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  1. Nope, well maybe, if you're in the US then you're better signing up on Nefmoto and getting files from this thread and I don't do BDF generally being in the UK, but it's not massively different, just some 02 not being 4wd and speed limiter stuff. Nef link - http://nefariousmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=10385.msg97338#msg97338
  2. I'm feeling nostalgic and missing the 90's so a few more pics of their creations..... Awesome's G60 mk1 which had a double feature in Max Power with the peachy mk1 which made me love the mk1. Speaking of Max Power, remember this? Ah, those were the days!
  3. "I did several runs that day, best one was 302whp and 232wtq, and the worst one was low 280ish whp." is what this guy said; EDIT - He says 5.5psi of boost on the run which seems low for a stage2?
  4. There should be plenty of info in terms of parts/hybrid/hardware etc on a quick search, been years since I've done conversions myself, but for example; Main thing is the sheer differences between the mk3 and 4 set ups in terms of the old Motronic 2/3 v's the ME7.1.1. - quick list off the top of my head; obvious wiring and coding out of bits like airbags, cluster, SAI etc depending on what you use/how you go about it, 02A 5 spped box v's 02M 6 speed, then there's the mk4 being fly-by-wire so you'll need pedal box as you've not got the cable of the mk3 if using the mk4 ecu an
  5. ID's are good injectors, just the times on the 1000's are a fair bit higher, 725's much better. Most just go with Bosch one's, people have had linearisation problems with Siemens
  6. .... from a fairly stock R32 head with just cams and springs, those crazy German's are creating some beasts! As he doesn't seem to get many views compared to some on the tube I thought I'd help bump it up, plus you lot like a bit of VR porn! A couple of oldies but goodies; I think the chase cars about 400hp! The website on the car; https://www.turboimpression.de/ueber-den-zulieferer-6?lang=en
  7. Some tasteful mods there, I like! Clutch options would generally be something like a single mass conversion from Sachs or similar from someone like a US company, Clutchmasters etc, generally about a grand or so with more chatter but good pedal feel, you'd be limited to about 450lb/ft of torque with something like that usually though. If not a daily you could prob use a 4/6 paddle grabby one which tend to hold a little over 500lb/ft depending on make, the US companies do some good variations of them. Ultimate high power daily you'd be looking at a high tq multi disc one for a good c
  8. 300hp is very, very low boost, 10-12psi only would net you in-between 350-400hp depending on efficiency! You could run stock comp for 300hp+ but for longevity's sake try and replace as many nuts/bolts etc as you can if adding a de-comp plate and of course add an intercooler for the charge. Injectors would generally be dictated by what tune you are running, try and stick with Bosch if you can, 550's are popular but again, depends on the tune usually. As for turbo, a good HX35 with 11-13cm turbine housing would be a good choice or maybe something from one of the JDM type of companies
  9. MPPS V16 is a bit buggy so I've heard. you may get problems with it. Haldex is seperate to the ecu, I strated to look into it a while back but there was a lack of data. There's individual cylinder and injection but outside of the main ZW maps shown you'd only really need to look into ZUESZ, notably KFSZT and KFTSRL if changing coils or bigger injectors for the most part. This is the doc I copied over that last file from, ZUESZ is page 633; http://almisoft.ru/files/Bosch ME7.3.pdf
  10. Having a nightmare with TPro myself now! It keeps wiggin' out on me and crashing all the time, I've tried different versions of TPro, different versions of Windows, different ecu files, pc security on and off etc, it's not playing nicely! You only need a hex editor really if you know where certain maps/functions are so if you need to change data you can simply download HxD and modify it. It has a nice jump function, F6, which jumps from one changed/different hex value to the other. Doesn't look as pretty as winols so I'll use that to show you places within the ecu if need be, kinda like
  11. Yeah the data is still off like in the pics on that file, must be the read securities, if the ecu is set to read the data stored within it for such maps it shouldn't make a difference, never had a problem with that on numerous VR/R32's, it's just the definition that is off and I assume if we develop TPro files like this and an emulator, it would be something to look at. (Basically the ecu uses it's stored rpm data, the def doesn't matter if you know what the map axis represents as we've gone through). If you put it next to the one I added it should look like this just in one or two places
  12. Oh, I forgot, not sure if ME Logger works, usually does on the C167's but can be a bit of a pain to get working at times, pretty awesome when it does work though! I got it working on ME7.5 stuff but most FI I do are for mk5 based owners usually not in the UK and they tend to just use VAG-COM for logging. There are some awesome tools on Nef but some are a bit finickity, looks like 360Trev is going to do a decent GUI for pulling out maps and he seems to be looking into the ME7.1.1. stuff too for it! PRJ did one a while back but I've never really used the tools on there much. http://
