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  1. They're usually twin scroll housings but single or twin will spool well, especially a 35 with 12cm housing, good for a quick spool <500hp build. Proper benefits from a twin scroll is the correct pulsing of the exhaust gas, so that the engines cycle/expelling of exhaust gas, works in harmony with the collectors and in essence, pushes the gas through without restrictions (laminar v turbulent flow/helmholtz resonance). A twin scroll manifold or set up that hasn't had this calculated will not benefit as much and could lead to some turbulent flow that can be a hindrance at, for
  2. Shouldn't do really, although some companies seem to use both, could also depend on any warpage/decking aspects or what comp ratio people are aiming for, for example.
  3. PART 2: So, once we have an understanding that there is a lot of marketing spiel, a lot of material and QC variances that you should look into to get the best, let's be more specific to VRT tuning! Common destruction of engines; I would say, in my experience, that there are two major factors in destroying engines and no matter how many times I tell people, this can also supersede any of the upgraded material specification aspects mentioned previously, it is what ultimately destroys engines the most in my opinion - age! Engines are set up for certain tolerances, certa
  4. Some basic info if it helps? 1. Understanding design and construction; In my experience, I was surprised to find that the material specification for something like an Audi 1.4 crankshaft was the exact same as a 3.2 when I did some years of research into parts manufacturing, but in hindsight and more management based experience, it stands to reason really! There's often talk on forums about whether something is forged or not meaning it is stronger but this is often something of a fallacy! Uniformity of the construction of a part can change based on the actual process that is u
  5. Sorry, not been on. Err, 17cm 40 will be like a GT40R 1AR ish so 4krpm's+ for decent boost, good if you want 600+hp though! 12cm HX35 most likely good for 500 ish hp or so, maybe a bit more, so a 14cm HX35/40 would be one for 500-600hp (all as a base/rule of thumb of course). So take that with the links above and budget as well as goals, when I say 500hp on a 12cm 35 for example, this is just a rough guide, a very efficient set up can yield 100hp more at the same boost. As a guide, I'd roughly estimate; 12cm - >15-18psi 14cm - 18-26psi 16/17cm - 25psi+
  6. I have had this reply from the shop about the Wuxi one.... hi,in this HX35 3539697,There is a NO.12 in exhaust housing intake mouth,and in HX40W have 16 or 17 inside,which one do you need?tks. So - I am taking that to mean 12cm on the HX35 turbine side and 16/17 on the HX40's they sell. Am asking if they do multi-item discounts if any others are interested?
  7. Oh and p.s. If you do go the scrap yard route, there are always alternatives! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Holset-HX40-19cm-T4-twin-scroll-high-flow-turbine-housing-New-and-unused-/262853248602?hash=item3d3346465a:g:S04AAOSwjDZYcPul http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xholset+turbine+housing.TRS0&_nkw=holset+turbine+housing&_sacat=0
  8. You mean the Wuxi ones? New Huddersfield made one's can be very hard to get a hold of and can often be a similar price to a Garrett! Some alternatives though. From what I can gather there's probably 2 shops on aliexpress selling Wuxi one's, this is one; https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEW-GENUINE-HOLSET-HX35-3536338-3539697-6735-81-8400-Turbo-Turbocharger-for-KOMATSU-PC200-6-Excavator/32741369146.html?spm=2114.01010208.3.42.WjGbAm&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2_10091_10090_10088_10089,searchweb201603_1&btsid=531742a0-ca27-4e6c-8e73-ff0f63f76e2b I
  9. Also, on a further note; turbine/boost aspects to think about on Holset's; If you get a Holset from a scrap yard, off a truck for example, they can have huge turbine sides (>29cm+) - and getting info on the turbine sides from general adverts like on ebay can be difficult, can be big ones like this, if they are shops re-selling them for the truck markets especially! For decent spool you want to be looking at the 11-14cm turbines, 16's or so for the higher outputs (550-600hp+), which some people do for aftermarket sales, but as most are stock diesel engined turbo's, they can there
  10. Most I've dealt with tend to be looking around 450-500hp max on those 12cm HX35's (all crank hp figures for non UK residents reading this by the way). On the chart total flow should see you past 600hp (lbs/min x 10) - however in reality there are a number of factors, efficiency of your set up, what turbine size etc so I would say the 12cm is probably good for 500ish hp tops and either larger turbine or start looking into the HX40 past that.. There's an old thread here with spool info on the VR6 plus some on the older T series turbo's.
