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Found 98 results

  1. Candy VR

    Hey all, I have a RR thread elsewhere so the first few posts will be bringing thread to date. Owned the car since the beginning of 2018 and am finally getting around to starting my thread to showcase pictures jobs done to the car. Background on the car:1995 VR6Purchased with 149k with full service history (serviced every year)Standard exampleIt has had a blow-over respray at some point in its original colour - Candy White. Looks nice from a distance but not perfect around deals.Everything worked* on purchaseThe car as it stands today @ 151k: Current list of jobs:- Sunroof no longer works and the replacement I put in at a cost of £170 snapped within a week.- Noticed some rust on the A Pillar behind internal trim. Not visible on the outside and probably caused due the windscreen trim being cracked directly above the rust patch.- ABS light on occasionally. Says it's the Brake Pedal Sensor (mostly).- Suspension wants refreshing- Leather or Recaro's (don't we all).- I want to preserve the underside with underseal.More to follow on the jobs done this year...
  2. Good Morning All, Longtime Corrado owner but first-time poster so be kind! I currently own a black, N reg VR6 Corrado. I have owned it for almost 5 years now after buying it off my previous manager. The car has almost 94k miles on it, which from the MOT history and the fact that I know the history of the car, are genuine. Due to new houses and other much less fun, adult things going on in my life, I have made/been forced into the decision to sell it. The car is in mechanically tip-top condition. It's been both serviced by garages and looked after by myself, depending on the size of the job. During my ownership, I've replaced all discs, pads, wheel bearings, abs sensors, radiator, starter motor, plugs leads, heater matrix, upgraded wiring loom to name but a few. I have also changed the exhaust to a stainless cat back as the original exhaust was held together with welding, tape, and good will... Unfortunately, there is some rust starting to appear on the car. Nothing Major, round the wheel arches, a bit on the door and behind the VR6 badge. I have made an attempt to sell the car before using a recommended and agreeable price (£4k) that I was given by a certain car sales website. I looked about online and it seemed to be one of the cheapest out there, especially when taking in to account the miles on the car. Advertised at this price just attracted punters offering ridiculously low figures and when I further lowered the price, it just further encouraged even lower offers! I got so fed up off this, I took the car off the market and it has been tucked up in the garage ever since. I've come on here to seek advice for two points: 1. What sort of price should I realistically be looking for? Looking online, prices seem to be all over the shop? 2. Would it be worth the time and money to get it to a body shop and get the bodywork sorted? I.e. would I get back the money that I would be willing to spend on it? I'm at my wits end with this so any help would be much appreciated! Chas
  3. MK4 Golf 4Motion VR6 2.8 4WD 3 Door Very Rare for the Condition she is in Every Receipt & MOT since the car was built Full Service with Oil, Fuel and all filters replaced last month All round Coilovers and Uprated Bushes R32 Exhaust BCA Forced air induction TT Alloys in Black Full Black Leathers HID Lights 8 Months MOT Not Messed with just kept well looked after Pulls well in every gear with no knocks or bangs Minor issues Passenger door latch sometimes doesn't do a full cycle (common) but has been OK for 3 months. EML on as I suction kit fitted, replace with original airbox and goes off, or get mapped out. That's it!!
