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  1. Hi IP did you ever find out what the problem was? I'm experiencing simialr faults. With mine the revs drop off at ignition when the engine is warm not at all when cold though. It does also have the miss fire issue too but only very occasionally and then it rectifies itself. Would greatly appreciate any help or advice on the matter. Thanks in advance Andre
  2. Truely awsome mate. Big respect and loads of envy for that, i presume there are still lots of little bits to do, that will be never ending but it sweet right now. Very inspirational.
  3. Yes mate they are 17's. Have been to Sanspeed in Orpington, they know there stuff and have assured me it will work or i get money back so thats cool. Hoping to get it done soon once i've got the money together.
  4. Not sure to be honest it was in it when I bought it, it is very handy though. Sorry can't be anymore help. Loving yours too must get a balck vw badge like the look instead of debadged.
  5. has been getting quite a bit of attention recently, and was even told to get it in PVW, I told the guy its only my daily driver so didn't think it worthy. Just wanted you guys to give your opinion as you lot obviously know more than the average joe on the street. Thoughts and comments most welcome, good or bad. Cause I love it anyway. Only a couple of things I need to do 1st is chip it adding another 15bhp approx curretly running at 185 so should get near to the 200! 2nd might change the bus like steering wheel but want to keep the airbag if poss and a standard look. [lightbox=../../e107_files
  6. MIne in the snow a while back! [lightbox=../../e107_files/public/1185540629_3009_FT125435_picture_001.jpg][/lightbox]
  7. 29 and making most of it before i turn 30 in nov!
  8. That all makes perfect sense, just being a bit over keen for everything to be perfect I guess. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  9. Bit bizzare just been out to measure after having been out in it for lunch and from the arch to the top of the rim there is only about 5mm difference between each side and can get about a finger under each side so don't know what happened. Any one had this before or can shed some light? By the way no it wasn't parked on a slant or slope before.
  10. Can anyone help? I had a 40mm GMac suspension kit fitted some month ago now by the Phirm and have noticed that the difference in the gap between the tyres and arches is different. On the drivers side I can only get one finger in the gap and on the passenger side two fingers. Also the drivers side does rub a little occasionally. There is alsoa difference with the back. Has it been fitted incorrectly or is it faulty?
  11. That's very funny, how stupid are these people. My favorite was always Family Fortunes! "If its up there I'll give you the money myself"!
  12. I agree VeeDubly, that looks like a good idea have been trying to decide where to run the air intake since fitting my BMC without having it at the bottom of the bumper why not use the stock CAI? Thanks for the pics.
  13. If you follow the link below it will take you to a web site that shows all the exploded parts and numbers of most VDubs and other motors to help you find a problem or part. http://www.vagcat.com/ Hope its of interest.
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