  13. You sure you didn't put in the other BDE file? Every bit of your read seems to be the same except for the rpm data, given that the rpm data isn't showing up when I tested it I'm pretty sure that the MPPS has used some sort of safety protocol that may cover it up so it doesn't knacker the engine or people change it accidentally and ruin their cars. You see the ecu's use specific data points for measurements, say 1 would be 1000rpm, 2 -1500rpm and so on, if you accidentally change something like this it can completely knacker it up and throw everything into chaos, say if you accidentally put 2 a
  14. Well, yes and no! Load is quite a relative term so I was assuming that you meant in terms of boost, like on the S4 wiki where it's often cited - to those that don't know if you read up on KFMIOP/KFMIRL and LDRXN aspects, then it's sort of torque-load-pressure based, load itself could relate to something like the drivers requested torque or driver load, usually 0-100% or if you've got a kick-down function, slightly past 100% for example. It is that kind of tuning still, fuel is still fairly straight forward with the usual maps to get the base, wide-band too, but as you can't measure
  15. Depends on the maps, some are, some aren't. You'd not touch load axis for fuelling really on these, not even for turbo as there's no way to measure past ambient if you don't have the sensors. You can add custom code for LDR (boost control) but that's a lot of work changes all jumps/maps/look up points or you can make it a bit simpler with PID control. Load axis changes like you see on S4 wiki and so on are generally for cars already FI so you can run more boost/load, on an NA car you'd not have to do a massive amount for fuel on load if any. Without adding all custom code for NA to FI on
  16. *** IMPORTANT TO ALL - save your original bins (mine and yours) and any stock xdf's seperately from anything else so you have them to go back on if there's a problem, this could be changing some data incorrectly, a bad checksum bricking your ecu etc!!! ***
  17. *** Got a bit carried away with this but is a common problem people may face! *** Okay, had a look so I'll walk people through it new to these things..... What happens in this instance is that some data is not the same, even though your ecu code info comes up as the same as that other one - usually there are a few reasons; 1. Data is stacked differently - this tends to be through different ecu codes, they're all 022906032 (V6 4mo/R32) with a code letter or two after the number, then there's software numbers etc and then revisions like 0001/0002 etc. This tends to b
  18. The maps were made on that binary so should be exact like in the pics in the first post, if your ecu is a different revision there are bytes added here and there which create the offsets each one can have. What's your full ecu code inc. revision? Any link to the oem binary to have a look?
  19. DIY? I'm not really doing anything commercial at the moment, I'm waiting on some operations and that so I'm just killing time doing some DIY stuff. I'm just thinking about how I can go about things really - usually I do these for either electronics peeps with some Motronic experience or pro tuners/Motronic specialists that don't know how to go about this type of tuning as it is more difficult than your usual stuff. What I tend to do is about 95% of a what you'd tend to call a pro commercial tune - then they'd stick it on the dyno to tweak or drive and fine tune so
  20. I'm building some new Tunerpro files and want you to check some things if you're interested. Firstly, this is just a few quick maps I've picked out to check and refresh myself on the system as it has been a while, I can add more obv. if there's interest. I use Win7 32 bit on all my ecu tuning stuff as it seems the most compatible so if you check this then what system are you running? Are you experiencing any bugs like T Pro crashing (it does from time to time on mine so make sure you save things as you go along/tune if we develop this thread). Is the data showing up okay?
  21. p.s. bottom one is a modded HGP file, so different approach, others are actual figures from R32T files I did with the owners! p.p.s. You need to do after start and warm up maps etc to get it all tickety boo and run like stock - the references shown on there are from things like Nef Moto calcs etc for reference!
  22. General oem map on a mk5 R32T for example will be like this (10psi not 14), "bag o nails" as we call it before it's mapped as so...; Then sort your fuel mass, can vary depending on mods but as an example;
  23. The lad that did it posted a thread on the Tuner pro forum, in there somewhere mate; http://forum.tunerpro.net/
  24. VIDEO'S, VIDEO'S, VIDEO'S........ Come on, we've waited long enough now! (Oh and preferably with it spanking some poser in their flashy motor!)
  25. Quick Google came up with these links for 05+ Jetta which may help too? http://vwts.ru/service/j05_maintenance_01.pdf http://vwts.ru/vw/g5/golf_2007_jetta_2005_maintenance_eng.pdf If you can't find specifics I found the SSP's and other manuals tend to have at least some information you needed if you kind of download them and put them all together, VW use the same things in different models so you can get a bigger picture that way. Bentley is the US version of Haynes if there are similar manuals too for those that may not know.
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