine so I'm currently still running it in, before the bigger 630 Siemens injectors and final mapping, so no idea on full potential yet. Looking forward to seeing what Vince at Stealth can get out of it though as its now a Vortech Stage 2 charger set up. Was running 288bhp on the Z-Engineering charger and standard engine before. Cheers Pete, feel like a right Newbie! Running it in is so painful, tempted to just hire a rolling road for a couple of hours, lol. Wheels are RH ZW1's originally
  16. Some of you will know me from on here and VR60c meets years ago, some of you won't (think my original VR6oc Number was 007!) Had a lot of people ask and PM me where this cars been of late, so thought I'd add this in here. After being off the road for 5 years due to a nut coming loose from the Shrick divertor valve and going through the engine, totally destroying my low mileage mint engine I lost interest in the money pit and had other projects on the go, so the car sat in the garage for 5 years generally being in the way! So after a full Low Comp engine rebuild, Stage 2 Vortech, (The Z-Enginee
  17. Mines pretty easy really: SixAppeal Simon
  18. Still after one? I've got a bare block and Crankshaft for sale from my 80,000 mile VR if interested? Simon.
  19. Are you after just a bare block or fully built one? I have a low mileage Block and Crankshaft for sale if so (pistons/rods etc removed) Simon.
  20. I've ended up going for a full new forged bottom end now with low comp. JE Pistons etc..... APR head bolts and a fully refurbed head, so mating surfaces are fully re-faced on block and head. Whats the advantage of the Mk4 head gasket over the Victor Reinz Mk3 one? I'm running a high spec charger and shrick on the Mk3 so not really sure i need to run more compression as its a low compression piston set etc.... Thanks again for all the input, I feel like a newbie all over again! Simon.
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