  4. 2001 VW Jetta VR6 - 6 speed manual I am in the process of trying to diagnose a DATA BUS short (OBD2 port will not work). Can you unplug the ECU, turn key on to test OBD port and replug the ECU in after without issue? Its a simple question but I cannot find a clear answer anywhere. Am in the process of trying to make a list of modules to check. ECU keeps coming up but there is no way I'm unplugging it without knowing if that will damage it or clear it etc. ABS module and Comfort module are on the list but have not tried yet (taking a damn break from this thing - getting ready for round 2) BACKGROUND: (bought car at auction, runs ok but kinda rough. Starts absolutely fine. Can drive OK but bad lifter noise. Has CEL but cannot communicate through OBD port) Just to clarify, port HAS POWER whether key is on or off. Check engine light is on - ABS light is on - Traction control light comes on once in a while - Washer fluid sensor works fine (light comes on when low) Have checked radio K lIne, is fine (4V-ish) Have checked and replaced cig lighter fuse and #4 fuse I think? (were blown) Still no COMM Both fog light and HID bulb filaments were fried (had HIDs, have since removed and am waiting on plug & play replacement headlight assemblies because old assemblies were illegal) FYI- Intake shift rod was not source of engine noise, neither is the chain (motor was swapped 10,000 km ago, 4000 miles or so) Lots of stuff was replaced with motor swap. Am making progress with this car but I REALLY need to get this OBD port working. Any tips would be appreciated.
  5. VW GOLF MK3 VR6 2.8ltr (Mystic Blue) £3000 ono Location: North London Hello and welcome, 1996 P Reg 103910 miles 2.8 ltr, 3 door Electric Windows Electric Door Mirrors Power Steering Electric Sunroof (Tilt & Slide) Alarm & Immobiliser Original 15" BBS Alloy Wheels Original Manual Pioneer CD head unit. (with additional wiring for sound system set up) The Car has 103910 genuine miles backed up with paper work, previous history, receipts etc etc. I have owed the car since 06.02.2011. My reason for selling is because I do not drive the car as much as I would like to due to travelling (work). I will miss the fun for sure. For the past 6 months the car had waiting for some repairs. I recently had the following work done on the VR6: Work done 9 August 2018 *with receipts MOT Tyres Full Service Pads & Disc Wiring Electronics Heater Matrix Back Arm Heater Blower Heater Resister Thermostat Housing Thermostat Sensors Ignition Coil & Sparks Additional work not done: Suspected radiator issue as I recently notice water leak after the car warms up and comes to a stop. I took it down to my mechanic and have confirmation this may be the issue. The Car will be sold in this final condition. ALL INSPECTIONS WELCOME. The car is in road legal driving condition and starts first time. Still drives very well. The price of the car with ono is with consideration of the additional work needed to be done. Sold as seen with all inspections welcome before the sale. £3000 ono
  6. Hey Guys n Gals, I have an issue with my MK3 VR6 windows. Both front and rear offside windows are not working. I've seen on this site that I should check the loom and conduit connectors etc in the door jam. But surely that wouldn't affect the rear window? Any help would be appreciated. cheers
  7. Was great to attend this show again! No club stand this year but we will be looking to amend this in 2019. Here is a few taster pictures album to be added to gallery soon just having technical issues. This is a one stop event over 3 days with something for everyone. From gentlemen's grooming to freestyle BMX specialists, swanky split screen cocktail bars to family entertainment in the event tents! Without a shadow of a doubt the best event on the calender, if you only attend one show next year I suggest you make it Leeds. https://www.vwfestival.co.uk/
  8. Vr6 AAA OBD1 or OBD2

