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  1. Lexus Lights Start Fights! Simple as.......... Simon.
  2. LOL, Nice one Claire and Co. Love RTTS, used to go down with a load of my Uncles and mates from our banger Racing Team. We used to take all manner of weird and wonderful cars...... Daimler Hearse, Black converted to V12 Manual! Mk1 Granada Hearse Bright yellow 3.0 Manual conversion! Mk1 Granada Limo, Bright Blue 3.0 Manual conversion! Mk4 Escort Estate Limo, Pearl white! Austin Princess Limo, Bright Blue! Bedford Fire Engine 1980's (we won the water fights that year!) Robin Reliant with CBR1100cc engine conversion! Spent more time on its side than on its 3 wheels! Several large Yank tank mobil
  3. They did all the work on mine last year Stockers, and mine seems to have held up very well. To be honest if anything they do them even better now as there used to doing these mods on Mk3's all the time now! Sion.
  4. That's some serious flaring there Warren! The 9's will look lost in there! Simon.
  5. Can only see the pic in your avatar at the moment, but looks good in there! Simon.
  6. Pics......... Updates Warren? Any joy with the bumper? Simon.
  7. Its not my cup of tea, but then it would be a boring place if we all like the same thing. Hats off to you for the workmanship though the standard looks a quality job. Simon.
  8. I've only got an OBD2 mate, so can't tell you were it is? Should be near the throttle body though, do a post asking for a pic of one! Simon.
  9. Great pics mate. have to introduce yourself at the next one! ) Simon.
  10. Yeh, you've made the right decision defecting to Mulberry! ;o) Simon.
  11. If your car is an OBD1 VR, check the ISV is clean (idle Stabilisation Valve) Simon
  12. Nice pics Rich, and a good turn out for the site by the looks of it too! Simon.
  13. Sorry Cadguy, I'm with Lee on this, I pay my taxes and have nothing to hide (Ok I don't run a front number plate on my VR ) But other than that I have no problem with an ID card, in fact I'm actually quite looking forward to them if the truth be know. I see what your saying about it becoming a policed state with lots of people knowing your goings on, but if your not doing anything wrong, and I'm not implying you are, then I don't see where there's a problem? Just my views as you have yours. Simon.
  14. There's quite a few southerners with all types of different dubs meeting at Toddington at 8-8.30. So should be a huge convoy if everyone hooks up.
  15. Very nice car mate. What you got palnned
  16. Definately gonna have problems with the tyres on them, you might be lucky and get away with a 215/40/17, but not with a 215/45/17. Ideally as Nick (Antera309) states you want a 205/40/17 on them. Simon.
  17. Jesus look at the size of that turbo! Runs mid 11 secs 1/4 mile times too!
  18. Thats what I had to do to mine Warren too, C.U.L.T. plinth, more like S.H.I.T. plinth. Simon.
  19. Have both the Carbon Filter (BMC) and Ram Air and honestly never felt any difference, just the Ram Air sounds 100 times better, Carbon one looks 100 times better. The Carbon Box still gets hot and heats the air anyway I've found, so rather have hot air and the noise! Simon.
  20. Happy Birthday Claire, got my 30th latter this year too, Have a good one! Simon.
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