  11. Holset info; *** I think the smaller AR's are out and seem to vary quite a bit but are usually on the sellers post. From what I can gather, the Holset's from their Huddersfield factory have the blue stickers shown here (left) and the other stickers are the one's made in their Wuxi factory in China. I think anything else is a copy but don't quote me on that. EDIT: Also, to clear something up that bugs me - the Wuxi Holset's will likely be just as good as their UK counterparts as they probably stick to the same QC's as their main factor
  12. When you talk about engine longevity you are talking about forces exerted on the engine; stress, twisting/shearing forces etc so first port of call is what causes it. I'm amazed by people that spend little time on the fuelling side of things, opting to "upgrade when I reach the limit's" or even rely on the ecu to make changes if needed. Detonation can cause pressures tens or even hundreds of times that of a controlled burn which inexorably lead to component failure, same with excessive heat if a tune's too aggressive and has little or no component protection in place (seen plenty
  13. http://www.oemepc.com/vw/parts_lst/markt/RDW/modell/GO/year/1995/hg/8/catalog/vw/drive_standart/159/lang/e
  14. I assume you are on about these rods; http://www.fcp-engineering.com/h-beam-steel-connecting-rods/106-vw-vr6-r32-28-29-32-special-turbo-161mm.html I've not used them yet myself but know a few tuners building and running around 600hp with them, non UK so didn't see what they did to the engine - so for interference I suppose it depends on your valvetrain set up but there's 3mm length difference according to the site there. Just drop in with stock pistons, alternatively there's the spacer plate and rod bolts/head studs route. Not a lot needed for reliability until you
  15. This still for sale?
  16. Did the Kinu on Japanese cars, not bad, make sure you factor in import duties and what have you in case (26% of unit and post price ish) which brings them up to sort of Precision Turbo level, GTW's not far off. The guy that does them was the partner of Kinugawa apparently but they fell out so he went the lone route - probably basically the same things. Good for what they are, I'd just look into what it can cost with the duty and look into other things. A friend has been looking at them and with the duty and cost of a recirc etc an EFR on his 20vt will not be much more f
  17. Yeah. T3 turbo will fit T3 manifold, get the measurements for cars and try and work them out, can clock turbo's, counter-tap manifold for fitments etc, tune might be an important factor regarding the manifold to think about too - but these'll go off topic for this sticky.
  18. No excuse! You leave the family expect the worst! Welcome back any way, although I still think the mk5's are dog ugly! Awesome ecu's though!
  19. The top link is a Rothe knock off and the bottom link is an SPA knock off - neither of those companies like that fact, in fact Mallon stopped making his for the well known turbo companies I think due to it. It's the quality variances to think about, the differences in the 25 years of SPA casting and/or Rothe material spec which add's value and thing's like porosity in manufacturing for example; http://www.afsinc.org/content.cfm?ItemNumber=6933 Do you really want to skimp when such things are subjected to 1000*C temp's? I believe Kev ran an SPA knock off on his DIY Turbo
  20. I'm itching to use a GTX3584, I'd say yes for a 600whp set up - go for around 1a/r at 600 - it's all kind of changing at Garrett to keep up with the Jones' though, all the Gen 2 and buy comp/turbine seperately - you can dig out the odd old GT35R from some - sort of a transitional phase and Brexit here for prices, lucky in the US for those things! Yeah - got the axis mixed up though I think? I type quickly - x axis lbs/min times 10 for rough hp rating, 1 on vertical is ambient (outside) pressure so 1.5 is a half bar boost etc - Garrett's guide gives you rough equations, I'd type the
  21. Tuning's about the hardest thing you could do with that - if you look at the HGP twin turbo's they retain single airbox and maf (hfm) due to that's how the oem has it set up - it all references one air sample point (the hfm). Integrating 2 would be very difficult on oem due to that, lot's of custom code integrating maps/jumps etc, not sure on options for aftermarket ecu's, you'd have to have a look at each one! If I was you though I'd look into the mass and size of a GT35 compressor and turbine wheel and look into gas flow dynamics at various (loads/flows/air speeds etc) and see if
  22. Anything from a £20 flashing tool to £200,000's worth of equipment really! There's various elements to tuning and variances between ecu's/brands so you start by what market you want to do it for and work from there. Cheapest way to tune a car for yourself would be to get a cheap ebay clone like this; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MPPS-V13-02-Interface-Cable-OBDII-OBD2-VW-AUDI-BMW-Citroen-ECU-Flasher-/201620158317?hash=item2ef17f776d:g:zkgAAOSwRJ9XgQc0 I've used that exact tool on a mate's 20vt as it's all we had to hand at the time and he'd already used it
  23. You need to guess rpm limits and VE and what have you, Garrett's tuning threads tell you how to do it. You also can't really guess on spool accurately without looking into what others run similar to you, efficiency of set up, ecu tune/cam timing, turbine housing etc can all make a big difference. You can guess but use Garrett's info. At a quick guess on these anything around 600hp crank or wheel even, would be looking at top end limits of top pump fuel, 98/99 RON here so a couple of bar maybe a bit more or less depending on efficiency, so go to the 60lbs/min y axis on the GTX35/40
  24. Azev A are my absolute favourites though for any car;
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