    I work at a machine shop and bought a core 12 valve vr6 engine code AAA. Came with nothing but a coil pack. I’m putting it in a 1973 VW Type 3 Squareback. It of course will be turboed and I am trying to figure out if OBD1 or OBD2 is the best option aftermarket wise and also easier depending on pros and cons. I have had a 2000 GTI GLX with this same motor in it but wasn’t into this stuff at the time so the most I had into it was exhaust and suspension and didn’t really need to think about this. Any help I can get would be great.
  9. A sad day. Selling the rado..

    A truly sad day has come, my Corrado is for sale. Owned the car for the best part of five years and it’s been an absolute blast. Click on the link and if anyone’s interested or know anyone who may be interested, send me a message! Cheers ? https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volkswagen/corrado/volkswagen-corrado-vr6-------------------1995/8609277#/home
  10. Beloved Corrado VR6 for Sale

    See link below for information on Corrado Sale: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201804055265098
  11. Hi to all, last Saturday a good friend and I went to a local muffler shop to get his 24v jetta/bora exhaust upgraded. From stock Exhaust to High Flow cat + 2.5" piping + Borla muffler, sounds mean!! A little vid, sorry for putting music on it but I think it make it less boring
  12. Hello fellow vr6 owners, I have a few questions, and could use some input- it'd be much appreciated. I can no longer shift my mk3 into gear with the engine on, but when the engine is off, I can get it into 1st, reverse, etc, just fine. I checked all the linkages, and the shifter is in mint condition. I did notice that my clutch pedal feels softer, and lower to towards the firewall than normal. I figured the signs are pointing towards the clutch slave cylinder being kaputt, so I let my mk3 sit for a couple of days for that part to come in. I replaced the clutch slave cylinder yesterday, bled the clutch, but the pedal is unresponsive and completely limp. To add to it, the engine kills itself after starting if I dont hold the gas pedal on 10k rpm (idle). I know I did something wrong, but I have no idea what, how, and could use some advice and input.
  13. Mk1 caddy Vr6 24V turbo

    Hi this is my friends caddy mk1 vr6 24vT, still in process.
  14. Hi to all, long time not active in this forum, but here I am. last weekend a frend get his first Vr6 and it's a 24v, car has been parked for about 2 years so some work is needed, we decided to try the basic stuff first, Service, brakes, bearings, and once there a resonator delete. So,video is in Spanish but basically we did a service and removed the resonator from stock exhaust. More thigs are coming for this car so I will be uploading advances on this, my Mk3 vr6 12 Jetta, and the mk1 Vr6 caddy ,that is getting another vr6 12v engine.
  15. Good Morning I am in need of a bit of advice regarding doing a engine swop from a 2.8 12V AA to a 2.8 24V BDE in my MK3 GOLF VR6. Does this 24V fit straight into my MK3 body of does engine mounts need to be made up? Does the CV Joints and shafts fit on the 24V? I will be running and aftermarket fuel management system should I decide to follow through with the swop. So I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on the swop and the ins and outs of the 24 motor? Kind Regards Gershon Adonis Cape Town, South Africa.
  16. Will The Legendary VR6 Survive?

    Will The Legendary VR6 Survive? For many years, the Volkswagen VR6 has been a trustworthy car to many, helping them to do exactly what cars were made for – getting them from A to B. However, in recent years, we have noticed the respected car brand producing less and less of the model, and all that people can ask is “why?” We know that technology has been on an all-time rise recently, particularly within the vehicle industry. However, the future termination of the VR6 is based on so much more, so I wouldn’t ditch your Honda for the VR6 just yet. Here’s why. Many Other Models Have The Same Engine, But Better Cars weigh tonnes – that isn’t rocket science. However car manufacturers are always working hard to ensure that the cars they produce are as light at possible The VR6 has a 2.0 turbo engine, which generates similar horsepower through the majority of its rev range. On top of this, the VR6 has more torque as well as a flat torque curve, which all sounds great, right? Well, several other cars on the market offer the exact same engine, except they’re lighter and also assist the car with handling and breaking. Take the Jetta for example – even the 2003 model is able to exceed the VR6 in terms of the engine. Plus, 4-cylinder engines are more than capable of over 300 horsepower, so the reason behind the manufacture of the VR6 has become rather blurry over recent years. Making Variations Will Be Too Expensive Volkswagen will always put blood, sweat and tears into their work to keep their customers happy, but sometimes this just isn’t feasible. Many people have adored the VR6 and will be sad to see it go, however creating new models with a smaller engine isn’t a practical move. Profit is the main priority for Volkswagen and if their inline-4 is able to provide a higher quality performance as well as better torque for a more cost-effective price, this will be more worthwhile for them than offering a wide selection of VR6 models. The VR6 Can’t Keep Up With Technology It’s incredible that in present day, we are seeing the introduction of driverless cars within the vehicle industry, and it’s outstanding technology like this that will be a factor contributing to the VR6’s downfall. Ultimately, people are purchasing cars with the knowledge that technology will improve the performance of the vehicle, whether in the braking systems or built-in satnav to make the navigation process much easier. With Volkswagen focusing on more technologically-savvy, efficient cars, the VR6 is unable to provide such innovations to consumers. Volkswagen Are Busy Working On Other Projects Whilst the VR6 has served the public very well over the years, it’s time to move on, and Volkswagen knows this. Currently, they are working on consolidating their platforms and drivetrains, such as the brand new 7-seater Atlas SUV. Ultimately, this car has the same fundamentals as the Golf, except the Golf is considerably smaller and compact. So, to keep all customers happy, Volkswagen are more worried about current and upcoming models as opposed to the VR6. Whilst the VR6 is clinging on for now, I wouldn’t hold your breath. With so many technological innovations revolutionising current cars on the market, and Volkswagen pushing out bigger and better cars, the VR6 has become a very small fish in a giant fishbowl. I think a farewell is definitely on the cards, but isn’t that just part of industry life?
  17. Golf vr6 4motion 2001

