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  1. Hi, no never found any. If you find some please let me know! Rgds Greg
  2. Rothwell, South Leeds. Originally from Romford tho.
  3. Hi, from another Greg. Also looking to do same on my '02 VR6! Rgds Greg
  4. Welcome! Done that ferry journey a few times going to Belfast!!
  5. Thanks! Much appreciated. Anyone here had this fitted? Any feedback?
  6. Thanks, do you have a link, where are they?
  7. Hi, I have a 2002 MK4 VR6, thinking of having a chip/retune to improve mpg and performance... any ideas/recommendations? I am based in Leeds, West Yorks.
  8. Hi, my original alloys look a bit tired now. Advice needed. Do I refurbish, or which new alloys fit/complement the car? I thought something 'spoked' might look good. Any pics/help/advice/costs welcomed!! I'm in Leeds, West Yorkshire...
  9. Thanks for your help! I had it serviced today (oil change/filters changed/new spark plugs) and its running and sounding fine, so maybe I'll leave it for now...
  10. Hi All, I have a 2002 VR6 4motion, 72k miles, really clean one previous owner and all service/parts receipts etc. When will it need timing belts changed? Is it 100k, or as its over ten years old does it need doing now? How much does this job cost, an where would you have it done (VW main dealer, independent specialist etc.). Any help greatly appreciated, I'm in Leeds, West Yorkshire btw... Regards Greg
  11. Hi, further to my 'newbie' post, here's some pics of the car I got on Friday. 2002, Alpha silver, 70k, cruise, aircon, heated black leather seats, 1 owner, fsh, all receipts/paperwork. Really pleased with her. Just need to put some hours cleaning inside and out, should come up a treat with no crashes, dents or dings. Badge missing off of front grille...
  12. Hi All, done my 'newbie' post last week, and now my first post as a VR6 owner (2002, silver, 70k, one previous owner)! Well initial impressions are that this car is built like a tank and goes like an express train! The noise it makes is great, and its a fun ride. I managed to do a motorway run at 60mph on the cruise control, and got 37mpg so it has a practical side too!! Now the task of cleaning her up inside and out (well cared for mechanically, no accidents, but needs a good spruce up). It appears I need the following:- Light grey plastic cap for the seatbelt anchor point
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