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  1. Jako is dead

    i cant believe it TBH. he was a great pop star. R.I.P Micheal Jackson..
  2. oil leak

    if your up for it would be worth doing the timming chains while you have the gearbox out.but ye sounds like the oil seal to me also.
  3. Removing distributor...

    i guess you mean removing the dizzy completely ? if so then no but it will be a mega pain as they corrode in spray WD40 around it and let it settle for a bit but you may need some large grips to turn it side to side to free it up. but dont forget to mark it so you can put it back were it came off.. that is if your taking it out.. pete
  4. looks much better and it also up dates it a bit from the old style lamps.
  5. Bonnet Lifters

    you will find that the correct conversion lifters are smaller than the tail gate struts and may come with fitting help on the packing.
  6. Access to speed camera offences

    i think its a load of rubbish my reg is coming up with speed 34.9mph in a 30mph zone in cambridge on the 27th march and ive never been there ?? just check all my familys an every body has an offence in strange places they habe never been..
  7. deals on wheels corrado

    theres a topgear video around some were..
  8. Oxygen sensor

    well if the car does over fuel it will cost you more to run and can damage the cat converter by over heating it and i hav seen some glowing red cats from this problem then you will be looking at about 400 quid+..
  9. We now have a new discount for premium member for car security for alarms and trackers..
  10. VR6 VS E36 BMW M3

    i wouldnt have thought it either tbh unless the vr6 is charged or similar.
  11. Well as mention above the discount from GSF car Parts alone is worth the joining fee for sevice parts for my x2 vw`s and my brothers vr6 i have saved my fee a few times. and not to mention all the other makes/models GSF now offer for sale so one person paying the membership can and will help others in your family or friends. we have so many premium member discont set up and running just to mention a few. car polish & cleaning products car insurance metal polishing company Mobile tyre fitting tyre online alloy wheel companys and this is just a few off the top of my head there are a lot more avalible once you pay the small fee you will get your membership fee back with just one purchase from one of the above companys.
  12. whats going on mj whats the dates.
  13. 97.8p/ L

    ye same here sainsburys 90.9p in Ruislip
  14. [moved] What's this?

    im going to move this to the right secion..
  15. service book codes what they mean

    top man thanks rich