    Hey guys i have vr6 2.8l but the motor is damaged and in my country you can't find this type of motors if I upgrade the motor and put the Touareg engine 3.2l do I have to change the gear box and the computer too please help
  18. AAA code mk3 golf for sale

    Reluctant sale of my girl.... mystic blue full trim not leather great engine and gear box £500 ono. L
  19. Howdy Peeps Have a few bit and bobs for sale VR6 Spark plug cover x3 £35 VR6 ODB2 2.8 Inlet manifold £50 VR6 ODB2 Throttle Body £50 VR6 Drive shafts £40 VR6 Head Gasket (Non MLS) £10 VR6 Sump £30 All prices open to offers. Need them gone so don't be shy make me an offer :-) All parts located in Birmingham. Can be posted for extra unless agreed otherwise. Thanks for looking and please share. 07813099828.
  20. Hi all, Just got my car back from body shop, put it through an mot yesterday and it failed on rear (both sides) brake pipes. Now, is there somewhere in leeds that can do full length of car (braided hoses) then build it up with ends and crimps or is there somewhere pre-made in leeds that sells them (if full length can be done?) Or shall i go to ebay n snap up some Goodridge uprated ones for the back end? Need to be quick so i can get it in for re test ? Thank you ?
  21. Vw golf mk4 vr6 for sale

    2000 vw golf mk4 2.8 vr6 12 months mot 94.000 miles 1200.00
  22. Afternoon fella's Hope you're all doing well on this wet and windy Monday. Just wanted some opinions on this, I've done the head gasket on my VR6 some time ago, not really touched it much but I've started working on her again, just in the process of removing the head but, I did a compression test on all cylinders and they were rather disappointing, I've suspected the head hasn't been correctly installed so I suspect head issue as she was running fine prior, just minor oil burn when she was in the high revs but fine down low. So, dry compression test showed the following. Cylinder #1 - 30 PSI Cylinder #2 - 60 Cylinder #3 - 40 Cylinder #4 - 50 Cylinder #5 - 50 Cylinder #6 - 40 After the poor results, I did a wet compression test on two of the cylinders again to check there wasn't a dramatic increase. Cylinder #1 - stayed at 30 PSI Cylinder #3 - Went up to 70 Cylinder # 4 stayed the same. From my understanding, this would indicate a head issue, burnt valve/bent/poorly seated head. While I have the head off, does anyone know any good means to test the pistons don't have too much slack in them, going to do the head gasket again, but it would be nice while it's off to be able to test them. Any help would be amazing to help get the old girl back on the road.
  23. For sale

    For sales 12 months MOT...
  24. Listing for a friend who isn't on the forum P reg 3 Door VR6 150k on the clock Mint interior Coilovers Audi TT Comps Tinted windows Stainless Exhaust system Morette headlights The car does need some TLC, it's been sat for around 7 months He's after £1250 firm Contact Dash for any further info/pics 07703 818583
  25. VR6 Black Leather Seats 3dr

    Bought these about 4 years ago and fitted them in an old mk3 golf while it ran! Been in storage for the last couple of years so could do with getting shot of them. Overall condition is good for the age with some wear to the driver side bolster but seam is still good. Rear seats in good condition as they've not had much use. These do have the capability of being heated with the wiring loom/relays and will fit a 5 or 3 door. Collection only. £150