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  1. Anybody done a twin turbo? What power are you getting and what engine internals did you do?
  2. Want somthing I do myself from scratch.
  3. I know it's a big build and expensive but as long as I get more power then the father in laws many new cars and spend less doing so il be happy lol. Plus I have spare cars to drive when I get round to mine so ain't to worried about time off road while I do so.
  4. Has anybody actually done a twin turbo...see alot of single turbo conversions. Was looking at using the GT3582R turbo if I do.
  5. Thanks for all the info. Been thinking of turbo alot over Xmas...sourcing all the parts but want to see if anyone has done a twin turbo. Look at both and see what I think is best for me.
  6. It will probably be about may when I get it all at the same time. Where's the best place for the pipe work? Is it the same place as charger and where would I get them...both pipes and charger.
  7. It's not somthing I have the money for at the mo. Just trying to locate all the parts I need and prices for when I am ready. How much do u do ur bits for?
  8. So I was lucky enough to upgrade from my v5 to my v6 bora (2001)....now to the point. I have been pointed to this group in hopes that sumone will know of a diy supercharger kit that I can get hold of in the uk as not really had that much luck. Thanks in advance.
  9. Direct and wet all the way
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